On a cold, cold, cold Saturday afternoon Philadelphia turned into NYC one last time for the movie “Limitless”.21st and Market Streets turned into 57th & Lexington Ave
It was so cold I only spent 15 – 20 minutes shooting but it was enough time to see Bradley Cooper & Robert DeNiro in action. Above writer/director, Neil Burger helps Bradley & Robert understand the scene. Friday night DeNiro, Burger and Cooper were seen huddled at At the Fountain in the Four Seasons chowing down and talking about the next day’s shoot I imagine.
When I was there I think they were rehearsing, and figuring out where the best camera shots should be. In between takes the actors were inside Triple AAA and I don’t blame them it was seriously cold.

T-Mobile on one side, but Andine on side that will be in the shot. What does Andine mean? Andine is ‘Man, warrior’; hint hint
As the film was shot a parade of NYC Cabs as wells a cars were driven down Market Street. A few other interesting vehicles also drove by, not sure if it was in the plan or not, but I’m gonna save that info for my celebrity TV Segment Thursday NBC’s Non-Stop Philly Ch 248

Although this scene may look friendly it was anything but friendly.