Noah Wylie in Fallen Skies Sunday 9PM on TNT – Philly Interview

Noah Wylie was recently in town to promote his new TV Series on the former ER star will play Tom Mason, a history teacher forced to lead a band of survivors in the aftermath of an alien invasion in Falling Skies on TNT at 9PM Sunday.

The meeting was held at The Four Seasons Hotel where I participated in a round table interview. It was cool and fun to do as each reporter brings with them their angle of the story and asks questions that others might not even think of.
Noah told us that he took a step back from Hollywood to focus on raising his kids. Now the time was right to his career back on track, plus he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg.

Noah discusses how he took a step back from his career to concentrate on his family. Then choose this project as the timing worked out well, plus it was working with Stephen Spielberg. He just had to do it.
Noah Wylie’s view during the interview, although he was very attentive. I was just thinking how wonderful the view is from the Four Seasons.
Fallen Skies kicks off on Father’s Day June 19 at 9PM on TNT