Joan Shepp got her fashion on yesterday with Where Magazine and Y3

Joan Shepp got her fashion on yesterday with the launch of the Fall/Winter Collection and the September Issue of Where Magazine featuring those hot sexy Union Soccer Players and Joan Shepp fashions.

Here’s a shot by Christopher Gabello Studios which I also covered for my Philly Magazine Column
Laura Burkhardt, Where Magazine publisher, Ellen and Joan Shepp
Mixologist with the Harvest Moon looks of ginger and Fall taste
Ryan Defler, Zelinda O’Hara and Will Ball, Wilhelmina Models

Qasim and Melina Thomas
Philly Mag’s Street Style blogger Jimmy Contreras,
Kristy Aldrich, Tiana Odum and Tiffanie Standard
If you’re picture isn’t here it might end up on my Philly Mag column which comes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday here.
Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jenice Armstrong and Phila Inquirer Fashion columnist Elizabeth Wellington
Brooke Fortier and Kari Oriolo, Where Magazine