The sixth annual competition CITY OF HOPE’S LET THEM EAT CAKE is open to all professional cooks or culinary students who love to create wedding cakes. The event took place at the Loews Hotel in Center City.
I arrived during the judging period when local chefs, Philly Famous and pastry chefs taste the 35+ cakes and votes on tasty, display, creativity, peoples choice and student favorite.
Chef Brian Duffy formerly of Kildaire’s now of Seafood America judging the tasty treats.
The cake has to be big enough to feed 150 people. The chefs were also required to make an additional cake, to feed the guests. But before the doors opened they set out a few slices for the judges to try. Not in this picture is a bowl of forks for the judges to use, a clean fork at every station. Just a forkful was enough for the tasting.
The theme this year was: The 2011 theme is “Historical Romances — Love in Any Age.” This cake listed the great loves of history Romeo and Juliet, Anthony & Cleopatra and Adam and Steve, er I mean Eve.
Pretty I think we had this wall paper in our dining room growing up. You may have heard me say this before, but it’s because my mom was always redecorating our house.
10 Arts Pastry Chef Monica Glass tasting other peoples treats.

The Taj Mahal is widely considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and stands as a symbol of eternal love
I was curious why are people so fascinated by cake that over 500 people would pack the Loews to get a slice
Marc and Benny from City Cakes in New York CitySome were brides, some were fans of desserts, others were wedding planners who would check out the designs, and also make sure they tasted delicious. Often a cake might look fantastic, but taste just terrible. Or as I found the opposite was true. There was one cake that was the evil apple that Adam gave Eve. I wasn’t impressed with the design but it was delicious. Then there was the Princess Grace cake, very plain looking, but oh so good.
A collaboration: Kathy Wolper, Kathy’s Just Desserts and Brittany Snyder, Splendora Cake & Tea Co.. Sue Serio was in love with this cake. Deep chocolate with chocolate chunks.
City of Hope’s Harry Giordano, Mark Kingsdorf, Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultant and co-founder of “Let Them Eat Cake” and Fox29’s Sue Serio
Brides Philadelphia Mary Ruegg, Regional Mgr and Heather Lee, Phila Editor (Not to be confused with Philadelphia Magazine Brides)
Jay, Sherry and Kim McCay
Catherine Sliman and Valerie Johnson
Ben Franklin and JB Braun, Publisher of Mainline Today
A cake dedicated to soldiers at war
Best Theme #16 Piece a Cake ~ Colleen Lakey located in Macungie Pa

The Loews Cake
Judges in today’s competition Chef Kathy Gold, Dawn Elyse Warden, Sarah Doheny, YUBPR, Thom Cardwell, Aliza Green, Chef/Cookbook
Simona & Vernis are getting married and looking for the perfect cake
Ana and Luis Colome. Ana tells me she likes to go home and recreate the cakes for her family. Luis says someday Ana will be entering a cake into the competition.

Erin Como and Jillian Millee arrive as I make my departure over to the Opa Greek restaurant grand opening party.

Peoples Choice #33 Bredenbecks bakery ~ Danielle Martin

Best Theme #16 Piece a Cake ~ Colleen Lakey located in Macungie Pa
Best overall#22 Truly Custom Cakery Stacey Hill

Student Baker ~ #7 Kayla Slenbaker. The Restaurant School at Walnut College