Doggie Gaga, Puppy Katy Perry, The Puppy Phillies Phanatic – The Mutt Strutt

Due to severe weather, the 5th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut was postponed until yesterday, SUNDAY, November 6. The Mutt Strut, sponsored by Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was a huge success.

Dana Spain, Founder, President · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; No-Kill Animal Rescue, Adoption Center, Wellness Clinic with BFF Steve Rockman (Yesterday was also Dana’s birthday, Happy Birthday!!)So many adorable puppies on parade. (Even if they weren’t puppies I’m calling them that, and probably using my baby voice too.)

WMMR DJ’s Steve, from the Preston and Steve Show and Matt CordMost of these pixs speak for themselves
Love love love this ladies coat. What do you think. She’s standing in the puppy obstacle course.

Doggie Gaga with a “meat dress”.
Matt Cord finds a friendly doggie Phanatic
Intern Jake gets the shot
ParisGerri DeMarshall (I used to work on paralegal projects with Gerri, plus we went to Paul VI High School together) and her niece
Mummers puppy delights WMMR’s Pierre Robert and Matt Cord
Did you know that Madonna recently directed a film on Wallis Simpson. I think this dog was inspired by it.
Hysterical. Winner of the best celebrity dog look a like – Katy Perry Puppy
Puppy Phanatic

encouraging the dogs to jump the fence
Winner overall: Harry Potter inspired
Queen of Hearts
4 dogs were adopted today at the Mutt Strut and 2 went into foster care. Lots of applications were collected, so that number will grow! Stay tuned! Check out my Philly Mag column today to see how much money was raised at the Mutt Strut.