Executive Summary: See what happens, when timely breaking news occurs it pushes back my best laid out plans of which stories I am going to post. Now it’s been a bit and no one has reported extensively on some of the celeb sightings that have occurred in the past week, so I am just going to keep them for the NBC Non-Stop channel 248 The Scene with Justin Pizzi 9:30PM everynight. You’ll find out about the “The Taxi” reunion with DeVito and Danza and were they broke bread, where they stayed, where they partied. As well as The Always Sunny Folks and what they did while they were here in Philly and not celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the GPFO and a whole bunch of tidbits on the filming of Safe and what the celebs do on their downtime. For now check out this banging blast of a time at the VIP opening of the new Mitchell & Ness store in Center City. HughE 2030 was a crazy name I came up with years ago. It was the year I was hoping to retire and live in the Keys drinking long island ice teas.

Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co., is a sports apparel company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mitchell & Ness was established in 1904, and is the oldest sporting goods company in Philadelphia. By license agreements with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, and the Collegiate Licensing Company they are makers of authentic vintage sports jerseys, jackets, hats, and wool-felt historic pennants. The retail store is a landmark destination for professional athletes, sportscasters, and celebrities who visit the city. The store is located at 1318 Chestnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia and the new store with serious vintage
Last night was a private Grand Opening of the new store at 1201 Chestnut Street. The old store will close it’s doors after the holidays.

By the time I got there after attending an earlier event, it was packed with a few of the usual suspects, and many more fun Philadelphian’s like the Mayor, Philly Gossip columnist Dan Gross, guest who looks familiar and Michael Barkann, Comcast Sports

Mayor Michael Nutter, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sean Mckinney, President of Mitchell and Ness.

To the DJ both were both DJ Jazzy Jeff and the mayor rapped it out. the last time he rapped this song it was with ?uest Love. (And Chris Gabello tells me the Mayor appeared with the Sugar Hill gang once too.)

Where Magazine Account Executive, Kari Oriolo and publisher Laura Burkhardt
Sabrina Tamburino, Kristen Foote, Jill Rizen, and Michelle Ranieri before they hit the dance floor with PR for the opening Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs. Nicole and the whole Cashman crew ended up hitting the dance floor later that night – DJ Jazzy Jeff didn’t leave until week after 10:30 and the party was supposed to end at 10!

Nicole Manno, Johanna Stull, and Sondra Murphy

Best dance party tonight!!! Omg DJ jazz Jeff was Bangin out the $hit of all old school. Love that, everyone there knows what I mean – Sabrina Tamburino
**************** To see pixs of the space without the mass of people, check out: