News Restaurants; Random Shots of Interest, no really I think you’ll like them

Cafe Loftus had a make over

painted and new awnings

gone are the cocktail tables and now communal tables, a smaller counter and it’s much roomier. 136 South 15th Street

Click on this to get the details. So funny the chick in the window. This doggie treat truck is usually in South Jersey, but I guess it trekked over here to attend a doggie festival or something.

If you’re familiar with the Standard Hotel in NYC, it looks like the building they are building at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge is going to be very similar.

This bus depot in Chinatown

is going to

become Soho Noodle House soon. Hmm I wonder if it will still operate as a bus depot, it’s not like people were waiting inside, they just picked up tickets and went curbside.

Just a fun picture. I gave him a buck. It used to be my tradition to give everyone a buck when I first moved to town, but now there’s a musician on every corner. i’d go broke.


Matthew Izzo mans his store at 111 S 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107. You need to check out his shop. They also sell Nigel Richard’s line of 611 clothing.

Kobe Hot Dog at Sampan. I know I was just there last week, but I went back. Any suggestions of new restaurants I should try out?

Oh Falafel House on Chestnut is getting a liquor license. I have no idea why since they close every night by 8PM. Seems silly especially since they open at

but maybe they really are going to open at 10PM according to this sign on their door?

It’s just fun…