Occupy Philly Photos from the Weekend

Update: After I’ve read all the comments, I realize I was wrong about this movement, they’re doing all the hard work by sacrificing their time for things I believe in too. I was unemployed earlier this year, but it wasn’t because of corporate greed, just the good old fashion Information Highway eliminated my job since now you can do legal search on the internet and not have a paralegal run to the library or across the country to obtain the same info. I was glib in this coverage, and really didn’t think long and hard about all the movements that brought our country to this place. What I don’t want to see is what happened in London a few weeks ago. I don’t want to see a class warfare. I cover a lot of the 1% who make a difference in peoples lives, who are philanthropists, who volunteer, who give back. Just like I did with the 99%, we can not put all of the 1% in a category. I am still going to leave the more factual points in like the conversation Mike has with the eco guy.

Saturday afternoon the tent city is starting to take shape. I wonder if the homeless feel disenfranchised since they aren’t allowed to have a tent city at City Hall?
Do Not Litter says one of the signs above
Checking out the books at the lending library
I like the sign that says a week without crime MLK Week 2012
What was the lesson in Sweeden?

I love the tech support camp.

She’s reading “Sex with Hugs.”

This flag has a lot of corporations on it instead of stars, like CNN, IBM, McDonald’s probably not POLO like he’s wearing
This sign says stop feeding your kids McDonald’s
Imagine how much money it’s costing to pay the cops overtime to baby sit these kids. What about my dwindling dollars? (I checked with high ranking captain in the police dept, and they know of no such fund that is going to pay for the OT of the cops, as stated in the comments below.)
I was impressed by the organization, and by the majority of the occupiers dedication to changing the corporate environment, although I do think they are punching into the wind. I think as I stated above that there are other ways to change the world that are more effective.
I would say that Occupy Philly is well funded and organized but by who?

The Wikileaks foot soldier chatting with protestors. Says he just came up from DC and heard about the great things Philly is doing. Says this is in support of Obama presidency. OK well let’s get these people to the voting booth come 2012 and out of my City. (I think this hurts Obama, and that many of these kids won’t vote at all because throughout the weekend they’ve stated that both parties are the same.)
Mike had a nice chat with one of the eco terrorists on site. He had a sign that said burn the logging camps. Mike asked him if he ever burned one, and the guy said no it was illegal and he didn’t want to go to jail. He’s not responsible for how others interpret his sign. Nice. Also these kids running in the street, if the cars didn’t honk in support they would scream obscenities at them and other stupid comments that only juveniles would make. I do hope as time goes on the occupiers don’t get restless and think that violence is the answer, which is what the eco terrorist stated to mike and what some of the street walkers were saying to each other. They said if they don’t get want they want their mission will be forcing the message on deaf ears. The Wikileaks guy told the gathered that D-Date is 10/15.
How long does Occupy Philly go on, as long as it takes to get answers said one girl. I say when is the first frost? Here is what others say about Occupy Philly , <<< if you clicked on this link you would have seen it is the City Paper article. Good luck, and God speed. Keep it safe leaders of Occupy Philly, I don’t want to see another Kent State or worse London 2011 where homes and business’ of the rich were burned.
I am thinking of moving my 401K after reading about the $5 monthly ATM fee instituted by Bank of America – after it was bailed out by taxpayers. That’s how we can hurt corporate America in the pocketbook, don’t shop there, write them, otherwise the effect will be minimum from these protests.