Bella: The Color of Love – Chagall & Dinner in Society Hill

Last Thursday before running over to the Utley All Star event, I stopped by the Borowsky-Wagman home in Society Hill which is high above the Washington Square neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Mr Irvin Borowsky and his wife Laurie Wagman were gracious enough to open their Society Hill home featuring an exquisite collection of privately owned original paintings by Marc Chagall, the gathering was a fundraiser organized by The Gershman Y, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Philadelphia Theatre Company. There was a champagne dinner with Philadelphia Museum of Art curator Michael R. Taylor and the dinner was followed by the premiere of Bella: The Color of Love – Opening Night at the Suzanne Roberts Theater.Suzanne Roberts was in attendance along with her husband Ralph J. Roberts who founded Comcast.
Hosts Laurie Wagman and Irvin Borowky with Sherry Rubin, Executive Director Gershman Y
Even the dessert looked artistic. At the Gershman Y catch Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner Thursday 5/5 7PM
Lisa Simon, Simon Pr, Laura and Jeremy Wintraub
Dr. Ed and Rebecca Schulman
David Feldman, Marilyn Frank, Mimi Katz and Gary Lozoff; Bella: The Color of Love, a new world premiere theatrical cabaret concert about Bella Chagall, Marc Chagall’s wife and muse, is a theatrical and musical journey into the mind of Bella and her years with Marc from Russia to the lights of Paris to America. And was part of the Philadelphia International Festival of Arts, which concluded on Sunday. I hope they bring this show back again, it sounds so wonderful.
Joseph Zuritsky, CEO Parkway and wife Renee. Zuritsky was just in the news last week about the astronomical 20% parking tax levied against the parking garages in the City. He told me he hopes that it will be reduced in the next 5 years.
Michael Coleman, Sherrie Savett, Steven Starr (but not that one he jokes) and Alan Lindy
Lisa Simon, Simon PR, Philadelphia Museum of Art curator Michael R. Taylor, Irvin Borowky and Laurie Wagman