2011 Philadelphia Whiskey Festival – A Note From Me

Had a great time last night at the Whiskey Festival. I had an event right before that I will be writing about tomorrow, so I only had an hour to capture the WF story. So I was a madman getting the shots I thought would make my column compelling and interesting. (I like to tell a story, I want you to tell me something interesting, I want to see fashion too.) Sorry if I didn’t stop to say hi when you called out or waved, or if I couldn’t remember your name. I really have terrible name recall. I would love it if when you greet me you tell me your name and or write it down on my pad, as I have very little time to try and figure it out. I really do appreciate you reading my blog, and supporting me, and am crushed when you think I don’t care because I can’t remember who you are. I’m just ditzy that way. Thanks for understanding. Happy Week Before Thanksgiving:)
David Lipson, President at Publishing and Owner, Metrocorp including Philadelphia Magazine greeting guests and calling attention to the announcement of the winner from the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience, which was announced by Chris Chamberlain, of Capital Wine and Spirits.
Participant Bartenders in the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Contest:
Chris Chamberlain, Capital Wine & Spirits, John Armstrong, Village Whiskey, Nicole Kelly, London Grille, Damon Danko Capital Grille, Robert Caskey Barclay Prime, Colin Shearn, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co, Dave Marks, North 3rd and Carol Drumstas, market manager for PA/East at Brown Forman Beverages
delish …. Click Here for my Philly Mag column of the event: