THE BUZZ: Chris Brown Philly After Party Q KITCHEN CLOSED, Phila Soul & What Are You Listening To?

Chris Brown is coming to Philly on Father’s Day. Then he’s gonna party at Whisper’s 1712 Walnut Street
The party gets started at 10PM Sunday night, but I don’t expect he’ll roll in til an hour after that. I remember J-Woww all too well. She was about 2 hrs late. See you there.

Last weekend was the Philadelphia Pride Parade and also the last time Q Kitchen at 13th & Locust was open for business. I went by Monday night and it had a closed for the evening sign, but now things seem more ominous cause when I drove by Tuesday night at midnight the place was dark leaving only the hookers on the corner keeping it warm. I talked to a friend and he tells me they have closed for good. Bummer. Hope something fun opens there.
Tonight packed your vehicle with as many friends that can fit and pay only $50 for the whole group to see the Philadelphia Soul in great lower level seats.
I received this email two days ago from Cliff Stevens Co-founder, Lokadot, LLC, which explained this guy with the sign “What Are You Listening to?” I photographed on Monday on my way to the Brent Celek event: “Just thought you’d be interested in an Internet meme developing that Philadelphia is now a part of, thanks to a YouTube video we published today called “Yo Philly! What Song Are You Listening to?” – available here – Filmed Monday June 14, 2011.”

Something tells me that the sign outside might say Shears, but look for the name Swanky Bubbles to return soon. (Maybe after the new Spike TV series, Bar Rescue airs?)