Update: BRADLEY COOPER & ROBERT DENIRO: Rolling Thursday 1/20/11 The Final Scenes – Spoiler Alert

UPDATE: THE BRADLEY COOPER & ROBERT DENIRO FILM Limitless has moved the filming to Saturday. I stopped by and there was a lot of action inside the old Triple AAA building at 21st and Market Streets, including a glimpse of Bradley Cooper, but no one was filming.
all of this is new as of today.
Look what is co-starring in the film shoot on Saturday, the NYC Bus that was also a co-star in Safe that just filmed here with Jason Statham a few weeks ago.

As you know by now Bradley Cooper’s father (Charles) passed away on Saturday January 15. A reader tipped me off to his father’s illness back in July and I decided not to disclose it, although I did tell a few of my close friends especially when Cooper was continually spotted around Philly in the Fall. Some of them speculated that Cooper and girlfriend Renee Zellweger were preparing to wed, but I knew he was here taking care of his father. He and his sister Holly would take 3 week shifts to spend time with him and their mother. Holly lives in North Carolina and would come up on the weeks when Bradley was off preparing to film Hangover 2 in Thailand. Two weeks ago Dark Fields, now “Limitless” came back to town to film additional scenes for the movie, some say re-shoots. The movie company insists they are not re-shoots, but if you have seen my NBC10 Non-Stop TV Show on The Scene, you would know I have the script, and although they say they are not re-shoots, the shot at Sampan is awfully similar to a scene that is in the trailer. When filming shut down last Monday, I had a feeling that it was Bradley Cooper’s father who was ill, and later that day another source confirmed that he had been taken to a hospital in NJ, and then later I guess he was transferred to a hospice facility. I still could have sold this story to any of the glossies that buy my pictures or buy my stories, but I thought I would just write it here as I know many of his fans read my blog. I wouldn’t feel right making money off of this sad episode that has or will happen in all our lives. But it does answer the question “Why was Bradley Cooper spotted in and around Philly during the past 6 months.?” Tomorrow the last scenes of the movie will be filmed, and if the film is still on schedule it is to open in less than 2 months on March 18, 2011
Spoiler Alert: The sign says No Parking Thursday 3AM til 8PM. It’s a daytime shoot. The first scene will be filmed outside – 2 versions with Robert DeNiro. The 2nd scene is inside the campaign office and then there’s the final scene filmed as the sun sets, bring your earplugs.
Wednesday actors & Germantown Academy alumni Bradley Cooper and Brian Klugman visited their old high school to chat with the kids about, well I have no idea what they were chatting about but the students were all a twitter and that’s where I found the above news and photo.