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Pedestrians in Philly, remember things happen in three’s. In a matter of days another car careens out of control smashing into a building in Center City. Earlier this week a car crashed into a Burger King at 8th & Market, today this guy wanted to do a little window shopping.
I was hanging with my buds Julie & Susie at Skin Palette spray tanning salon, next to Sophy Curson’s, when we heard a loud thud. I didn’t think anything of it, cause I’m just that kind of City guy that ignores those things now, until the fire engines came screaming by to a haltAwkward. Driver of runaway car and Sophy Curson dba Susan Schwartz, who’s on the phone to the All State Insurance no doubt.

There was one hysterical women, not picture here, but someone who’s appeared on PhillyChitChat before, freaking out and yelling he could have killed someone, I was a block away and saw the whole thing, had I walked faster ie not been texting to see where happy hour was tonight, I would have been killed. Then she laid into me cause I shook the guys hand and thanked him for giving me the details. “What you are shaking his hand, he could have killed someone. OMG he’s a beast, then she gave an earful to the cop who basically gave her the yada yada yada look” Lady that’s why they call them accidents, otherwise he would have been dragged off to jail. By the time I took the last picture the cops were gone and he was getting in the tow truck. Bottoms up.
Egon(on right) tells me that he was making a right onto Samson street and a pedestrian crossed the street in the middle and he did a defensive move to avoid him.
taking the report on an ipad looking thingy
On the job training on how to break out the rest of the plate glass windown. Perhaps the first lesson is the photographer needs to get on the other side of the yellow police tape.
He noticed people sitting at tables alongside O’Shea’s and no one on the left side so he maneuvered his car to the left to avoid hitting the guy crossing the street and the folks at O’Sheas. (Note he knocked over one of those metal posts. Had that not been there he’d been way into the store. Lead sandal wearing foot driver.)
Next thing he knew he ended up crashing through the window. No one was hurt in the store, even though there were a few customers. Accident happened about 4PM.



I’m having random shots around town that I think you would likestarting with aren’t this lamps at the Berlin Mart preciousPINK
what is he shooting?
smoking on the phone crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge
I think Nicki Minagj and Britney Spears are staying at the Ritz. There’s a whole lotta buses there.

House in Audubon, NJ with big Peace sign on the side made of ivy
2nd Street
Happy Birthday Arthur Etchells with his babe Michelle Cassidy at the Philly Mag after party at Table 31. Watch Fox 29 this morning for my recap of the party, and check back here on Monday for the photos.


You Say You Want A Revolution, well you’re not going to be up in arms at the Revolution House (Party Pictures)

Revolution House 200 Market St opened about a month ago in the old location of the Snow White diner. What was once a one story building that housed the iconic, weathered Snow White diner is now a more modern two story eatery with a roof top garden, with a touch of historic Philadelphia and colonial accents through out the rooms. Luca Sena, owner of Ristorante Panorama and The Penn’s View Hotel, along with partner John Poulous, has opened Revolution House. The 144-seat restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night seven days a week. Luca’s son, Luca Sena Jr. serves as executive Chef. Sena enlisted longtime friend and noted commercial photographer Dominic Episcopo to design the look and vibe of Revolution House. Episcopo used a palette inspired by the Confederate flag. Crisp navy blue and soothing charcoal gray accent the former Quaker Friends Meetinghouse’s original 1798 brick. Episcopo sourced local reclaimed accents to create an aesthetic that he describes as Industrial meets Federal chic.The menu is extensive and Cristian David says it has a “Great Salmon Sandwich”I loved the lasagna muffins, there was shrimp, pasta etc, but the biggest draw is

the coal oven pizza. For the last couple years steak was king, but move over carnivores the PIZZA is king. Here’s Luca Sena showing a pie to John Bolaris who did not have his Playboy girlfriend with him (See Dan Gross’ column Wednesday)

Justin Giza, editor at Drink and Adam Schmidt, the founder of, the Philadelphia-based drink specials website that won the People’s Choice Award at the 2011. In August they celebrate their 1 year anniversary, yeah! “Drink Philly celebrates their first anniversary First Friday Part & Art Showing with a fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Donations requested at the door. 8/5/11 5PM 239 Chestnut St, Second FloorIs there an Attorney in the house? Spencer Creddy, Esq. Ross DiBono, Esq., Michael Mattioni, Esq. and Dawn Tancredi, Esq.

The antique bottle lighting 2nd floor bar is an interesting accent to the bar

Where Magazine Team: Kari Oriolo, Brett Copol and publisher Beth Douglas

Jerry Blavet with 6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli showing the REVOLUTION HOUSE GM Megin Mowry the wine he would like her to carry at the restaurant. He likes it so much he brings it with him in a wine holder her carries over his shoulder to dinner wherever he goes.

Speaking of wine: Meet Alana Zerbe of the Wine School and Keith Wallace, Author of the forthcoming book “Cork & Fork CEO” out in August.

How pretty is food writer Maria Valetta, Weekly Press

Grub Street Philly’s Collin Keefe and his wife Holly Keefe were enjoying the view.

and the delicious food.

Joe Broderick, Lathan Hotel Doorman, and marketing director April Martin. Joe tells me that the Lathan is just about ready to open and he is eager to get back to work.

The landscaping for the deck was done by Luca’s son in law who’s name escapes me and my notebook. He won a ribbon at this years Philadelphia Flower Show too.

Luca Sena, Linda Sonnie of GPTMC and Meryl Levitz, President and CEO of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC)

Beautiful twosome executive producer Mara Webb and 6ABC’s Brian Taff stop by to check out the new digs. I think it’s safe to say they both love their jobs and good things happen there besides getting to work with the genius Jim Gardner. Follow him on Twitter

The most dramatic and some would say adventurous element I would have to say would be the steel wired stair case. Every step you take to the 2nd floor there is a distinct reaction, and if that wasn’t enough there is the illusion that the folks below you can see up your skirt. They can’t, but you can certainly look down id them as it’s like a two way mirror. It’s not exactly like plexiglass floor in the woman’s department at Boyds, it’s a little more obscured. I think you need to go check it out yourself, it will no doubt be a novelty in many future conversations, have you walked up the flying staircase at Revolution House, oh and their pizza yum.

and that roof deckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Giveaway! Win Tickets to the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival!

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ABOUT LAST NIGHT – Davio’s Cheesecake Wars & a Few Cheeky Gals & What did they Eat?

I decided to start yet another segment of PhillyChitChat called About Last Night. As you know I like to troll the bars and restaurants to see who what and where everyone is. I can go out and in a couple hours I have interesting pixs and stories of what happened the night before. Occasionally I might write about what happened during the day too, like today’s entry…
Yesterday I met Marilyn D’Angelo for lunch at Davio’s. Marilyn recently left Philly2Night where she did editorial work, and is now on her own as a freelance writer as well as writer & editor for her own blog called Know it All Philly which is a cross between uwishunu and original opinions on subjects. (She’s also available to write for your publication.) Above with Executive Chef David Boyle who made us a delicious lunch including the best gazpacho soup with mozzarella & curry, crab salad and Panco encrusted fluke, which I tweeted was the best dish I’ve had. From Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 to Thursday, July 28th, 2011, guests that order the ‘Cheesecake War Dessert’ will be served 1/2 portions of both the Philly-favorite and ‘CESCA’s (The Northern Italian Steakhouse is known for their highly acclaimed “Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote,” created by Pastry Chef Thomas Heck.) acclaimed New York dessert on a plate along with a comment cards. With the honor system at work, each restaurant will tally their numbers and announce the winner live on each other’s Twitter and Facebook pages along with a photograph of the losing restaurants general manager wearing the other cities baseball jersey and eating a little humble pie.
Ruby Tuesday’s with Mike’s family. His mom, uncle in law Barry, Aunt Harriet and Mike. Have you tried their white bean chili, delicious.
I have a flag fetish and Freeman’s auction house has a great one in the window.
Then I took a stroll along Rittenhouse Row Restaurants. If you call out my name and I’ll take your pix and put it here. Unfortunately I didn’t have a notebook for names. I do recognize the girl on the right but can’t recall her name. The girls had mussels and they looked delicious.
I was on my way to check out my friend Anne Nikolaus’ Stella & Dot jewelery show.
Tina Lamsback, Anne Nikolaus and hostess of the party Becca Greller. I’m trying to convince Anne that we should take our Philly biz licenses, find a corner and set up shop on the weekend. I have some photo note cards I want to sell. Would that be tacky? What’s on the Menu? Delicious Rice Krispy Treats – Gluten Free, great tortilla chips & fruit. Afterwards though a few of them headed for Lil’ Pete’s cause they love the club sandwich.
Then I headed to Serafina to see who’s who was there. Passing which has a few diners inside, and a packed sidewalk made for another great place to sit back and people watch. Serafina also had a healthy outside presence at 9PM, and it was even more packed inside.
I checked in with Serafina Restaurant executive Chef Carlos Jeronimo who was checking the dishes before they left the kitchen. He tells me everything is going well and is glad the guests are enjoying Serafina as it’s busy from the time the doors open til they close.
I saw a few familar faces in the main dining room including Erin Elmore, Steve Rockman and Lesley Kozloff Goldstein. Erin just returned from Croatia and told me it is the most beautiful country, with gorgeous beaches. (What did they eat? Drinks at the bar.)I found this pix on her FB from the trip and well there were a lot of beautiful things in Croatia last week.
Finally I had a nite cap, Dinner for them was a tasting of the menu, then coffee for a nite cap, with Laura Burkhardt, Kelly Boyd and food writer Beth D’Addono. Also spotted was former congressman Patrick Murphy, a bevy of Cashman & Assoc alumni Ellie, Holly, Christa & current Ashley. and G Lounge hostess Samantha Marzullo.



The City of Philadelphia’s Art In City Hall exhibition program celebrates its 65th juried group exhibition based on a specific theme.
features the work of 24 local artists whose works are inspired by sports and athletics. The independent selection panel included Citizen’s Bank Park muralist, Max Mason, independent curator and artist, Sean Stoops, and the African American Museum of Philadelphia’s Exhibitions Director, Richard J. Watson. The exhibit runs from July 11 – September 16 on the 1st and 2nd floor display cases, Northeast corner.

City’s Chief Culture Officer, Gary Steuer (on left with Tu Huynh, City Hall Exhibitions Manager) writes: “I have thought often of this seeming disconnect between the two worlds, when stories run about football players taking ballet to improve their grace, or of Bernie Williams and his guitar skill, or Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his jazz scholarship. I have also thought of this connection when we cite the fact that more people attend arts events than sporting events…The barriers seem to have broken down…the stereotype intentionally undercut…Can we finally get rid of this foolish assumption that artists and jocks are somehow on opposite sides of a great social chasm?”

Fun Philly Phillies food like pretzels, hot dogs, cracker jacks and cherry coke were served at the scorching reception last Wednesday evening.
Phanatic watering pitcher
Talking about the Phillies check out this painting of The Four Horseman – Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt by Phillies portrait artist Jenna Lusky. With her parents.
Chase Utley a hero for sure with his inside the park home run.
For more information on the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, visit: and
The exhibitons at City Hall are supported by an independent City Hall Exhibitions Advisory Committee made up of local arts professionals. For more information, visit: or join us on


The Ultimate Crab Challenge From Phillips Seafood

Phillips Foods is having The Ultimate Crab Challenge, a national recipe contest for crab lovers. The competition will run from Wednesday, July 6 through Monday, August 22. Just log onto to enter your recipe. The national grand prize winner will receive $1000 and their recipe featured on Phillips’ menu in Baltimore, MD. Original recipes must include at least eight ounces or 1 pound of crab meat. Any grade of crab meat is acceptable, from claw meat to special, jumbo lump to backfin. Recipes may be a cold or hot item. Are you ready to get crabby? This might be your chance. For more information, visit the contest web site or contact Phillips Foods marketing team at 888.234.2722.(Sponsored post)


PhillyChitChat 4th Anniversary Party Pixs at Opa Restaurant

Thanks to Opa restaurant at 1311 Sansom St, Phila. for throwing a 4th Anniversary Party. It was a hot time and I am grateful for all the peeps that came out in the suffering 100F weather to celebrate with us. Earlier in the day I had sent out a note to a bunch of people telling them I would understand if they couldn’t make it, and even Mike backed out. Thanks to Midtown Springboard Media president Everett Katzen for the computer set-ups that showcased the pictures that I took in the last 4 years. And to my friends brother-sister team George and Vasiliki Tsiouris who own Opa restaurant.
I can’t thank all my friends and supporters who showed up, did I mention in the 100F weather. Really have we ever had such an oppressive winter. (Update: I usually keep it a secret that I am dyslexic, but just now I see I wrote winter instead of summer. It’s so irritating to be dyslexic. I often forget the last letter on words too. Writing a blog has been very helpful to me. Although I am also orally dyslexic and have been know to say the opposite of what I mean. Mike doesn’t cross the street unless he actually see that the light is green. In our early years together I almost got us killed a couple times thinking the light was green. That’s my 4 yr anniversary confession.) But the parties and life go on, and that’s my bread and butter for Here’s two stylish peeps: Elaine Graber and Julianne Glatz. Julianne as I mentioned last Friday, was in town from Chicago, for the Philly Style Magazine party.

Ellen Rohlfing and Dave Maser
Thanks to Springboard for setting up these monitors to show some of the photos I’ve taken over the past 4 years.

Magee Rehab’s Meg Rider, G-Philly’s Natalie Hope McDonald and Jimmy Contreras, PhillyStreetStyleSara K, Ashley Brielle and Nnamdi
Karen Gross, who is now behind the scenes with the Constitution Center and friends stop by.Thanks to Opa, George Tsiouris and Vasiliki Tsiouris, Garden Wellington, and Noel Zayas, from Noel Zayas events for throwing me this party. And to all my readers for an amazing 4 years. Thanks so much for supporting my advertisers, if I didn’t have them I’d have to get a real job and hang up my key board. Follow me on twitter @iphillychitchat as I usually give out info & sightings there hourly, that doesn’t make it here. Back to the party.
Greta Baith, guest and Autumn Ashby
Thanks to photographer Patrick Hagerty and DJ Rahasaan for spinning. To see Patrick’s pixs go here. It was hard to give up the power of shooting pictures even at my own party. It’s just not in my nature. Thanks to Sandy Smith and the others who I may have missed cause I’m a dizzy blogger.
George Tsiouris, Vasiliki Tsiouris and Maria Papadakis
Kristyn Aldrich and Lauren Smith looking fabulous!!
Honeymoon glow Dan Reinherz and Hasdas Kuznits with best bud Marlo Polonsky
If you had told me that two of the guys from ABC’s Bacherlor show, that women fantasize all over the world, would come to a party held in my honor, 4 years ago, I would have called you crazy. But it was reality when Craig Robinson and Reid Rosenthal both came out on Thursday night. Thanks guys.
Sleek, sexy, stylish Lianna Shabin, Jaimie Donahue and Danielle Shwendman
Fran Fattah, Noel Zayas, Noel Zayas Event and Megan Smith, Brownstone PR
Craig Robinson, Monica Glass, Pastry Chef from 10Arts, guest and Ilana Waber, Gloss PR
Kei Kurimoto, Yakitori Boy (There’s a great article in Phila Weekly about Brittany Lynn’s weekly drag show.) Eden Blair and Matthew Vlahos, Vlahos PR
Thanks to the Cool Kids, especially because they were having a party that evening at Recess for their friend’s bday. Reggie Berry, and Jackiem Wright with Lauren Smith, Kristyn Aldrich

Thanks to the Where Magazine team for coming out and their continuing support (I promise to stop in soon), including the years that Laura Burkhardt was at the helm. Bret Copol, Kristina Jenkins, and Kari Oriolo, with Ilana Waber, Monica Glass, George and Demetri Pappas, Xochitl
Michael Biwa, George and Shelton Mercer. My tweet from Saturday night made it into the new revamped Phila Daily News today: which I then saw on Fox 29 only because they were commenting about Dan Gross’ column.

WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta, and Marissa Nalani. And yesterday’s mysterious question can now be revealed it was Marisa. Question here.


Hop Sing Laundromat Inching Towards The Opening

Behind these non-descriptive doors you will find
a beautiful space, an unique idea and an engaging visionary named Lêe who created “Hop Sing Laundromat,”. He says it will serve the best Chinese food in Philadelphia, but don’t call it a restaurant, it’s a bar that serves food. Why is he so confident it will serve the best Chinese food? He’s come up with a novel idea where his menu will consist of the top 5 best meals from the top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (25 items). (Thursday night at 1AM he took me and a few of my friends to one of the restaurants. It was the best I’ve ever had and I didn’t even know it existed.) After the guest orders the dishes, the Hop Sing waiters will pick up the food and deliver it to the tables in Chinese wedding banquet boxes.
The entry to the restaurant, don’t call it a lobby, it’s the waiting room or shoe shining room, will house yes a shoe shine stand and a dozen chairs from an old movie theater to sit in (He doesn’t want anyone cooling their heels outside on the sidewalk.) There’s a dress code at Hop Sing, and sandals are not allowed. If you bothered to get dressed for a night at Hop Sing, more along the lines of the dress code you would wear to the Union League in the summer (no suit, but a collared shirt), then he is happy to shine your shoes for free as a thank you. The floor of this room has nearly $400 worth of pennies all on tails. He says there is one on heads, but it will never be found. He’s right I don’t have the patience to look for it, which Lêe seems to possess.
Especially with his attention to details like this chandelier that he’s hung in the shoe shine room, as you walk through the doors. The books he’s chosen to display in the main room, the light fixtures from an old church with the crosses still attached.
Elements stressed by Lêe was his customer service, everyone should enjoy themselves in his bar without the stress of a photo showing up somewhere. Posted right in the lobby will be a NO Cameras, Video or Phones allowed in the main dining room. He even has a room for you to tend to your important phone calls so that you don’t have to go out side and cool your heals. (I’m not going to sweat it as there is no sign that one can’t observe and then report, just no twittering at that moment or a nice, but large man may come over and crush my phone. OK not really but )
Although the kitchen is in place, the only equipment that will be operational is the fancy Kold Draft ice machine, capable of making up to 12 different kinds of ice including crushed. Lêe is a fan of days gone by, where women were ladies and men held the door for them. He is a fan of the golden years of Hollywood and I think is trying to capture that era with the cool sleek feel of Hop Sing Laundromat. The attention to detail, the message he is trying to convey. When you go into Hop Sing Laundromat and see something that stirs you, know that Lêe probably placed it there after a long thought out process; nothing is where it is coincidentally.
Along the far wall couches will line up with end tables between them. The outlets are already in place for the lamps and your laptop. Between the wall and the 40 foot bar, on the opposite side of the room, there will be a few well placed dining tables for dinner as well as lounging.
The only thing Lêe wants you to call mysterious is probably who is my mysterious friend that checked out the place last Thursday at 1Am with us and what are those prints of framed so nicely by Gould Frame in Philly. He doesn’t like mysterious as an adjective, his bar is more like surprise. A gift that will be unwrapped in due time (with lots of off the records for me as he describe the surprises that await his guests each and every day even.) He keeps telling me it’s just a bar, but I’m telling you it’s something special. Nothing of the likes has been conceptualized like the Hop Sing Laundromat in Philadelphia, opening soon. (Great articles regarding design and tidbits await you here Meal Ticket, Michael Klein, and one of the best articles I’ve read on the place and in general of late, really captures my afternoon with Lêe can be found at Foobooz; Hop Sing Laundromat represents the American dream.


PhillyChitChat Celebrity Sightings, Tidbits & Upcoming Sightings

Friday night while I was at the Italian Market’s Anastasi Seafood enjoying the broiled seafood combo, Dawson’s Creek James Van Der Beek was sitting in the window at Rouge enjoying his dinner. Earlier in the week he had filmed a few scenes from his movie “Backwards” up the street at the Art Alliance.
Part time Actor, new resident of Philly, Larry Giuffra poses with Juventus’ forward Alessandro Del Piero outiside the Four Seasons Hotel on Sunday. They are using Philly as their home base this week between games played in NY 7/26 and NC 7/28, using the empty Eagles NovaCare Center. Philadelphia Union loss to the Real Madrid, who stayed at the Ritz-Carlton with what seemed to be their entire families. Saturday night I was down in Atlantic City at Scarduzio’s at Showboat. When I returned home I saw a big tour bus. Thinking in was Rihanna’s I gave it a chase. Turned out to be the Real Madrid players, their parents, spouses and wives. Look for Giuffra in the James van Der Beek movie Backwards.

Friday kicked off the 9th Annual Charlie Mac’s Party 4 Peace in Philly. The star power that flies into Philly to lend their support to the charitable organization was very impressive, but the biggest surprise was actor Will Smith, who surprised the audience who turned out for the Charlie Mack Talented Teens Finals Competition Saturday night at the Yesha Fellowship Hall. Started in 1990 solely as a celebrity basketball game, The Charlie Mack Party 4 Peace Celebrity Weekend has evolved into a charitable benefit to raise awareness and money for organizations that work tirelessly to eradicate violence in Philadelphia. Smith also walked the red carpet at the Suzanne Roberts Theater for the Sunday premiere of “Streets,” a film Mack produced and which features local actress Nafessa Williams. Also appearing during the weekend Tyrese, Toccara Jones, Lil Mama, Reggie Berry, Jackiem Wright and above with Smith is Arthur Kade.


Tuesday I had dinner at 10 Arts with my buds from Fox29 Good Day Jennaphr Frederick and Sheinelle Jones, as Mike Jerrick enjoyed dinner at an adjoining table with Food Channel’s Marc Summers and David Neff. (Look for my segments with Jenn beginning this Friday at 9:40AM [nervous])
Owner and Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin came to Philadelphia to help kick off the 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge tasting menu that benefits Philabundance, the region’s largest hunger relief organization. Top Chef alumnus and Chef de Cuisine of 10 Arts, Chef Jennifer Carroll has created an exclusive tasting menu that has been carefully crafted and is available for lunch and dinner. For each tasting menu ordered, $1 will go directly to Philabundance and help drive hunger from the Delaware Valley.
Susie Celek, Amber Stires, and Julie Dorenbos, outside their new spray tanning salon and so much more store, Skin Palette on 19th Street a stone’s throw from Rittenhouse Square. Friday was opening day. Stop on by and tell them sent you.
Newman’s Gallery on Walnut Street is closed for renovations. The sign says they will open in the fall, but where I wonder? The permit says the first floor is going to be a clothing retail store.
Phillies manager Charlie Manuel holding his 1210 radio show at the Shops of Liberty Place. Once a month he broadcasts his radio show from the Center City shopping center.
Talking Phillies it’s been rumored that they’re willing to trade Jonathan Singleton for the San Diego Padres’ Mike Adams, seen here leaving the Ritz-Carlton on Friday afternoon as he heads out for the game.
Saturday night as I mentioned I headed to AC for my birthday and celebrated at the opening night of Scarduzio’s – Steak Sushi Lounge inside the Showboat Casino. I had a 12oz sirloin, that was delicious and Mike had the rack of lamb which he declared was the best he ever had. We even had a dueling fork fight as I tried to grab a few off his plate. For dessert we had the chocolate cake mouse prepared by Pastry chef Deb Pellegrino (above, who just won the chocolatier’s crown and $10,000 on last Sunday’s popular TV series Food Network Challenge. ) with Chef Chris Scarduzio (also owns Mia at Caesars and Table 31). It was delicious. Mike said he would drive down to AC just to buy the cake, and that says a lot since we go to NYC every once in awhile just for his favorite seafood paella. The space is gorgeous with a sleek dining area with reds and dark wood. On the other side of the room is a beautiful lounge area, which I for see will be a beautiful place to hang out for a glam evening.
Today Saxby’s at 21st & Walnut is offering two for one Froyo’s.

Upcoming Philly Celebrity Sightings:

Top Cheftestant Jennifer Carroll is going to be a busy girl on Monday, August 1st as she will be hosting the Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR. The charitable motorcycle ride supports amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research and takes place July 31-August 6, 2011, making five stops along the East Coast to raise funds and awareness for amfAR. The ride will be led by Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA and Alain de Cadenet, Le Mans racer and ESPN “Speed Channel” host, with reputable motorcyle enthusiasts eager to join the fight against HIC/AIDS, icluding Tyson Beckfor, Saved by the Bell’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar, actress/model Tricia Helfer, actor Justin Chatwin and many more. The August 1st 11AM the route will be from KOP Mall to the Center City Kiehl’s on Walnut Street where a ceremony take place until 1PM For Info:

Also Monday for Jen, her 10Arts team is hosting Industry Night at Marc Vetri’s Amis for those folks in the restaurant business. Their theme: Down The Shore. No word on if Jen or pastry Monica Glass would be wearing their bikinis when preparing the seafood dinner.


Check this out:

July 28 at the Philadelphia Library check out Josh Ritter, singer/songwriter, signing copies of Bright’s Passage at 7:30PM