KENDRA WILKINSON BARNES & NOBLE BOOK SIGNING Photos & fans & how much does a Kendra Photo sell for

A lot of folks came out for the signing, her fans are a loyal bunch. They tell me she inspires them, she’s speaks from the heart, lives her life without apologies and lives it the best she can.

Kendra walks in, greets a few fans. The video goes dark at one point as I thought I turned it off to take photos. You can hear the paparazzi give direction to Kendra for poses.

a photo like this wouldn’t sell because she is leaning against the table so it’s really not a good shot for the mags for “the fashion shot”, plus I cut her feet off, oh and I need to photoshop it to balance the color. (I didn’t have time to color correct these shots before work this morning. One of the reasons they are a little yellow is the batteries I was using were losing their charge and I didn’t realize it.)
great pose, no eye contact, wouldn’t sell as often as if there were eye contact. I did get an awesome shot with eye contact later, cause Kendra is a professional and is aware of what we as photographers need.

Me and my lame questions. Right before the clip starts I ask her about why she didn’t go to the cast party at Olive Garden the night before. She says she stayed home with the Hanks, and apologizes to her crew that she broke the plans.

She asks her fans “if it’s ok she goes out and drinks with her friends even though she’s a mommy now.” I can tell it’s completely staged on her part for the TV Show. She didn’t ask me, but Kendra girl who cares what those radio heads think. You live your life, your a great mom, you love your man and shake it baby cause you work so hard you deserve a night out.

Sweet fans. See my philly mag column here for more details

Fans interviewed. (I cringe over hearing my voice, I guess that’s why I do photography)
At first we waiting at the front of the store for the Kendra exit, but then they took her out the back way, thanks to the person who tipped us off. Who knew Barnes & Noble had a back entrance, but I guess they have to get the books delivered. When I arrived
a one point a fan was giving the store manager a hard time because he wouldn’t let them stand closer to the door and I guess be the first one to fawn over Kendra. I had no idea she had such loyal admirer’s that would use the “But it’s a public sidewalk and I will stand where I want” line to try and get their way. But kendra’s fans speak their mind just like their idol.
Kendra and Eddie came out, and she was like “it’s ok” [that you were doing your job to protect me from FANatic’s. I will greet my fans.
and the fans were ecstatic.

I noticed that Eddie had an Eagles bag and noted it; thankfully a photographer was able to get Kendra to hold the bag. He also got Kendra to sing the Eagle’s Fight song. Wish I had video taped that. TMZ probably has it as they were there on the scene. In fact several paparazzi came from NYC to shoot Kendra that evening.
And here’s probably the only really valuable shot because she has already done a book tour throughout the nation. A photo like this if picked up by People Mag would pay me about $100, if it was on their web site I would make $50, if it appeared on a blog, which it did, I get paid between $10 – $25. So for my 4 hrs of work I made about $25 (on a national level), but I had a lot of fun doing it. And of course I had content for my PhillyMag column, this blog and a picture was in Michael Klein’s column in the Inquirer. (It’s not just Kendra, any photo I take would earn those figures in the glossy mags. Now if Kendra wasn’t wearing any underwear and she got out of a car, that’s a different story – LOL)