Philadelphia presents Philadelphia Trends: The City of Fashion, Style and Culture & Kick Off Party for National Association of Black Journalists

Last night I headed over to the Philadelphia Media Network Headquarters for a night of fun, fashion, and festivities and to celebrate both the kick-off of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) national convention being held here in Philadelphia this year and the launch of (above Bridget Gannon checks people in at guest services) Which is a true reflection of Philadelphia fashion with a veteran team of fashion writers that include Elizabeth Wellington, Jenice Armstrong and Reuben “Big Rube” Harley.
Guest, Rob Waserman and Daily News Publisher Larry Platt greeted me as I came through the door.
The spectacular, expert fashion writer Elizabeth Wellington on the right with NABJ Vice President-Print Deirdre M. Childress is an award-winning editor for The Philadelphia Inquirer. (Elizabeth and I spent many an afternoon at NYC Fashion Week together in between shows.)
The fabulous Bobbie Booker, stellar reporter of the Philadelphia Tribune, and Cari Feiler Bender
As part of the cocktail party a fashion forum was held. Left to right, Marnie Hall, Elizabeth Wellington, Big Rube and Jenice Armstrong. Giving opening remarks is Greg Osberg, the publisher and Chief Executive Officer for the Philadelphia Media Networks. (To find Marnie Hall’s video gossip/in the know news, look under video. For ever I was looking under entertainment where Dan Gross and Michael Klein were indexed, and where in my unexpert opinion Marnie should be too. I don’t think of her as only video, but more of entertainment. I’m a huge fan as Marnie like myself, fell into this business and discovered our passion.)
Kathy Times is the 18th President of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) (PS I forgot to send in my press credential application. I will apply today, and hope I won’t get turned away because I want to cover this hugely important event. I will be covering it for PhillyChitChat, Philly Magazine and Fox 29 Philadelphia.)
Marnie Hall. The setting for the forum was on one of the terraces of the Philadelphia Inquirer Building. For me just being inside this building was a thrill since I’ve been reading the paper since I was about 7. Recently I now subscribe to the IPad version, and it is so awesome to read it on that device. Plus they give three licenses, so I have one, my partner Mike has one for his IPad and we can look at it on our computers. Well worth it. I hear they are working on a combo for both newspapers, which would be great as I still buy the Daily News especially on Friday when my buddy Big Rube has his Street Gazing column.
Since the beginning of my blog Big Rube has always been a huge supporter of mine, crossing my lens with some of the most stylish and hawt ladies. So excited to see him hone his talents and be noticed by Larry Platt and the Philadelphia Media family and give him an outlet to expose Philly style to the masses.
Bruce and Michelle Shannon with Nicole Ross Giles, who’s recently returned to the Greater Philadelphia Film Office to head up the Director, Marketing & Multicultural Affairs.
Very stylish Natasha Reed Bailey and Lafayette Sanders. Check out the video of the forum to hear Elizabeth Wellington give a detailed informative narrative of how sports jerseys, then vintage jerseys influence the style of rappers, and then the end of the era. And Jenice Armstrong’s opinions on men who wear them.
Jenice Armstrong has put sexy singles in the spotlight with her yearly picks of the who’s who of the singles scene in Philadelphia. As a guy who covers the Philly Social Circuit I can tell you that I know at least a half dozen names, I don’t want to spoil anything but one’s a cook, then there’s the heart breaker and another who became enlighten after a heartache made him reconsider his path to fame. Above is NBC10’s Erin Como Sexy Single 2009, who has since found love with her childhood boyfriend Danny Schuyler
The amazing view from the terrace
Big Rube and Michael Mercanti. So excited to meet Michael as he processed my photos for the 3 years my photos appeared in Michael Klein’s column. We had only communicated via email.
The Marnie Hall Gossip Team: Nick Grieves and Marnie Hall
Another photographer that I really admire is SARAH J. GLOVER / Inquirer Staff Photographer here with Bob Butler, VP Broadcast NABJ, Maurice Foster, Sarah, guest, Greg Lee and someone else I thought I had a name for. Thank you National Association of Black Journalists for choosing Philadelphia for your convention. Enjoy your time here. Check out our many fine restaurants, I hope Bob Butler and friends enjoyed 10 Arts that I recommended last night. For more info on where to go and what to see check out: Visit Philly