The 2010 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Awards were held at the Loews Hotel Saturday night, and unfortunately after the show I was on won an Emmy, it was hard for me to concentrate on much else.

Jackie Pitts and Brad Berner, NBC photographer
Brad Berner, NBC photographer, Aditi Roy, Justin Pizzi, Reporter NBC10 and Me. NBC10 reporter Justin Pizzi and Brad Berner, who filmed the Be A 10 in 10 Weeks program. Our participants includede Joseph Matthews (Matthews Interiors), Q102’s Nicole Michalik, Megan Smith (Brownstone PR), me, and Gavin McKay (Fusion Fitness). Won and Emmy … in the category of Human Interest Program/Special.
Brad wanted to take a picture of me with the Emmy’s jumping up and clicking my heels. I guess he only shoots in a horizontal fashion
Aditi and Justin.

Matt Maiorano, NBC10 photographer. He edited one of the 10 in 10 shows, plus was the cameraman on the G-N Kang show I covered at Chiefa last Thursday. With girlfriend Mee Mee Nguyen
Erin Como, Danny Schuyler, Lauren Richmond and Joe Benner
Norman and Helen Felsenghal. He’s on the Emmy Board, and was a Professor at Temple for 32 years.
Lauren, Brynne Aston, and Erin. That Emmy got passed around like a cheap cigar

Someone was doing a Justin Timberlake
So sweet they let me pose with it, and each of the ten in ten participants get to keep it for a week. I will be clipping it to my belt like a key chain.