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Tina Elmer and Stephen

I had to work late so I didn’t make it to last nights Philadelphia Style Magazine party at Parx, but a few of my co-workers and friends were able to go to the Philly Style Mag party as they were nice enough to give me a few tixs in exchange for photos you’ve recently seen in the mag. Note to you, tixs for trade A OK for Above awesome designer Nicole Manning ) and my co-worker Barbara Moyer with Kaitlin Olson
Nicole and my co-worker Gray Papa. Gray has a double life like me, he’s in a couple bands including the sweet Tara Girl. NBC10 needs to book them for one of their shows. I guess I should ask. OH look Dave Warren from NBC10 over Nicky’s shoulder.
NBC10’s Justin Pizzi and Brooke Dillon. Brooke and I are both on Justin Pizzi’s TV show “The Scene” on NBC10’s Non-Stop Channel 248 at 9:30PM and Midnight. (Brooke and I are not related to actor Kevin Dillon, or each other.)
Kaitlin and Rob last night at Parx Casino. They’re awesome, with associate producer of Preston & Steve on WMMR sexy not single anymore Marisa Magnatta and beau Ron Zausidsky

Mia Colona and Rob McElhenney; A friend writes: 360 lounge is where it was held. it was weird atmosphere (all the “celebs” were protected behind the ropes but i think mingled after 9:30/10 the coolest thing about this place was the floor was lighted white with red splashed and when you stepped on the floor the red would move around like paint swirls. it was cool. hope you get more pictures!
The Geator, Fox 29’s John Bolaris, and Rob McElhenney . Tonight Rob will be at a private home in WYNNEWOOD (not Philly as someone reported) for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s 25th Anniversary party.
Real Estate whizs’ Reid Rosenthal and Tina Elmer
Check out my PhillyMag column today too.

And on Sunday he’ll be at the