Last Friday we were all at Union Trust to celebrate Erin Elmore’s 29th Birthday, including Lindsay Kravitz and Tony Rufo Jr. As a gossip columnist I said is there anything you guys want to tell me? Lindsay showed me her hand, I guess I was a week early. Because when two people love each other like these two, you know that it’s going to be a happy ending.You might remember some of the events that I wrote about before that brought these two together:

  • 5 years ago Kaci Mitz and bff Lindsay Kravitz bought condos at new building in Bella Vista. When Kaci went to settlement Tony Rufo, the developer walked in, she was stunned as Tony was one of her childhood friends and they had lost touch in college.
  • Kaci invited him to to join Lindsay and Aly for drinks at the rooftop at Continental and it was from that day on they became the four musketeers. They became inseparable, whether it was going to a game, dinner, hang out at each others houses or doing the party circuit…it didn’t matter they are were always together. The became a family unit to celebrate the good times and support each other thru the tough.
  • Then is happened, you know the urban legend we always hear of, two best friends realizing they were both having feelings for each…which is when their love story began.
  • 2 and half years ago they both took the leap of faith, and took a chance.
  • that chance turned into love… a year ago Tony asked Lindsay to move in and then tonight that chance turned into a lifetime of happiness.
  • As Lindsay was coming home from work Tony called said he was held up at work and would be late. So when she opened their front door she was stunned to see Tony in their entry on one knee asking her to marry him.
  • The surprises didn’t end there…the house was filled with 4 dozen roses a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Then he said he made a dinner reservation at Union Trust, when they walked outside their house at Two Liberties there was horse and carriage…only fitting since their love is the fairytale everyone dreams of. Then when they arrive at Union Trust to be surprised by their families and friends to celebrate.
  • They are talking about a fall wedding and can’t wait to start their own family shortly after…CONGRATULATIONS LINDSAY & TONY!!

Aly Green, Tony, Lindsay & Kaci Mitz tonight. (Thanks to Aly for the pictures & help on story, I couldn’t make it as I was a party at Del Frisco’s for my friend Rachel Moore’s birthday)