ChitChatter & Krispy Kreme Unveils It’s Storefront & Attracts Skateboarders

Ever since I worked on a project in Atlanta, Georgia have I been a fan of I’ve been following the progression of the Krispy Kreme Donut Shop as it prepares for it’s opening at 16th & Chestnut Streets in Center City. As I noted in yesterday’s Chit Chatter the entrance is on 16th Street. This is the view of where the Children’s Place will open on February 22, 2011 (can you hear the building scream “Please Wash Me?” I can. Or at least shine me or something, black shoe polish would be good too.)

For months the Krispy Kreme “windows” have had wood in the window frames

Last night when I left R2L I noticed the windows had finally been installed and it’s only a matter of time before the bright “Hot Now” sign appears in the window telling us the donuts are ready.

Until then it looks like the only thing in the window will be featuring is skate boarders looking for the best grind. Let’s hope they don’t fall through the window.

PhillyChitChatter for Friday January 21, 2011
Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,”stopped by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting Wednesday. My friend tells me that she didn’t need her morning coffee as Cramer was so stimulating at the early morning meeting (8AM) that he jolted her into the day. The one piece of advice that she remembers him saying and saying in that loud crazy Jim Cramer voice is “buy fucking gold now!!” The Love Connection:Congratulations , to my friend Hadas Kuznits from Kyw3 Radio and her beau Dan Reinherz on their engagement; so much fun to watch these two fall in love.
Notable Philly connected Anniversaries next week: On 1/23/1999 Princess Caroline of Monaco whose mother was actress Grace Kelly from Philadelphia, whose brother is the famed sculler John Kelly, in which Kelly Drive is named after, whew married Prince Ernst-August of Hanover. Princess Caroline of Monaco was pregnant with their daughter when she married Prince Ernst-August.

1/25/1964 – actor/comedian Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby. Cosby met Camille Cosby on a blind date.

Because I Love You: if you are of a certain age you would remember that song, and the singer of that somewhat irritating song as it will no doubt linger in your head longer than you desire, it’s by “freestyle legend [not my words] Stevie B” who’s going to be live at Benny The Bums on January 28, 2011; He’ll also be singing his classic “Spring Love” something we’d all like to experience right about now after all this snow. Get your tickets here.


Stephanie Kuo says 500 Degrees‘ (still unnamed) vegan burger debuts today! A thin falafel patty with just the right kick of heat, topped with cucumber salad, lettuce, and tomato on a fluffy roll — perfect for fashionistas a la Carie Brescia,fitness gurus like Anne Ha, and all around fab do-gooders like Stephanie Ciabattonii!