This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Liberty Place. Yesterday I lent them pictures I had picked up at a flea market over the years.

Balloon Man

Stop Work Order at Daffy’s because they didn’t get the ok from the historical society
Fashion on Chestnut Street
Paralegals running to City Hall with their exhibits
This car is going no where fast. Couldn’t figure out what the deal was, but found a cop so he could figure out what the story was.

When you play jokes like leaving a plastic roach at eye level or taped to someone’s phone

those people may just get back at you some how
mom’s house
the lighted art thingy at Schuylkill River Park
How long before someone shimmies up the water spout and steals the copper part?
Mike bird watching
Miss PA and Miss Teen Pa are both from Pittsburgh, Pa and drove down to see the Philadelphia Fashion Week closing night.
Whipping out my camera phone to capture this shot of a guy on a bike towing a bike at 10AM? What was he doing with two bikes. Check out my column today when it goes live about 10AM