In a Short Time There Will Be A Sign where Lucky 7 Once Hung

Although Foobooz thinks the new eatery at 25th and Aspen operated by the peeps from Franklin & Mortgage Company should be called “Welsh & Prensky’s Chicken ‘n Whiskey” (after one of the owners of FM&C Mike Welsh and Mitch Prensky of Supper, who supplies the food for FM&C) It’s actually going to be called Lemon Hill. When told, I had to ask my friend twice since the other Lemon Hill (Historic House) is right down the street (& it was loud at the event I was attending too), no doubt they are honoring the famed residence. When friends say meet me at Lemon Hill, you might have to have them differentiate which one, but I’m sure it’ll be acceptable to show up to either place with a blanket. When I walked by on Saturday, I ran into people peering in the windows. The neighborhood is excited for the new restaurant to open, which should be in about 2 weeks said my friend who has a hand in the operation.
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