KeVen Parker introduces a Refreshed Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe – Better Than Ever!!

Since 1996, the best place in Philadelphia to get Chicken and Waffles in Philadelphia has been Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe 1310 South Street, founded by KeVen Parker and his late mother, Ms. Joyce Parker. Over the years the restaurant has become a very popular eating place, winning culinary awards, as well as becoming a favorite restaurant of many notable people including my girl, the legendary singer Miss Patti LaBelle. Fast forward to 14 years later, KeVen decided that Ms. Tootsie’s Restaurant Bar Lounge needed a little sprucing, as well as addressing the need for additional dining space as it had become impossible to seat all those who wanted to eat at the restaurant, especially on weekends. After 6 months of renovations, KeVen Parker (above) unveiled a newly renovated Ms Tootsie, as well as a new business next door called KDP Lifestyle, a home furnishings and gifts store stocked on the first floor of the building next door, and a boutique hotel on the upper floors. with three well appointed luxurious rooms. Each room comes with a full size kitchen, an eating area, bathroom, flat screen TV and a bedroom area. On the fourth floor you’ll find plush leather couches, flat screen televisions, and walls lined in steel grey velvet for the guests of the boutique hotel called the Luxe Lounge. This floor will also allow the guests staying at the hotel, access to the restaurant without leaving the building.
The jewel of the new space and found on the first floor of the boutique hotel, is the KDP Lifestyle store. The store features an eclectic variety of home wares, vases, sculptures, greeting cards, pillows, couches, chairs, bedding supplies, and lamps. (These pillows were only $40)
There were also affordable and poignant wall hangings
and gifts, including these sweet teddy bears. Everything was high quality and priced to move.
As for the celebrated Ms Tootsie restaurant, you’ll still find many of the mainstays that made Ms Tootsie so popular, but they’ve also added a few things you’ll like too:

  • Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Lobster Macaroni and Cheese
  • Herb Crusted Grilled Lamb Chops with Fried Apples
  • Bourbon Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Home Fries
  • Signature Soul Rolls – Crunchy Spring Rolls Wrapped with Chicken, Yams and Cabbage
  • Ms. Tootsie Pop’s – Deep Fried Chicken Drummettes in the Shape of a lollipop served with a Tangy Dipping Sauce

and added more space for diners.
KeVen tells me that parties of two wait the longest to be seated in a restaurant, I checked with my friends and they told me it was true, well the wait is over as KeVen has a dining room especially for you: The Love Lounge only has two tops for that romantic date where you don’t have to wait to get your game on.
The R&B room is sleek and has walls decorated by pictures of singers and resounding hues of red and black. It’s a great room for dinner, but I can see a late night crowd here too, hanging out, enjoying a lite menu and chillaxing.
Earlier this month, KeVen Parker relaunched Ms. Tootsie’s Restaurant Bar Lounge with a new look and a new menu, and introduced KDP Lifestyle & Luxury Suites, a home store and boutique hotel located adjacent to the restaurant to his friends and family with a little soiree. Beth Johnson and Leah Fletcher, The Philadelphia Sunday Sun, long time friends were happy to stop by and support their friend.
Philadelphia’s R&B singer Carol Riddick
Erica Atwood and Gordon Robertson. Happy belated birthday, Erica!!
Steven Redel, Danielle Grodanz, Barbara and Jeff Redel, Rebecca Feigenbaum and Michael Redel. They are regulars at Ms Tootsie and can’t wait to try everything on the new menu.
Ian Balwin and Christina JacksonGlen Aulson, Ralph Lauren at the Bellevue and KeVen Parker
The young chic next generation: Ernest Robinson, Make-up artist, Arumz Nashipae, Zola Emon, Kevin Parker (the other one), and Sylvia Ndeto
The upstairs bar is sleek, modern and could be a little lonelier than before now that the revamped, restyled, Ms Tootsie has plenty of room to seat you, but I do recommend you stop up after your dinner to mingle and mix for a few. And although Ms Tootsie is more accommodating now, I would still highly recommend you make reservations just in case: Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe.