Today would have been my sister’s Judy Wilkins 50th Birthday. Most of you know Judy died of Ovarian Cancer last December 3.
One of my favorite pixs of Judy as it shows her contagious laugh, as well as the wonderful relationship she had with her husband of 20+ years Walt. She has nephew Michael in her hands.
Another fav picture. She’s showing me the material she would use to knit my brothers scarf. We all have one, I don’t wear mine as I am nervous to loose it. Thanks to you my readers, my friends and family, we are half way to the goal of raising enough money for the naming rights at Gilda’s Club of South Jersey‘s Crochet and Knitting Club. @ $25,000 we can rename the club “The Judy Wilkin’s Crochet and Knitting Club. Judy’s daughter Lauren tells me she will be volunteering there to spread the love of the hobby and her mother to other women suffering from Cancer.
Judy and Ella their Birthdays Thanksgiving 2008 in Avalon.

The first part of the song is choppy because James Taylor has a serious copywrite on his songs.
Judy loved the sea, whether near her home in Somer’s Point or here in the Key’s (Key West). (She also loved Lancaster, and her family.)
Today my family will gather to celebrate Judy’s life, to remember her laughter, love and charitable life. Today I will wear my scarf as we lay Judy to rest. Rest in Peace my dear sister.