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Now check out the new Corner property. I like to call it Continental Midtown, but with comfort food and less attitude.

P.S. The APO sign is still on the building, I suggested a donation to McGillin’s down the street would be perfect. McGillin’s holds many of the Philadelphia’s treasured signs of times gone by.
I was walking around town last week with my new little Lumix looking for news stories. Anyway standing across the street taking pictures of the new The Corner bar/restaurant I caught someone’s eye and they invited me in.
Apothecary/APO was hugely popular when it first opened, but waned a bit as more and more places opened up along the street and management changed for the cute little APO.But come late November when the doors open, the crowds are going to come back, for nostalgic reasons, the cool factor of it, as well fans of executive chef Scott Swiderski at the helm. Swederski helmed Buddakan since 1998. This past summer took off for a much needed break. Besides getting some much needed R&R, and spending time with the family, Swidersk worked as a consulting chef at City Tap House, maybe to hone up on the comfort food which is on tap for The Corner.
I love the different seating arrangements through out the restaurant, and the actual seats. I’m not a stool kinda guy, cause I’m just not that balanced enough. But the seat in the above picture is perfect for my seat. I so love it. The seats at Parc & Rouge, not so much.

Up on the 2nd floor the color scheme is green and tropical. Maybe for those nights that you’re gonna spend in the out door space that the APO was so famous for. I think the time is right for a mini-Continental on 13th Street and that’s what this space reminds me of, to use that over used word fresh, well it’s fresh, it reminds me of another hot spot on the street, but seemed a little roomier.

You’ll have to wait and see what this is

Another sectional of seats. Cute little hideaway’s for intimate dinners. I love how the windows open now to let in the life of the street.

These are my favorite seats. I’m a bench guy, and I love these seat backs along the benches.

  • The Corner (estimated to open Nov 2010)
  • 102 S 13th St, Philadelphia PA19107 39.950171 -75.16213
  • (At Drury St)