I always thought Butternut Squash Soup was a fall item, but last week I went to LaCroix and had their Butternut Soup which was delicious and pretty to boot. It was the first time I ate there and they have a price fix lunch at $24.95; dinner $35 BARGAIN. Also the view of Rittenhouse Square is beautiful. It feels like a special occasion at bargain prices.
Then it was over to Le Castagne the following day for a business lunch. They also had Butternut Soup on the menu. Just as good, not as pretty. Also check out their Sunday Brunch from 10am-2pm. The family-friendly buffet is $20 per person and $10 for children. 1920 Chestnut Street |
Tuesday night I was at 10 Arts. I know I go there a lot, but I love Jen, her Octopus and
The new fried chicken, collard greens and a biscuit that will give you sweet dreams until you have another one. (both of these dishes are my current favorite’s in the City, and I love food. They might be a little pricey, but the food at 10 Arts is so fresh, and delicious.)
Talking about sleep, the other night I checked out the octopus on the menu at Little Pete’s – NIGHTMARE. If you are a regular Twitter follower of mine @iphillychitchat, you know I love Little Pete’s steak dinner. Soup, Salad, Dinner with 2 vegs, dessert and drink for $23.95, now that’s a bargain. Well this week I was in and had my steak dinner, I saw they had octopus on the menu but it would have been too much food to get that and the steak, so the following night I went in to get the octopus alone, ugh, the worse dish I have ever had of all the dishes I have ever had. I should have known when it came out like this (see above)