A whole week has nearly gone by and I haven’t had a moment to list last weeks notable sightings (specifically Saturday, as I will do a fun DeVito, Danza, It’s Always Sunny engagement in the GPFO Party wrap up.) First up Monica Devlin celebrated her Bday at Recess with good friends including Sullivan Steak’s Shang Skipper and Parx’s casino executive Vatche Manoukian
The place was rocking. I thought when Whisper opened this place would suffer, I was wrong.
Last Saturday night at Recess a few Flyers partied inside including Jeff Carter, who came with a few Florida Panthers who the Flyers had just beaten a few hours earlier, 5-2. My source didn’t know know the names but said it was all the starting players, about 6 of them.

The club was at full capacity when I arrived, and many of these people who wanted to enjoy Recess were left out on the sidewalk because like a roach motel the folks went in and didn’t come out so there was no room at the inn. Check out Recess. It’s a boxy room, everyone is dancing and having a good time. 125 s. 2nd Street (BTW Old City at 1:30AM is similar to what Philly Mag describe, it’s a mess, drunk people throwing up, fighting and fisting cars ie punching them)

Whisper was packed as GN Kang and I arrived around Midnite to shake a tail feather on the dance floor. Thanks to The Mayor, Drew Cabello for taking care of us and making sure we had everything we needed. We just needed some space cause the place was so packed.
Upstairs I found my friends John Clarke, newlyweds Ali and Dave Warren.
Whisper, get there early and stay late. It’s really a great club that has it all.
Deal of the night. The above bottle of Fiji water is only $5 for about 5 glasses of H20. I don’t drink so this was perfect. Especially for the E peeps, which there seemed to be a lot of them dancing as boys were grinding with girls, and boys were dancing with boys. Boy things have changed since I was a kid, when the only boys dancing with boys occurred in a gay club. More power to you baby.

The biggest celebrity sighting of all was Barbra Streisand. Tune into NBC Non-Stop Channel 248 this week to get the inside scoop on where Babs went when she was in Philly for the opening of the National Jewish History Museum. Look for the grand opening 11/26/10. Don’t miss it.