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People Watching: Atlantic City & Ocean City Boardwalks – Planking Anyone?

This weekend marks the unofficial end to the Summer of 2011. I only made it down to the shore about a handful of times, (from Caesar’s Pier One Mall, 3rd level. They have a little section with seats sitting in the sand so it feels like your on the beach, but with Air Conditioning.) but took a few photos the last time I was there to capture the flavor of the boardwalk. Whether running around town shooting events, or sitting on the Boardwalk at the shore, people fascinate me.

Planking in Atlantic City

My niece Lauren and Mike at Laura’s Fudge in Ocean City. Stop by and say hi

How many seagulls dive bombed your fries this year?

The new Ocean City bridge fascinates me too. What’s gonna happen to the old bridge. Will this land be condo’s in 2 years?

Back home last weekend

Hacina Saadi, Kate Beaver, Samantha Trasatti,Courtney Grant, and Alexis Sophia ready to watch the sunset at Fairmount Park on Sunday. The girls tell me they usually go to shore every weekend, but since Hurricane Irene came to town that trip was cancelled and instead they went to a few Hurricane Parties including the transported from Avalon Whitebriar’s Happy Hour which set up shop at Public House and everyone had to wear their beach attire. I hear over 600 people attended and the bar ran out of booze by 9PM. Happy Hour over. They moved on to Chef Jason Cichonski house (formerly of Lacroix, Mica and now he’s opening a new restaurant at Third and Bainbridge ) where he cook them all a delicious supper


Metropolitan Philadelphia Entertainment Party – Lots of fun Philly Movie Peeps & Info

Metropolitan Philadelphia Entertainment Group held their monthly gathering at Dave & Buster’s last week.

on their back deck. Who knew they had one, I didn’t. Love the view. There’s a bar back there, tables and chairs and the Delaware River.On this particular night they held a special screening of “The Red Corvette”, which was filmed in and around the Delaware Valley. above: Director and writer, Frank Lisi with co-stars Valerie Bauer and Katherine Mesa.

Tommy Delcorio Jr, whose credits include co-producer in The Red Corvette, and use of his red Corvette with Sal Darigo, and friends.

George Bruno and Valerie Bauer

Metropolitan Philadelphia Entertainment Group (M.P.E.G.) was organized in an effort to bring all people in the entertainment industry together. We encourage actors, actresses, producers, writers, directors, crew members, publicists, agents, musicians, composers, models, investors and others to attend and mingle with other professionals in the industry.

Lois Burak, Michael Nise (Executive Producer and Producer of Dance Party USA, Dancin’ On Air with just celebrated their 25th Anniversary with non-stop record viewing on WPHL 17) and Michael Thou. If the Burak name sounds familiar, the Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Single 2010 Lois Burak was one of the original dancers of Dance Party USA, and is also the daughter of Philadelphia broadcaster legend Marvin Burak. She’s now venturing into broadcasting of her own with “The LoLo Show” which premiers: Wednesday Sept.7,2011 9:30-11:30 pm est on

Actor Vinny Vella (Sopranos, Casino, The Red Corvette) signs autographs for Jackie D’Amico and Annie D’Amico as actor Frank Albanese (Sopranos, Goodfellas). Look for the NYC premiere in November, and then a screening in Philadelphia. (This shot appeared in my column.

British actor Jeremy Axworthy, with John Bell Jr and John Bell Sr. The trio just finished working on a funny movie that will be part of the Project 21 film making held during the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival: September 29-October 2, 2011 at the International House Philadelphia.

Tommy Delcorio Jr and buddy Jerry Cohen, who created Tan in a Can.

Benjamin Barnett, Chris Mann, Joe DiFonzo and David Reineke

Arthur Kade, actress Trisha Graybill (most notably in Project Twenty1 Film Festival’s “Between The Blinds” (Best Directed, Best Acting Nominee), and Matt Bishop. Matt and Arthur have been working on some great celebrity interviews on Arthur especially this great interview with Nicole Scherzinger . Plus AK is in this months Philly Mag chatting about his epiphany, broken and change of heart including this new direction he’s taking his blog in ala Perez Hilton.


Hurricane Irene Photos Day 1 – Fashion, Flooding, Damage & Sand Bagged

Yesterdays sunrise

Saturday 8/27/11 Hurricane Irene Photos Day 1 – Flooding, Damage & Sand Bagged

Irene Category 1

Apple Store sand bagged.Red

Doesn’t know what the “Don’t Walk” sign means

Good use for a trash bag

Not so good

sewer grates sand bagged on Market StreetA hurricane doesn’t call for high fashion

Joey Vento died on the day Philly got an earthquake, and was buried on a day we got a hurricane. Geno’s Steaks closed 8am til 10PM for the first time I ever remember for the funeral.

Pat’s Steaks had a line, especially since Geno’s was closed. I found some of the Pat’s people eating at the empty tables at Geno’s

Hurricane damage

Sandals and bootsAbbey Road


Parc boards their doorsboards and sand bagged

If you got to get somewhere, you got to get somewhere

Walt Whitman Bridge. It’s probably illegal to take photos while driving.

The Home Depot parking lot in Cherry Hill is a pond

Rt 70 flooded near King of PizzaYikes better get home

7PM nearly deserted streets

Diesel on Walnut boarded up

factory near 11th street

Here comes Irene

Idiot neighbor thinks this is what is meant by securing your items on your balcony. Attaching a potential sail so your patio furniture doesn’t get wet.


Phillies Hunter Pence Striptease, Plus other Phillies Walking the Catwalk at Shane Victorino’s Charity Fashion Show & Video

Phillies Hunter Pence Striptease, Shirtless all for a good cause at the Shane Victorino Foundation Charity Fashion Show with Saks Fifth Avenue.

plus other Phillies Walking the Catwalk at Shane Victorino’s Charity Fashion Show & Video

Sorry this was shaky, the hardest working paparazzi in town was trying to photograph the peeps on the runway while also filming with his other camera. Sometimes it didn’t work out too well.The photo doesn’t look half bad?

Hunter Pence was probably showing his new “girlfriend” what was in store for her. Remember that blond I was tweeted about at the Hamels Foundation, well he brought her to the Victorino event. Find out who she is and for more pictures and story check out my column in Philly Mag below



Tuesday in Collingswood, NJ, a whole bunch of people woke early to get pick up a few doughnuts to bring as the first Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened in New Jersey.

At the old KFC location at Cuthbert Blvd and Haddon Ave.

A few people arrived Sunday night for the Tuesday opening. Krispy Kreme had one of those great contests again where the first arrival received a dozen doughnuts every week for a year, then 2 – 10 received a dozen doughnuts every month for a year, 11 – 20 free coffee, and 11 – 100 received a free t-shirts. Folks actually slept out over night to get the highly collectible shirt.

The Collingswood Krispy Kreme has a drive through and Pastor Mark Finn, United Church of Chrsit, arrived Monday morning at 9:15AM to be first in line. He plans to use some of his doughnuts to feed his flock, as well as share it with the homeless.

Many people from surrounding towns waited in line, and became friends for the future. I love how every got into the spirit and wore the hats. When I arrived many people were playing Frisbee, or having a football catch in the parking lot. I know you want to know, the bathroom could be found across the street at the gas station.

Sagar Desai, Michael Berlco, Chandri Descia, Elisa Daga, Ben Tice, Dave and Steve Bell and Adam Rosy, hung out together even though only Michael was going to get the doughnuts as his car was 6th in line.The first person in line, Gary Romblad, Haddon Township, NJ, arrived Sunday night at 9PM with his step-son, Greg Myers, to receive a dozen doughnuts for a year. He plans to share them with friends and family, as well as donate some to the homeless. The Krispy Kreme store is owned by Philadelphia cousin and business partners, Keith Morgan and Brian Zaslow, who also own the Krispy Kreme doughnut store in Fox Chase and Center City, and are planning to open one in Bensalem, PA in November.

Brooks Kinch in maroon, with girlfriend Lacey Bouchard. Brooks had them before, but Lacey was anticipating them as Brooks brags how delicious they are.

The first 100 customers through the door receive a free Krispy Kreme T-shirt.

The Krispy Kreme Collingswood shop will have drive-thru access for doughnut fans on the go, and

feature a lounge area with a large flat screen TV and FREE Wi-Fi for customers who wish to stay and enjoy their sweet treats.

Michael Berlco and his friends celebrate with doughnuts and t-shirts

Inside Sam Ottenberg, James Bron, Nicolina Ranieri and Rachel Cipolla are excited to have a Krispy Kreme down the street from their Haddonfield homes.

Lawnside Police in the house!Collingswood Borough Commissioners Joan Leonard and Mike Hall and Mayor James Maley were on-hand at the ceremony, with Maley cutting the ribbon. “I’m proud to say we’re making doughnut history in the state,” said Maley of Collingswood Krispy Kreme being the first location to open in New Jersey. Maley went on to say “And now we have a doughnut shop on the East and West ends of Collingswood, so it’s like we have two additional police substations,” Maley joked. “So (the opening of Krispy Kreme) will do wonders for public safety, I’m sure.”Krispy Kreme has a variety of fundraisers available. One way to raise money is to just sell the donuts. They offer doughnuts to non-profit groups at a reduced price, which are then resold for full retail price, or slightly higher. The M&M Fund which is part of the Alex’s Lemonade family, benefited from today’s opening. Pictured above: Cindy Schechter, Sue Kilevine, and Pauline Schwarz

David Neff, Neff & Associates PR for Krispy Kreme, Cousins and business partners, Keith Morgan and Brian Zaslow flanked Collingswood Mayor James Maley. Morgan and Zaslow are looking to open a Bensalem, Pa Krispy Kreme in November so get your sleeping bags and snuggies ready.



PHILLYCHITCHAT: GOT THE LOOK – BIKE FASHION LOVE. You know me I keep trying to find a good brand name for my random photos which include fashion. How’s this for a title?

This guy bikes around Philly with a motorcycle helmet on. His wife has a matching helmet, but wasn’t with him on this day.



Pretty in Pink

The best falafel

Waiting for green light

Rittenhouse Square. See you tomorrow. Batten down the hatches.


Phashion Phest celebrates its 18th year With A Spectacular Showing 9/21/11- Plus The Fashion Collection Schedule

This year, Phashion Phest celebrates its 18th year with a mobile fashion event. Picture a bus pulling up to a busy Center City location, models exit the vehicle and present a mini fashion show at several locations throughout the day. Imagine a fashion flash mob! In the evening, the main event will take place at The Shops at Liberty Place and will feature an extraordinary fashion show and salon presentations of the latest fall trends and a lavish cocktail reception. More Info and Tickets… Phasion Phest is part of Philadelphia Fashion Collection, check the newly released schedule here


Sherman Says No Bullying and Howard Eskin Celebrates One Of His Last Broadcasts at Borgata

Sherman is releasing his latest and greatest initiative today: to help combat bullying for both parents and their kids that are returning to school. Check out what parents and kids can do at

In one of his last scheduled live remotes from B-Bar at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa on Tuesday afternoon, WIP’s Howard Eskin received a special surprise from the Borgata Babes and Pastry Chef Brian Lore. Eskin, who has been broadcasting his afternoon show live from Borgata for over 6 years was presented with a large cake decorated in Eagles green wishing him all the best in his future endeavors.

Eskin’s last broadcast is slated for Friday, September 2, although he will “still continue as part of WIP as part of the Eagles broadcast, as part of the pregame shows and other broadcasts.”


New Business in Rittenhouse Square…

Last week I walked through Old City and it was quite sad to see so many empty store fronts, something Walnut Street suffered through recently. But today when I strolled Rittenhouse Row things were looking up…

July 29 I Tweeted:

iPhillyChitChat: Bold recruiting: Rep from Athleta, athletic clothes by Gap opening on Walnut St, went into Lululemon athletica wear & tried 2recruit workers

Today I walked by the old Children’s Place at 1722 Walnut Street where construction workers were erecting a “construction curtain” on the building where Gap’s Athleta is going to be located. The guys on the job said to look for a Halloween opening, which is kinda odd and out of season, well except for the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 20, 2011

Across the street Lago’s is getting a facelift

Newman Galleries, rumor has it that Free People clothing store is opening on the first floor. No word on where Newman Galleries is really going, hopefully the second floor. Ill miss the art work in the window.

The construction worker on this site said he had no clue what was being built here on the 1600 block of Walnut Street,

but if he’s going to clean out the renovation debris one bucket at a time, it’s gonna be a long time before the project opens.

on 19th Street off of Rittenhouse Square and near Spruce Street, a hair salon, no massage parlor is opening.

The Shake Shack as previously been reported everywhere, has the liquor license up in the window at 20th & Sansom. The only business that vacated so far is Iluminire. Still left is the barber, shoe repair, adult book store and dry cleaners.

Around the corner on the 2000 block of Sansom Street the Print It is becoming a nail salon, cause we just don’t have enough of them.

And then a few doors down is the former Noble restaurant, that is now to become Stephen Starr’s 21st restaurant. OMG that is awesome. Oh and that reminds me.

I had lunch at with my friend Kayla on Monday. (I really should be at work, but it’s so beautiful out.) The food was Upper East side good, she said. I agree. It’s fine dining food, at a reasonable price if it were dinner, but it’s not going to appeal to everyone for lunch. 2 entrees, 2 ice teas, 1 dessert (goat cheese, salted ice cream and blueberries – very good), 2 coffees for a total of $47, $57 with tip. The good news, the dinner menu is almost the same with the same prices and that is a reasonable dinner.Feastival is coming, buy your tickets Here