RANDOM SHOTS TODAY – Prayers for 9/11 – Fashion Night Out tonight in King Of Prussia

I love my new phone, and this was the last shot I took with my BB before I purchased the Epic. BUT it does a lousy job with Twitpics or shooting things (ie people) incognito, cause it’s so cumbersome to try and shoot on the fly.
So I might in the future carry my old BB just to capture those fun shots that we like so much. So now I will be carrying an Epic, a BB, a Nikon big gun camera, and my Lumix pocket camera. Almost an entire electronic shop.
Another Yogurt shop in Center City on the East side of Broad? Ok enough already. This is on the 1300 block of Chestnut. that girl does not look happy with my picture
A hot dog stand at the Best Buy in Deptford?
This was the old Polyester nightclub, remember that place. Now it’s a corner bar. 12th & Race Streets
hmm doggie slippers
Pierre Robert & Adam at XIX restaurant at the Bellevue in the Hyatt. Or is it the other way around, who knows it’s 3:30am and I really have to get to bed
another one, sorry I am so lame today. I did have something else planned but instead I whittled my time away at dinner (TWEED again), then watched my soap One Life To Live, then Big Brother 12, then both the newscasts NBC10 & CBS3. lori wilson did a kick ass report on women and football. Chris May, well he’s just the nicest guy so I like to watch him too.

Thinking of others on 9/11