Ever have one of those days where you just need to get away for something different, beautiful and a little comfort. Well I know a spot that just opened called The Corner (the corner, 13 and drury st, Philadelphia). Beautifully decorated and food to die for by Chef Scott Swiderski, formerly of Buddakan.

Last night I attended the Friends and Family night, which is where friends and family try out the food, check out the space and give their honest feedback. (Clever how they changed the APO sign over to a “C”. And I was so hoping we could donate it to McGillin’s old Philly sign’s collection.)It’s always hard to give your honest feedback, especially when you know your friends have really put their heart and soul into the place. But I do appreciate that they value my opinion.
The OCTUPUS WAS DELICIOUS. I have tried a lot of Octupus since it’s come into vogue this year, and I am just dreaming of my return trip to the corner for another serving of it.
Julia Engelman and Danny Benenfeld enjoyed the coveted seat with a view. This is where most people place their VIP’s to see and be seen.
For the main course I had scallops, they were delicious and on a bed of where’s my menu, darn I forgot it on the table. Just trust me they were plump and the bed they were laying on was sweet, tasty and included potatoes.

But what you really want to come for is the delicious comfort food like this delicious sandwich that Mike got. Grilled Truffled Cheese filled braised short ribs which is a sandwich to the surprise of Mike; it comes with fries and a sweet, spicy pickle. Other sandwiches are the Club and Classic Cheeseburger.
GN got the Grilled Truffled Cheese filled braised short ribs with a side of asparagus $6

Chef Scott Swiderski, owners Drew Milstein and Tony Rim explain the dishes to a few friends and family
The ever popular open kitchen cooking, foodies especially love to see how everything is prepared which is where I foundCity Paper’s and Meal Ticket’s editor Drew Lazor and NY Magazine’s Grub Street Philly Collin Keefe
The back area near the kitchen. Lists of wines and food on the chalkboard. A great spot for checking on the kitchen action as the chefs are to the left of the picture.

The service bar downstairs
Mike and GN contemplate dessert.

Mike got his favorite Crème brûlée. He loved it, and got every last morsel. He did share the raspberries with me. Most of the desserts were $9

GN went for the Cheesecake Mousse and said she wished it never ended.

The place is very low key, the decor is homey comfortable, the menu is easy to understand and simple. Most prices were between $10 & $15, a few outliers near $20

Then I wandered upstairs to check out the additional dining area, which will also be a later in the evening lounge, with a limited menu for those late nite munches. This is a shot of the terrace.
The upstairs bar
and dining/lounge area. Just beautiful don’t you think?
Mazel tov!! Chef Scott Swiderski, owners Drew Milstein and Tony Rim. Definitely goes to the head of the list of favorite restaurants. Currently I could just spend my whole week on 13th Street and eat hit all my favorite places. (Earlier I wrote about The Corner HERE and HERE. )