Red Bull Flugtag Flies Through Philadelphia – Photos

Philadelphian’s came out in droves to check out the skies above the Delaware River swarm with homemade flying machines this Labor Day Weekend. Lining both sides of the water and even prowling the Ben Franklin Bridge, Red Bull Flugtag fans were in full force to cheer on the fearless crews as they braved the remaining gusts of Hurricane Earl in their quest for a flying victory.

I of course was running late as I was leisure on my labor day weekend. When I finally did decide to run over there with Miss B Where, it was too late. We spent a good 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic on the Ben Franklin Bridge, which was entertaining too, like this car decorated with duck tape.
This shot was taken by Jim W from the bridge. In fact every photo taken below this point was either taken by Tiffany York, who’s family and friends were on team Phylin Phanatic

This is the closet we go to the fly machines. Although we heard there were flying clocks, crash test dummies and a dodo bird were among the 32 crafts that took flight off the 26-foot flight deck in front of 85,000 people.

or the photo was taken by Felicia Perretti Team BUMBLE, whose Christmas theme was slightly out of season,
finished third.
purple people eater?

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The winner, team Giant Flying Llama took first place with their baseball-inspired hat and uniforms that ignited the Philly crowd and a flight of 42 feet.

Christopher Nork and Drew “The Mayor” Carballo

The Philadelphia side

R Second was a Philly favorite, the Liberty Bell inspired team Let Freedom Wing.
Later the Phylin Phanatic hung out at one of the sponsors Gigi’s Restuarant in Old City for the after party with the team and friends.