I’ve always wanted to go to the South Street Easter Parade, but am usually out of town. This year I wasn’t. I woke up early, put on my Easter Bonnet and ran down to the parade route. Then I woke up realized I was late and grabbed a cab and made it just in timeto see these two bikers with their Flat Stanley posing with the end of the parade.
But was there to see CW’s Kharisma McIlwaine and MC Mr. Halloween Henri David greet the guests for the 2011 Easter Parade and prepare them for several contests that they were going to have.Here’s the winner for the best dressed baby, together now awwwww. Really adorable. This dog won best dressed dog.
Not sure if these two entered the best dressed Easter costume, but they would definitely have won for best Original Couple from South Street, which in it’s hey day was Philly’s Haight Asbury. Happy 420 last week.
Phillies Phever: The Philadelphia Phillies with the best record in the MLB
Hand puppet rabbit. I think he might be an original South Street resident too.
Cute dogs. Now we’re talking high fashion Easter: love her gloves.
Check out the guy on the right shooting a photo with his IPad. This dog came in third. The women on the far right with the peach hat won best dressed women at the promenade.
Next year you can adopt this cute pit bull from PAWS to enter into the pet contest
Crocs are back, or did they never go away?
I ran into Ernie, who for years played his flute inside the hallow halls of City Hall courtyard. Says he misses Greta Greenberger and will return soon.