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A Philadelphia Make – Over Day – Style Me Hired – A Feel Good Friday Story

Dress You Up with Our Love

Last year, Marc Voci of Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar created Style Me Hired, a make-over for women that is meant to help boost the confidence of local women that have lost their jobs due to the recession. He held his first one last December at his shop with 5 women. This year he went for gold and decided to offer a complete style transformations to 100 unemployed women; partnering with the Career Wardrobe, a charity that clothes women returning to the work force. The event is meant to help boost the confidence of local women that have lost their jobs due to the recession. (The above before photo was taken last Friday at Career Wardrobe’s Boutique at 18th and Spring Garden.)
Since July the organizers have reached out to salons across the Delaware Valley to help out with the transformations, as well as with the Omni Hotel, 4th & Chestnut, in Center City to host the event. With 100 women a large space was needed. The Omni was on board as soon as their PR rep Jami Gordon brought it to their attention. Above AJ Williams, GM Omni and Chris Laufer Director of Sales and Marketing at the Omni with Marc Voci of Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar and Sherri Cole, Career Wardrobe
Karen McGrory, Lauren Thornton, Nello Venditti, Emma Amoroso of Salon Vendi Amo, and Martiza Mercado
Other salons participating:
Partners include:

Della Brown, (Body Airbrush Company) is looking for a job in a salon
Mary Ann Paris gets styles by Nicole Wodard, Marc Voci Salon, an IT Specialist has been unemployed for about 3 months. Would love to get back into the same field.When Maryann was ready to walk the “reveal” red carpet, she looked like she was ready for the Board Room.
Angela Allen thanks the Marc Voci Salon for her make-over
Doesn’t she look great. Wait til she picks out her business suit from Career Wardrobe. The Omni gave the event the use of the Presidential Suite. Earlier this year Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stayed there.
In the lobby of the Omni, the women were being coached on resume building
as well as tips on what to do and say in a job interview
While upstairs the make-overs continued. Marc would like to take this concept to other cities. In these trying times with so many women out of work, they need a little pampering to brighten their day, and to give them a little confidence to go back out on the street to find the job that is going to help them live a productive life. Sharon Fischer, unemployed 5 months and looking for a job in the food industry, bakery area.
Della Brown, (Body Airbrush Company) is looking for a job in a salon
Sharon Fischer getting her hair done
Beatrice Cousin is getting make-up done by Lisa Lee, Venus Salon. Unemployed for 4 months and is looking for a job in the caregiver field.
Although she looks like Drew Barrymore it’s actually Amy Vicci. Unemployed for two years, Amy would love anything in office Admin.
Ginger Jones, Tiffany Pringle, Stylist Roxanne SeignoretHendley ( ) and Nikki J – The Make Up Artist
AJ Williams, GM Omni Hotel and Old City Omni Hotel PR Jami Gordon.

Emmy award winning Jim DeMarco, has been doing make-up on my favorite soap – One Life to Live; here he is touching up Sherri Cole.
Indulge Hair Salon, Shelia Gaskin, Marc Voci and Muffin Martinez
Angela Allen – The Reveal
Noel Zayas and Garden Wellington coordinate the “Reveal”
The ladies are looking fine
Katie Capelli, LA Hair Salon Unemployed 6 months in the public health field. Dori Corr, Hairs To You, unemployed 4 months in the copywriter, Joann Crowley, Hairs to You, 3 months unemployed in the human resource career, and Beatrice Cousin.
There was one man who joined with his wife in the make over. The couple are sadly both unemployed and in the banking business. David Sirkin is looking for a job in banking, risk management, financial analysis

Kathy Herman, a corporate lawyer seeking employment. Hair by Siaani Salon.
Angela Allen is overcome with her new outlook

Jacinda Scott, InDulge Hair Salon looking for housekeeping work

Marc Voci thanks everyone involved in the day, as NBC10’s LuAnn Cahn stands among the women she just introduced to the guests and media.
Can we talk about these sneakers, wow!
Dori Corr posing with LuAnn
Thank you Marc Voci, Style Me Hired, Career Wardrobe, and all the sponsors. Looking forward to covering your next events as you change peoples lives for the better.
Here’s looking at you Kid!! STYLE ME HIRED INFO



Bring your bad dog and come party with the Pennsylvania SPCA at the Hyatt on the waterfront and enjoy four hours of open bar, late night snacks, raffle prizes, music provided by DEL, and lots of dancing — all to raise money for abused and abandoned animals in Philadelphia. Saturday, October 15th | 9pm-1am Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing Columbus Ballroom

It’s end of September BOGO time!!! Buy one single VIP ticket ($125) and get one half off ($62.50)! Single VIP tickets include VIP entry and access to the VIP lounge with private cocktail service, passed hors d’oeuvres, and plenty of lounge seating.
Buy now at or to purchase this deal with no fees, call (215) 426-6304 x227
Offer expires Friday at midnight!(sponsored post)

The 18th Annual Phashion Phest at the Shops of Liberty Place – Photos

Sharon Phillips Waxman, SPW Producations, LLC executed another Phasion Phest since founding the organization 18 years ago, last week at the Shops of Liberty Place in Philadelphia. Zach Waxman, guest, Sharon Waxman and Mackenzie Waxman
When I arrived about an hour after the event had begun (I was shooting another event in the same building which I will be posting later this week.), the Phest was in full swing. This year it was held at the Shops of Liberty Place giving it the extra room to spread out and really showcase the fabulous fashion through out the space. The “runway” was a unique experience too as they used the escalators to showcase fashions from Kimberly Boutique, Macy’s, Mitchell & Ness, Nicole Miller, Scarlet Fiorella), Janice Martin Couture, Rococo – The Store for Men, South Moon Under, The Shops at Liberty Place (Ann Taylor LOFT, Express, Les Richards) and Zinman Furs.
2011 Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Single Jennifer Sherlock and Katie Spillman enjoying themselves. Bummer for the sexy singles this year as the Daily News is not throwing a party to celebrate their sexiness as they have done in the past.
Tina DeVita and Jill Waters came all the way over from Jersey after a friend told them about the advertisement I had on my blog promoting the event – Yeah! But then their friend stood them up. Maybe next year we shall meet?
Phashion Phest also highlights future fashion designers during the reception with student design displays from local colleges and universities. This year’s participants include The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Moore College of Art and Design and University of Delaware. Students from The Art Institute, Divine Freeman, Designer, and Sheree Smith with models Faneisha Shaw and Alicia Hartwell, showcase their designs respectfully. The two were telling me their company name is DORK (Decent Outrageous Risky Kouture.) I asked if they bought the name yet, and they said no. I said that one is probably taken, you should buy DORKPHL and DORKINTL, and that is exactly what they did they told me the next day in a note. Look for these two designers to do fun things in the future.
Immediately following the fashion show there will be a cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres from R2L Restaurant and a top-shelf open bar featuring specialty drinks from Canadian Club, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Skinny Girl Sangria and Pucker Vodka. Guests will experience an up-close and personal look at the latest fall beauty trends with salon presentations from Heaven and Earth Salon, Panache Hair Design, Queen B, Rapunzel’s Salon + Spa, Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon, Salon l’Etoile and Salon Rouge. Accessory, cosmetic and skin care trends will also be highlighted with presentations from Aveda, Dentex, Fire & Ice and The Body Shop.
Alex Martinez and Kelli Waters, Aveda. One of the benefits of holding the event at the Shops of Liberty Place, was getting sponsors and participants from the upscale mall. Plus the convenience of the kitchens, parking, bathrooms and space.
It’s possible we might see this at the Hair of the Dog Gala in January
A great auction, where I was outbid in all my categories. (I’m currently running around trying to buy up items for my own auction for Gilda’s Club of SJ, which I will be holding 11/21/11 at Fleming’s Steak House in Marlton, NJ – Save the Date.)
Kenneth Yu and Chris Stahley find themselves in NYC shopping for fashion and living the high life, found the fashions at Phasion Phest to be intriguing. They love Rue La La too, and that’s how they heard about the event.
Nicole Pinto, KYW, Julia Bateman, KYW and Sarah Strubilla
Rue La La brought props
and a step and repeat. Rue La La’s Lauren Augsberger, Justin Fine and Allison McClellan.
Participating sponsors include Center City District, The Shops at Liberty Place, R2L Restaurant, Southern Wine and Spirits of PA, Parker and Partners Marketing Resources, Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Style,, Skinny Girl Sangria, Canadian Club, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Pucker Vodka, The Big Bus Company, Rue Philadelphia, Nestle Waters, All Event Party Rental and Eventions Productions.
Queen B with two of her models and the hair she created. Queen B just appeared on Season 2 of Hair Battle Spectacular on the Oxygen network. Her dress was done by Closet By Christobal
After the event their was a cocktail party on the 37th Floor at the R2L Restaurant which featured top-shelf open bar featuring specialty drinks from Canadian Club, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Skinny Girl Sangria and Pucker Vodka. Guests will experience an up-close and personal look at the latest fall beauty trends with salon presentations from Heaven and Earth Salon, Panache Hair Design, Queen B, Rapunzel’s Salon + Spa, Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon, Salon l’Etoile and Salon Rouge. Accessory, cosmetic and skin care trends will also be highlighted with presentations from Aveda, Dentex, Fire & Ice and The Body Shop. I’m looking forward to Phasion Phest 18 in 2012, how about you?


Sexy Playboy Playmate and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

Sexy Playboy Playmate and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett stopped in Philly to sign her new book Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back
This is about the most complete sign that says I’m taking your photo biotches and you’re not getting compensated nor do I need to ask you your permission.
Kendra, Eddie and KiraCostello arrive at the signing, fashionably late at 12:50PM for the 12:30PM signing. Last year when they arrived they garaged it, meaning they went in the back through the garage. This time I was tipped off that they would be going through the front door as they would be filming for the series. I was playing my part of the paparazzi. (This shot is a bit blown out, I did get better shots but they didn’t have Eddie in them. Also I was filming at the same time. That clip might show up on Fox 29 Good Day on Friday with me chatting about what went on in the front of the house.)
When I got inside I finally saw the crowd. There was a decent amount of people, but not nearly as much as last year when the signing was held at night.
My fellow photographers were in place

When Mike Jerrick isn’t making fun of the Kardashian’s he’s doing hard hitting news like asking Kendra where is the best place you’ve had sex? Tune in today on Fox 29 Good Day to hear her answer. Also check out what she says about Michael Vick. Does she like him? How do you think he’ll respond?
First in line. Mom and daughter got there by 8AM. They watch Kendra together every week. When the little girl got up to Kendra she did the coochie dance. Kendra said it was better than hers cause ever since she’s had baby Hank, her hoochie can’t coochie much anymore.

I love this shot of Kendra posing with a young fan. Yesterday the show was being taped for her Kendra! show for E! Television on Sunday’s at 10PM
One of the nicest things about Kendra is that she talks to all her fans. She makes that personal connection, and poses with them. It must be exhausting, but she does it. That puts her in the top 5 of nicest celebrities to their fans, meaning they sign autographs and appreciate their support. #5 Kendra, #4 Lady Gaga #3 Johnny Depp, #2 Angelina Jolie #1 Tom Cruise
Paula Lisenbee and Julie Dorenbos, who is on Kendra. In fact today she taped a scene. Wanna know where & what check out my column today. I’ll also have a few other tidbits.

After the photographers were dismissed, as we get about 10 minutes of shooting time, I bought two books to get signed for my charities. I waited in line with Sean Kelly, who is a journalism major at Temple, and Paula Lisenbee, who I just met last week at the Skin Palette party (see Paula is also engaged to Philadelphia Eagles Julian Vandervelde. OMG these two are huge Kendra fans, both were hyperventilating in line, wondered if they needed tissues to dab their tears of excitement when they met the Goddess. It didn’t matter when I told them that in the book Kendra says she hated Philly, especially because Philly peeps weren’t used to seeing a celebrity and she had become a virtually prisoner in her home because of the stares and pointed. (A little exaggerated I think.) She then went on to say she had to hire a dog walker cause she couldn’t go out anymore, ahem I recall getting Eddie’s tweet pixs of him and the dogs at Rittenhouse Square; the only thing she liked in Philly, she said, was the greasy food. Ugh Kendra really. I know Hank was screwed by the Eagles, but did you have to hate on the Philadelphian’s? Also Kendra, ducks are at Fairmount Park, Ride The Ducks are at Penns Landing. If Hank Jr was feeding the ducks, where do you think you were when you laid the blanky on the grass for a picnic?
None the less, I know people love Kendra, and I’m in the business of making lots of money for Gilda’s Club of SJ. Kendra was sweet in her message, and was engaging in conversation. Maybe she had a ghost writer who got it all wrong about Philly.


Cole Hamels Fans in Malawi – Photos

GN Kang sent me a few photos from her trip to Malawi on behalf of the Hamels Foundation.“This trip has been life changing!!! My experience here in Malawi far exceeds anything I’ve done in radio for the past 8 years!!! When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be and I’ve learned so much about this world and about myself. I hope you will come with me sometime in the future!” (My note back – Sounds great, would love to go, but for now can I get a couple of tickets to the Playoffs?)
See you soon, G-N

G-N Kang
Director of Operations
The Hamels Foundation

SAVE THE DATE! Pitching Clinic for kids with Cole Hamels! November 12 & 13, 2011

The Hamels Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded by ’08 World Series MVP Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Cole Hamels and wife, Heidi. The Hamels Foundation supports inner city schools in the U.S. and has given away some of the largest public school grants in Philadelphia. It is also dedicated to helping Malawi’s one million orphans and victims of the AIDS/HIV virus. A primary school is currently underway in Malawi’s most impoverished area. *Please ask about how you can be a sponsor!


Great Philadelphia 12 Hour Tour – 10/1/11

Great Philadelphia 12 Hour Tour

Philadelphia, PA. On Saturday, October 1, 2011, the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides (APT) is conducting its second annual “Philadelphia, River to River, Vine to Pine, Rain or Shine Great Twelve Hour Tour.” The Great Tour is a celebration of the City of Philadelphia and the hundreds of historical sites, performing venues, organizations and resources it has to offer both visitors and residents. The Tour showcases the talents, commitment and expertise of our hard working tour guides.

This FREE guided walking tour, covering over 200 historic sites and attractions, kicks off at 8:00 a.m. at WHYY Studios near Independence Park and winds to a close around 8:00 p.m. at the beautiful Fairmount Water Works on the Schuylkill River.

Led by expert guides from the tour association, the walking tour is divided into four consecutive 3-hour phases with different launch sites for each phase. Participants can elect to walk the entire tour from start to finish, or join in at any phase of the tour. Each launch site offers refreshments and public rest rooms.

Staging sites and meet-up times for the four-phase tour are:
8:00 am WHYY Studios lobby, 150 N. 6th Street, south of Race Street, for Old City tour;
11:00 am The Bourse, 5th Street entrance, between Market and Chestnut Streets, for Society Hill tour;
2:00 pm Philadelphia History Museum, 15 S. 7th Street, front entrance, for Center City tour;
5:00 pm City Hall, Center Courtyard, Broad & Market Streets, for Rittenhouse to the Schuylkill tour.

Reservations for the Great Philly Tour, which are recommended, can be made online at APT’s website or at

APT welcomes sponsorships from area businesses and organizations that wish to offer refreshments, shopping or site visit coupon discounts to support the tour program. The tour is co-sponsored by:, The Philadelphia Neighborhood Consortium, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, and the lôkãdôt iPhone app.

The Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, founded in January 2009, is open to professional and volunteer tour guides, docents, re-enactors and other enthusiasts of Philadelphia’s history and architecture ( The group, which currently numbers over 120 members, published its first tour guide manual in 2011 and also offers a certification program and exam for aspiring and seasoned Philadelphia tour guides.

For more information about the Great Philly Tour, please contact APT President, Bob Skiba 215-627-8165, Greta Greenberger
City Hall Tour Director
121 City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 686-2840
Fax: (215) 686-2555


NEW BUSINESS: WALNUT ST – Addition to Yogurt Ally, A New Woody, Portofino, The Art of Bread,

I took one of my strolls in Center City. Today I’m covering Walnut Street, so much going on there.

12th & Walnut welcomes Yogorino (on Walnut next to Starbucks) to what seems to be Yogurt Alley lately with Tutti Fruitti and Sweet Ending right up the street, and Yogurt around the corner at 13th and Chestnut. Yogorino is adding authentic Italian Gelato to this location. The other Yogorino is located near Rittenhouse Square and is very popular with kinda a cult following. The Walnut Street location is scheduled to open next week the rep tells me. (I just noticed tonight that City Paper scooped this last Friday)
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt at 1315 Walnut St will now carry The Art of Bread by Georges Perrier. Look for Croissants, bread and pastries to join Betty’s Fudge and their own Choux Cream Puffs, and cakes.
Billy Weiss’ Woody’s re-opens tomorrow at 12th and Walnut and it really looks a lot different than before
gone is the carpet replaced by a wood floor, which might now be synonymous with the name Woody’s than as Bill Wood’s last name or well the other meaning. Tonight is the opening to friends and family to reveal the new look of the pub bar & grill downstairs (pictured above), the dance floor and the new Suite (formerly the Cyber bar upstairs)Still on vacation. I peeked in and well everything looks the same.Opened
#Fail, soliciting for $$ for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU outside of Destination Maternity.

#Fail #2 – a nail salon on Walnut Street, I thought there was an ordinance against that?
Click here to see the Zoning Notice larger.Room With A View: The Latham Hotel has put their new exercise room on the mezzanine level at 17th and Walnut
Lagos is Opened, and looks beautiful


PHILLYCHITCHATTER: Susan Finkelstein, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Jim Courier Slept Here;

Tragedy has struck Phillies tickets for friendship, Susan Finkelstein and her family as

a catastrophic fire burned their 115-year-old Victorian house Saturday — Susan says “What the fire didn’t completely destroy, thousands of gallons of water did. Ceilings collapsed, sheets of water coming down, smoke, fumes. Most of our belongings gone. One cat died, all others but two located — but soaking wet, freaked, and hiding. Dogs fine but tired. We are devastated, and, for the moment, homeless.” She updated her FB status “Many many thanks to all for prayers, messages, advice, and support! It has made all the difference to us! The Red Cross sent a team immediately to our house and gave some money for food and laundry. The Red Paws, great folks who help people and their pets in disasters, brought several Penn Vet (yay!) students who made my dining-room table a makeshift M*A*S*H unit & examined every cat we could find/extract from hiding.” Someone has offered her a place to stay with her 3 large dogs too. (FB picture from an outtake of Philly Mag photos it says)


Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Jim Courier stayed at the Palomar Hotel over the weekend. After their match Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center, they hung out in the lobby of the hotel and partied til the 2AM last call.

Mike Vick was a no show at Sunday’s G Lounge Bi-Weekly Eagles Game After Party, but a few Eagles did show up as well as a DeSean Jackson appearance about 1AM, before he headed over to Whisper to party hardy with Allen Iverson, Lou Williams, Jason Thompson and a few peeps from the “Battle of I-95 BBall Game” at the Palestra. Around 1:45AM many of the guys from Whisper made the trek south to join the festivities at Recess in Old City.

Sorry for short post: my internet is down.


Party Like A Rock Star – Jackiem ‘Jacky’ Wright Blow Out Bash at Recess Lounge

Party Like A Rock Star – Jackiem ‘Jacky’ Wright Blow Out Bash at Recess Lounge

Arun Deejay & White Mike O.Z. kept the party poppin
last night for Jacky Wright’s blow out bash at Recess Lounge last night. Philly finest came out to help with the celebration Sultry R&B singer Marsha Ambrosius with birthday boy co-founder Jacky Wright, The 400 PTM, Sports and entertainment management services.
including Miss Philadelphia Amber-Joi Watkins, who left her crown at home but brought her dancing shoes; and bestie Kate Beaver. Amber-Joi is also a Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Single, but word on the street is there is no party this year so the average Joe can meet with the sexy this year. Bummer that party was always fun.
guest, Reggie Berry, The 400 PTM, LeSean McCoy, and Jacky Wright, The 400 PTM
a few of the beautiful gals that came out early this morning, and I’m talking about the party didn’t get kicking til after I arrived at 1AM, ok only kidding, probably after the bus load of athletes rolled in about about 2AM. What are your thoughts about that stylin outfit on the right? Very Janet Jackson Rythem Nation.
Party poppin in the house tonightLeSean McCoy in the sea of peeps kicking it. Other Eagles in the house Trent Cole, King Dunlop and Moise Foku. NBA Tyreke Evans,
Jason Thompson from the Sacramento Kings, from Mt Laurel NJ
Kristyn Aldrich and Recess co-owner Ryan Dorsey
Bottle Service to usher in the bday. At the top you can see Amber-Joi and Jacky dancing on the banquette’s. Zach Seidman and Ryan Dorsey. Have you been to their DJ Brunch at Valanni’s yet. Every Saturday 1PM. Check out my Philly Mag column to see who was partying on Friday night. HERE



The wait is over Rumor Night Club Philly at 15th and Sansom St is now opened.

You’re probably not going to hear this song in the newest club that opened this past weekend in Philadelphia, Rumor the long awaited night club. The Emerald City of Trance.Buzz started last year about a new exciting club opening in Philly by Atlantic City promoter Mark Marek, who opened and managed G Lounge about 5 years ago. Although his new club is also in the basement of a building, many of the comparison’s stop there, well except for one of my favorite bouncers manning the door.
In the past 5 years, VIP rooms, bottle service and NYC entrance fees have hit this City, but for that price you are whisked away for a few hours into a fantasy glamorous night of fun, dancing and friends. Now if you can afford the bottle service for the VIP room (The Vault) at Rumor, I say go for it. It is definitely the best one in the City by far. It’s beautiful, spacious, plenty of room to dance with your buds, or just a great place to get away from the crowd, because that’s what going on outside of this room. The full service bar in the VIP room. As you descend the stairs of the old Roy’s Restaurant building, you will be greeted by a welcoming pink light and what I would call the main bar, kinda social room, and the only area that has seating if you do not have bottle service. Even though the space was huge, by midnight it became packed as this is also where the entrance to the club is, and the entrance to the VIP lounge, and well everyone thinks they’re a VIP so it was a shit show with people dropping names trying to get in the exclusive hideaway. I can assure you at this club they will be reserving it for actual VIPS and Bottle Service folks. (See the huge doorman, that is the VIP Vault on right.)
Legendary club promoter Dan Contarino is making magic happen at Rumor these days. He’s got the golden touch and he’s a really nice guy.
The VIP Vault is an imposing piece of real estate in Rumor, and at some points if feels as if it squeezes the other rooms. On either side of the Vault between rooms you can find hallways like this, but it is also a welcomed relief that you can cruise a complete circle. This is the only club I can think of in Philly where you don’t have to walk through the dance floor to get to the other side, which is a good thing, well unless you liked getting groped which isn’t so bad either.
This is the pop 40, house music, dance floor or one as of the Cashman girls told me the NYC room vibe room. On the left is a nice sized dance floor, banquette and bottle service. There’s a bar at one end, and the DJ on the other. In between the two rooms is a long hall with about 12 bathrooms on either side. They are individual and monitored by a guy, so kids one person at a time, really.
The other dance room is my favorite, It’s the Trance, Global room where you will find the likes of legendary DJ’s Issac Jordan, Markus Schulz, Mark Knight and other favorites from the circuit spinning. Rumor is to become a destination spot for Trance, House, Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Breaks, and Drum & Bass festivals, gatherings and all out fun. Nothing in Philly comes close to this kind of genre of music, except maybe the Weiss brothers’ Voyeur in the Gayborhood. (I only wish Rumor’s was a little bigger.)

James Duggan, Alexa, Kate Beaver and Thom Cardwell
Julianne Martin and Kristie Gonzales. Haven’t seen Kristie since she left town to take a position at ABC in Fresno. She loves it out there. good to see her.
Mike Jerrick, Michelle Chyatte, and John Bolaris. Check out Mike and I on Fox 29’s Good Day on Monday for our recap of the weeks event. (I’m on Fox29 Good Day now, twice a week, chatting about who went where, what happened and what’s coming up.)
James Boney and Arielle Johnson. James and I will be hanging out with Mike Vick at G Lounge tonight. Every Sunday home game, Vick and friends have a celebration party at the club, even if they loose. “It’s only one game.” Someone recently told me.

Tim Nork, Carrie Nork Minelli, Chris and Tiffany Nork and Dino Minelli
Did I mention I left my note book at home? A whole bunch of fashionable people with Hacina Saadi and the always beautiful 6ABC’s Shirleen Allicot.
Above is the entrance to the club. When I went to leave last night I was directed to exit through a door that was “a fire exit”. I’m not sure if that’s normally the exit, but you definitely need to ask someone where it is as there are a lot of doors marked Fire Exit. Maybe it was just because last night was so packed they used it.There is a guy standing there but it’s not marked specifically that it’s anything but the fire exit. The steps are really steeps, I see a lawsuit waiting to happen. Even though it’s common sense I would throw up some hold onto railing signs here warning peeps, especially the ones in super high stilettos that may have drunk their weight in Comos.
All in all Rumor is a welcome addition to the Philadelphia night club scene, especially having it in Center City. Usually you have to travel to Delaware Ave or to NYC to enjoy a club of this size. Get there early because I hear that because of the crowds Mark Marek closed the doors by 1AM both Friday and Saturday, which is a smart thing to do.
With lots of beautiful women. Finally Philly has an array of clubs to choose from, and they are all within walking distance. These days with the popularity of Philadelphia as a hot spot, the population of Center City rising there shouldn’t be any problem filling all the clubs.
About 1AM it was time for me to roll out of there because it was opening weekend the place was packed and I was curious how the other clubs were doing. It was a mob scene outside. 500 Degrees was packed, I felt sorry that Shank’s had left the area as the owner told me he was holding on til Rumor opened to catch that late night crowd, but I guess the wait was too long.

I walked down Sansom Street and the entire area had an electric excitement, even Agapios “Willy” Bouikidis’ 1518 Sansom St. has music at night (Great food too, and karaoke on Friday night he told me a few weeks back), Advice: Do NOT DRIVE DOWN SANSOM STREET if you want to get anywhere fast on a weekend night: See above video.
I checked out Whisper first. DJ Royale always packs them in and tonight was no different. There was a nice line outside, and a packed house inside. A huge birthday party complete with balloons and dancing girls could be seen up in the Boxed VIP lounge. Whisper has my favorite VIP lounge cause you can see the dance floor. Plus I love that they have a lot of seats (that aren’t bottle service) in the balcony area for my tired ass to sit on and mingle.
I headed over to G Lounge. They too had a crowd, maybe it wasn’t the crowd that ushered in the NYC 6th Boro feel 5 years ago (When I wrote that I had just returned from NYC and got so much grief from it.), but it’s a crowd that spends money. I know I have pleaded this before for a club to do a Polyester, oldies, 80’s club, and G Lounge is where I would love to see Jerry Blavet come in weekly and do a party, maybe on a Friday night, maybe once a month. My baby boomer readers, and XY Generation are looking for a place to groove. Although if any of the other clubs would like to step up to the plate and fulfill that wish one night a week, maybe an off night like Wed or Sunday that would be great.I didn’t include Recess in this assessment because that club is a different genre tucked away in Old City. I love Recess, it’s a different vibe, it’s like going to Cheers, everyone knows your name, the music is always top notch, you can party til dawn (open til 3:30AM), you can be dancing next to John Clark, Bam Margera, GN Kang, John Doe and Jason Thompson and there is no pretense; it’s exclusive and intimate by virtue of it’s size, and best of all there’s a parking garage above it.
Walking back to my car I ran into OPA restaurant to say hi to my buds, owners George and Vasiliki Tsiouris. I ran into a long time PhillyChitChat reader, Lindsay. You know if you tell me you’re a reader, then I’m gonna wanna put your pix on PCC. Sam Milarofsky, Yemi Bello, Lindsay christian and Billy Feingold. Sam and I are going to The SoCo Fiery Pepper Grand Launch Party at Ladder 15 on Wednesday. You wanna go? Check it out here. Tell em PhillyChitChat sent you, if you can remember.