Philadelphia’s Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg Offered $1 million to Fight Each Other In Celebrity Boxing Match by Philly’s Damon Feldman & Philly Wood

Ya gotta hand it to Damon Feldman and the gang at PhillyWood productions for their relentless fame whore climb to the top. Sometimes I ignore their press releases because I’m too stunned by what they are passing off as entertainment (ie Tiger Woods slut fights Michael Lohan’s slut), and sometimes I give them a hat tip because they are so clever in their concept, but I’m always in awe of the press they seem to garner from their promotions including the current one:

What: The $1,000,000 offer each for the 2 Superstars Mark Wahlberg vs Will Smith to Battle it out for Charity! The 2 have been trained in Boxing Mark for the Hit The Figher and Smith for his Starring role in ALI. The match will be 3-1minute rounds with 24 OZ Special Boxing Gloves and Headgear. Both camps have been contacted and we are waiting for the answer if these 2 stars will accept the challenge and for charity in a Hollywood Boxing match ! The offer is now on the table for 50 Cent to be the Referee, “50” aka Curtis jackson has been involved with Boxing and is friends with Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweather. All 3 of the Celebrities camps have been contacted. We are hoping that the Stars will respond by Wednesday January 5 for the deadline.

This story even appeared on Access Hollywood, TMZ, NY Daily News, RadarOnline, countless other entertainment outlets including Philly’s Brian Socia Mix 106.1
who does an interview with Damon Feldman earlier in December when he made the offer to Sylvester Stallone, who must have declined as how you see above his offer is to 50 Cents. Maybe his latest squeeze Chelsea Handler will show up.

Oh BTW I just received another press release in the mail yesterday from these peeps:

Tiger Woods Mistress enters into Female Boxing event March 19 in Ft Lauderdale, WOMEN WANTED to take her on!

What: The most infamous of the Hollywood and Tiger Woods Mistresses Devon James will go for her 17th minute of fame it seems as she will step into the Female Hollywood Boxing event , where 15 women can sign up to get their chance at stepping into the Ring with Devon. If you are a women from the FT Lauderdale area, Email- , if you are picked you will have a chance at $5,000 in cash and prizes and be the one to do Tiger Woods a favor and KO Devon James. James has claimed several issues with Tiger, will step into the Ring with the BIG Hollywood Gloves see attached picture! Girls can sign up asap to be in the event! The event will be open to the public and this will be the seconde stop part of a 8 city tour!

When:Saturday March 19 at venue TBA!

Where: FT Lauderdale (The only bad thing for Philly, after a few trump up charges against holding unlicensed fights in Pennsylvania, PhillyWood Productions is held anywhere but in Philly.
(These pixs provided by PhillyWood Productions)