National Museum of American Jewish History Gala, George Lopez. Jason Statham & Bam Margera’s robbing the cradle

Philly Chit Chatter: I think this will be my new heading for gossip and news. I like it better than Executive Summary. Thanks to Mike Toub & Justin Pizzi for the suggestion.

Friday night: Jason Statham was on set. Most of his downtime was spent at Broad & Walnut standing in the doorway for the over night shoot. (Who did Lawrence Bender bring back to the Safe set the previous Friday night. I’m behind in my gossip.)

George Lopez was in town on Friday and had dinner at Union Trust. I heard that he was warm and friendly to the staff, but when he arrived at his hotel after dinner, he was snarly to the paparazzi who were waiting. Probably because he’s in the middle of a nasty divorce and he was seen around town with a new lady friend.(Union Trust – face book)

Saturday Night: West Chester’s Bam Margera Celebrated “Jackass 3D” And “Jackass: 10 Years Of Stupid” At Lavo Lavo in Las Vegas sans wife, but with new girlfriend 20 yr old Bianca Garozzo. Just a year ago she was an Au-pair from Australia looking for a baby sitting gig in the States. Looks like she has one now.(Bianca Garozzo Facebook)

And now onto our entry for today….


Last Saturday night I attended the main gala for the opening of National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. I was overwhelmed by the sense of history in the building, the sense of pride of the guests in attendance on this glamorous night. Not since the celebration of our nation’s independence, do I think such a extraordinary event has occurred. And by the looks of the guest list, the who’s who of Philadelphia, and certainly the Jewish sector were there. (During his shtick the headliner Seinfeld asked how many non-Jews were there and only about 5 people clapped.)MICHAEL ROSENZWEIG (President and CEO, National Museum of American Jewish History tells NPR “One of the purposes of the museum is to connect Jews more closely with their heritage. More universally, though, Michel, the story we tell is a story about freedom. It’s a story about what can be achieved for oneself, for the country, really for the world, given the blessings of freedom. And in that respect it’s also quite universally the story of the immigrant ethnic experience in this country.” – 5th Street was closed between Chestnut and Market. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. The event planners were right on target when they realized this event was too big to be contained in the 100,000-square-foot museum.
Looky here who was on the guest list. I made the mistake of not taking these when they were left on the table with the other guests who were no shows.
OK let’s just get it over with. I could barely contain my excitement when someone at the Holiday Inn Client Appreciation party, you might have read about in my former Philly column, told me that Babs would be checking in at the Four Seasons the following night. Last Friday I taped my segment for “The Scene” on the NBC Non-Stop Channel 248 for next Thursday 9:30PM and will fill you in with lots of fun details that no one else has written about and I am going to with hold here except for this little tidbit.

We never knew if we were going to get the chance to photograph Barbra, and then about 20 minutes before the show was to start a man ran into the auditorium where the media was gathered and told us if we wanted to shoot Babs to follow him. He placed us about 50 feet from a platform. Babs came out and stood on it, and we learned that the dress in the case was one she wore in Yentl. In the clip above, always the professional, Babs knows how to work the line. She asks her guy to start at the left and work the photo line to the right so she could give us each eye contact. Magazines want eye contact (see picture above), those are the most valuable and published photos. Thanks Babs.

Placement Cards. This museum is worth experiencing even if you are not Jewish. It’s universal on it’s descriptions of the history of a minority struggle, as well as their settlement in the US and includes the history of many people we know and events we should know.
The trick to be in the know is find the PR person, and know that at some point the papers in their hands will reveal the nights schedule. Click on the pix above to see how everything was schedule. For the most part they stayed true to the schedule, but Miss Midler was running a little behind. (Thanks for that $36 ticket – LOL)
Craig and BJ Spencer arrive for the cocktail party held before the big dinner.Sen Arlen Specter and Joan Specter with friends.
Rarely appearing at a high social function with out a hat or something adorable fixed to her head, Rita Rome doesn’t disappoint tonight either.
Ed Snider, American Chairman of Comcast Spectacor, with Fred A. Shabel, Vice-Chairman of ComcastSpectacor and wife Irene
guests, and Elise and Charles Pizzi. Mr. Pizzi is the 2009 William Penn Award
Guests surround Marlene and Norman Zarwin
Barbara Spiro-Ryan, Dana Spain and mother Joan Spain on this historic evening.
Paul Kelly and Debbie Spain Kelly with Nora and Gordon Gary
Married a little over a month, the very happy Dr. Adriana O’Connor with hubby the debonair Mr Kerry O’Connor
Ahmeenah Young, president & CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and State Rep. Dwight Evans.
Ruth Libros was my neighbor for 9 years at the Philadelphian. It was great to see her as she moved to Pittsburgh, Pa to live with one of her kids. She misses Philly and was so excited to come back to this awesome night… I found this article on internet…
Her granddaughter at her elbow, 89-year-old Ruth Sarner-Libros walked slowly through the fourth floor of the National Museum of American Jewish History, drinking in every display. Flashing a broad smile, Sarner-Libros said it was beyond anything she had imagined when she hosted the museum’s first board meeting back in 1974. It took two years to open the modest collection in a small space adjoining the historic Congregation Mikveh Israel in the Old City section of downtown Philadelphia (Source)
Christine and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie chat with a guest. They were talking about the party that was held the previous night at the Lurie’s home, which I wrote first about with the guest list in my column a week ago. Everyone that I mentioned was on the list, but Jason Statham who was on set in Chinatown filming his movie “Safe”. Producer Lawrence Bender was on set too, but stepped away for 3 hrs to attend the party for the 25th Anniversary Party of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. A reader had sent me the invitation a few weeks prior and Jason’s name wasn’t on the list, but I just thought he hadn’t RSVP’d yet. I hear that when Bender returned to the 10th & Arch Street filming around Midnight, he brought with him the Nutter family.
The new anchor at CBS3 who I couldn’t locate a name because doesn’t list names of their on air reporters. I guess I will write them but it’s midnight and I don’t have time. Eukee Washington.
Hello. Styling it out. I like it, I do. No doubt very confident.
The dinner setting was gorgeous. Who was the caterer? I must find out these things next time. So pretty.
The coat check ladies had the best seat in the house for celebrity sightings. Hang Ups by Sandy. Sandy told the girls to be very quiet when Barbra walked by, but it was her that wailed with excitement. So funny. Kristin Heleniak, Maria Rodriguez, Donna Di Domenico, Julia Viola, Krisit Fogarino, Karen Santaguida, Diane Anderson, Kathie Zagora, and Sandy Narduci(?)
Jerry Seinfeld spent a good part of his routine telling Viagra and potty jokes. It was a little surprising. With him is Caroline Kimmel, who gave a beautiful tribute to her philanthropic husband Sidney. Thanks to Sidney’s generosity Philadelphia has benefited with many cultural institutions as well as health-care facilities.

Bette Midler. I heard she was fabulous, but I wouldn’t know they only allowed us in for 30 seconds to shoot her. Then I was off to collect my parking ticket and head over to Whisper to dance the night away.
I did have a few moments to check out the museum. Ticket prices are only $12. A bargain and worth the return trip I am going to have to make to check out the whole place.
National Museum of American Jewish History
Barbra Streisand is one of only 18 living individuals highlighted in the museum’s Only in America Gallery/Hall of Fame, which greets visitors on the first floor, Streisand made time to stop in the museum’s shop, where she spent $800 on three yads (Torah pointers) and silver candlesticks.