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Philly has never met a food competition they didn’t like.
Some of my favorites this year were the 2nd Annual Oyster Shucking contest at the Oyster House (above), The Burger Brawl to benefit Meredith Elementary School. That was a ballsy challenge too as the event was the brain child of Maggie and Rob Wasserman, owners of Rouge and 500˚ where most folks believe has the best burger in town. BTW I stopped in 500˚ the other day and they now have a Turkey Burger and a burger that comes with egg on top of it. Go early as they sell out quickly. I loved the Battle For Cheesesteak Supremacy at Square 1682, but I think the best Philly Food Competition held in the City this year was the The 1st Annual Philadelphia Vendy Awards Food Truck Competition. What a fun day at the Piazza.
The Center City District’s 20th Anniversary was significant because our City is so damn clean now. Plus the guys walking around in teal are really helpful to tourist in finding their way around town. I have lived in Center City for 22 years and I know what it used to look like. Kudo’s to everyone that works at CCD, and the businesses that support it. The transformation of Center City’s clean streets began with a few key people, including the continuous leadership of President and CEO Paul R. Levy. Above Paul toasts with his guests to another 20 years of success. L-R CEO of the Philadelphia-based Parkway Corporation Joseph Zuritsky, Ron Rubin, Chairman of PREIT and Mayor Nutter in the back row.
The cause was notable and hosted by two of my favorite girls: Maria and Eliana Papadakis, pictured with Justice Sandra Schultz Newman and Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell at the Marriott Downtown for the Global Conservation Gala to support conservation and the Philadelphia Zoo‘s effort to preserve habitats and endangered species around the world. Another reason this event was so special was the decor. It was the 2nd most interesting decorating event I went to this year. The lighting, the design, the details on our place settings. Just gorgeous and they really cared about conveying the theme to it’s guests.The Indonesian Cultural Club greeted guests, and a Gamelan Semara Santi Indonesian percussion orchestra helped transport guests to Indonesia. The theme was carried throughout the room as planned by Mary Love, director of events at the Zoo. Starting with a blank slate and instructions from her boss, Amy Shearer, Mary created a room that put you in the middle of a rainforest, with tropical trees projected on the walls, a large screen video wall with orangutans in their natural habitat, and lighting that completed the theme (created by Advanced Staging Productions). The decor, which included magnificent centerpieces, lamps and silk napkins were nice Southeast Asian touches done by Penncora Productions.

The Power Shift: Dedicated to strengthening the next generations of Philadelphia’s business, political, and civic leaders, The Power Shift and event co-chairs, Nicole A. Cashman of Cashman & Associates and Dr. Keith Leaphart of Replica Creative: Design + Print, with this years winners and committee. “It’s a think tank for the next generation.” Great networking event at the cocktail party too.

Social Scene Queen: Miss Pennsylvania USA – AmberJoi WatkinsIn Memoriam: Danny Bonaduce and Amy Railsback Bonaduce no longer on the social scene since the demise of WYSP. The duo can now be scene hobnobbing in Seattle as the biggest thing to hit there since Curt Cobain and the first Starbucks. But we still have Wizard World’s Comic Con every summer where you can see some of your favorite pop culture peeps like Margot Kidder from the Superman movies. So much fun going to an event like this, seeing celebs, but especially all the fans that love them.One of the most well attended events by the public, City of Hope’s “Let them Eat Cake” competition. For $40 you can eat as much wedding cake, and bring it home that you like. Plus the money goes to charity. Salivating yet? Get there early the place gets packed, then everyone’s on a sugar high and well you’ll want to leave if your me. Tip bring a bag to carry home your doggie containers.
Zarwin Baum March Madness NCAA Kick Off Party. A hard to get invitation, even though over 800 people are invited to go. Large screen TV’s are set up in a couple rooms to watch the NCAA basketball games. Held at the Top of The Tower in the Bell Atlantic Building for the past two years, guests enjoy a day of food, catered by B Smith Catering, games and networking during the 8 hour event.
Brianna and Josh Alcorn’s wedding. I caught this great shot of Brianna and her grand dad Bob Gaudio.
If you’ve ever wanted to try every vendor at the Reading Terminal Market, then “Valentine to the Market” is your ticket. So much fun to hang in the market after hours, there were DJ stations, as well as live entertainment in a few nook and crannies that had a few folks up and dancing, or lounging on couches enjoying themselves. The VIP party preceded the main event and including a cooking contest with some of your favorite chefs. Check it out this year on February 25. Buy tickets for this year’s event here.I love covering fun notable, sociable birthday parties, weddings and other events (in Center City) and sharing them with my readers. (If you hire me you get to keep the photos.) Notable you say, well if you throw a party like Carol Tamburino throws one for her little girl Sabrina Tamburino, then I’m so there (and this was just for her birthday lunch with the girls.) I love when I get to be an observer at these events especially the Tamburino-Thorne Halloween Party.Girls shopping night out.
Thanks to all these girls for allowing me to chronically their lives over the past 4 years. Looking forward to covering Erin Elmore’s big bash birthday coming up in January. Erin 3rd row on the left, celebrated with her girls at Union Trust last year.
An event near and dear to my heart, the one I have in honor of my sister Judy Wilkins and Gilda’s Club of SJ 2nd Annual Event at Flemings Steakhouse. Above my mom’s BFF Shirl, and mom (r) enjoy themselves at the event. We raised over $10,000 (including donations made online from those who couldn’t make it. THANK YOU Billy Sullivan, Flemings Steakhouse, Gloss PR, and you)The Pennsylvania Horticultural’s Azalea Garden Party was actually in the Azalea Garden this year.
The First Annual Geek Awards. A great idea conceptualized by Geekadelphia Co-Founders Eric Smith & Tim Quirino I love being that close to Mensa members. Maybe it will rub off?
The new Phillie Hunter Pence gives an impromptu strip tease at the Shane Victorino Fashion Show at the Union League, and why not he had just signed a multi-year monied contract, at the time he was living with Cliff Lee and family at 1706, and he’s dating a hot Playboy playmate Shannon James he met a few weeks earlier at the Hamels Foundation event at the Crystal Tea Room. Another fabulous event this year.
I said it went I wrote about it in June, PAWS is one of my favorite events. Great concept having sit down dinners prepared by some of the fanciest restaurants in town. I love this shot with the Chef in the back giving the thumbs up!The tickets are pricey, but not because of elitism, held at the grand Union League, but because they want to raise the most money possible to create a safe environment for the kitties and puppies of this world. For your dollar you get a lot of bang for your buck. The creme de le creme show up for this one, it’s right up there with the Academy Ball, although this year’s ball is a bit scaled down and scattered through out Center City with the creme eating at XIX and friends at Estia and the Palm.
Audrey Claire’s Cook opens on 20th Street. Great concept, a beautiful space and can be a fun night out with friends too; the cherry on the 20th Street restaurant row. If you look closely there’s Chef Georges Perrier prepping for the first night.
PIFA – Look for PIFA II in 2013. I wish they had kept the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t concerned that it didn’t blend in with the space. It’s “art” after all. If we can have the Rocky Statue at the steps of the Art Museum, we should have been able to embrace this sculpture in the under used lobby space. The second annual Feastival took place under the glow of the Ben Franklin Bridge at Pier 9 in September. Not only was it an important fundraising event for much-needed money for the annual Live Arts/Philly Fringe, but the details that went into creating a fun, innovating, eye candy atmosphere put it first place as THE Best Event of the year. It reminds me of the now defunct grand Foundation of Architecture Gala Ball’s which were held in nearly finished buildings around the City for over a decade. They ended about a decade ago. It’s a must attend cause it’s one of those parties everyone is talking about the next day.
Hadas and Dan find each other on and are living happily ever after.
Any event I can get away and spend with friends even if it’s my own New Year’s Eve Party. Kristyn Aldrich and Megan Smith, Brownstone PR (Megan’s in today’s Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 in the city of Philadelphia.) Below is my favorite social picture I took this year taken at the Nicole Miller gets her mug on The Palm’s wall hosted by Philly Style Magazine. I called them “The Next Generation of Ones to Watch: Jesse Rendell, Nicole Paloux, Beka Rendell, Lilliana Vazquez, Patrick McGrath and Charles Paloux”
Happy New Year, and thank you my readers and especially my advertisers for making all my dreams come true. (We got over 1.4 million hits on PCC in 2011. That’s a 500,000 growth over 2010 [PS contact me for advertising opportunities] ) XOXO HughE Dillon,



It was hard to choose among the 25,000 fashion photos I took in 2011. (In total I took 86,617) These are in no particular order.

One sure way not to make the list, wear a white bra under a black outfit, especially a sweater. (It didn’t preclude your shot from appearing in these pages as I always say I spend a lot of nights photo-shopping boobies and bloopers.) Here we go…feel free to leave a comment if I missed anyone…Brad Waxman and Sharon Phillips Waxman book end the Joan’s (Joan Spain and Joan Pileggi), as I call them. Bernie Spain in the middle. I’m begining to realize the Spain’s invest in a lot of restaurants in the City. Mrs. Spain never fails to impress me in wearing some magnificent outfit. Sharon Phillips Waxman started what I believe to be the first Philly fashion show and this year it celebrated the 18th annual Phasion Phest at The Shops of Liberty Place, in Center City.
As pretty as a flower, Kate Wilhelm, Senior Vice President of Business Development at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and BFF Mark Focht, Executive Director Fairmount Park Commission. These two used to work together at Fairmount Park and have remained close friends since. In 2012, Kate will be wearing another white dress, a wedding dress as she marries Chris Chimicles in the coming months.
Also hearing wedding bells Philadelphia Style Magazine’s John Colabelli and his fiance Lauren O’Dorsio. These two no doubt coordinate their outfits as their threads always compliment each other. Another nice thing, he’s not afraid of heels.
The Four Nerds of The 3 Nerds, LLC. Their company came together this past year. The force behind Recess nightclub, as well as launching a successful DJ infused brunch party at Tweed. When Tweed restaurant went out of biz, they recovered nicely without missing a beat launching Industry Night at Arrow Swim Club where every Tuesday night the place was packed. In 2012, the crew is bringing Green House to the 700 block of Chestnut Street. I’ve chatted with the owners of the eateries along the “next restaurant” row and they’re excited for their new neighbor. Celebrate NYE 2012 in style @ Recess Lounge with the 3 Nerds INFO HERE
Chris Mullins and Bill Gehrman. I love when people show up to a garden party and know what garden party attire means. (The Franklin Square Annual Gala)

random Philly Street Chic shot.Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman and Company, made an appearance in her stunning Nicole Miller outfit from this season at the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia Party. With her is Sam Milakofsky, Capital Wine and Spirits
Whether dressed down (note he has just a hint of his shirt showing under his sweater) or
dressed up, Ron Zawadsky and WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta are a stylish couple. (At the Phila Magazine – Best of Philly Party at Vie)
She undresses for a living, but is just as hot with clothes on. Angela, dancer at Delilah’s at Philly Style Mag’s White Party.
Dana Spain and Eric Cahill. Sexy confidence is what I think of every-time Dana’s in front of my lens. Charitable too, making life better for cats and dogs (PAWS). She knows how to wear the little black dress. She accessorizes, especially when she has dashing and handsome Captain Eric Cahill on her arm.random Philly Street Chic
Mural Arts Ryan Derfler and Whitney Miller. Her shoes match his tie and the flower in her hair. Nice touches. Check out the new Mural Art’s gallery & office space in the Gallery at 8th and Market.
The best looking family. The McIlwaine’s with daughter CW’s Kharisma McIlwaine and son, Alloyius McIlwaine, Cultures Clothing Co. (Ceo-Founder / Artist / Designer) Here at the Noel Zaya’s Roaring 20’s event held at one of my favorite new spaces Stephen Starr’s Arts Ballroom.
Jason Duran and Casey Anderson and their mothers, at their wedding reception this past summer at the Power Plant in Old City. It was great to see so many of Casey friends from University of Penn and Jason’s peeps from Temple University School of Medicine celebrate their union.
Metrosexual David Maser is always a man of style, with Brian Sims, who is a candidate for Philadelphia’s 182nd District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. (If I see you on the street and you look fashion fabulous, I’m gonna ask you for a photo.)Jared and Dara Lazaroff above glowing in expectancy (They had a girl, Bells). Leigh Rubin and Jill Jacobson (She and husband Tal had a boy). Also glowing in expectancy.
Owners of Skin Palette in Rittenhouse Square, another case of casual or dressy, Susie Johnsen and Julie Dorenbos are two who turn heads when they walk into a room. Vote Julie hottest athlete’s wife here. Susie is training for her next boxing match this spring.
Chameleon Rakia Reynolds brings it. She has a unique style, including wearing one octopus earring in her right lobe. She has so many different stylish looks that I often don’t even recognize her. She’s with Philly’s Audrey Hepburn’s NBC 10’s Jillian Mele, who always exudes simplistic class is her style. Erin Como, one of the nicest women you could ever meet, also has a sexy style and isn’t afraid to wear those body hugging outfits in many different colors. The girls are all wearing Nicole Miller. Unfortunately Erin’s doesn’t photograph too well above (maybe the sweater was too much), but in this shot it looks fabulous. Here she is with Lauren Richmond at PhillyChitChat’s 4th Anniversary Party at Opa Restaurant. (They have 3 seating’s for New Year’s Eve.)
Wacky, wonderful Jenn Frederick is willing to try anything on her segments on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly, whether it’s putting on a tutu to do the Nutcracker, water ski or eat outrageous food in the morning, she’s done it. Hanging with her husband Steve Frederick at the Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly party.
Thom Cardwell, director of development at QFest, GLBT Film Festival. Do I have to say anymore. This guy should be invited to every event that happens in Philly. He has a quirky, fun and memorable style; probably a closet full of velvet jackets in every color. He should be photographed every time he steps out of the house. Here Mayor Michael Nutter is sporting a little something Thom thought would complete the Mayor’s outfit.
2011 was the year of the Nerd, and look for even more copy to take over the white space in 2012 from these guys. NERDS: You know those peeps you made fun of in high school are now your bosses (I was kinda a nerd myself, but not as smart.) Paul Colloman and Jennifer Hall at the First Annual Geek Awards, which was definitely one of the best events of the year. Check out tomorrow’s PhillyChitChat blog entry for my picks on the other best events.


Walnut Street Supper Club Opens Tonight, Plus Ck out my “One Shot” Column in Philly Mag Online

For the past two nights it’s been friends and family night at the much anticipated Walnut Street Supper Club at 1227 Walnut St. Tonight rehearsal is over and it’s on with the show starting at 5PM.
Musical director Jeremiah Downs and GM James McManaman (brainchild behind the project)
Romantic, entertaining, a great place to eat as a primer on your way to the theater or a night out on the town. There’s another room to the left, and a mezzanine level. The restaurant seats 170 people and takes reservations.
My waiter said he liked the mussels, and he was right. Delicious.

Mike had the Veal Parm, which he raved about. Now that Occupy Philly is over (he used to like to debate politics there every night) I think he’s found a new hangout.
Look who else was there last night, Kristin Detterline-Munro and Jamie Reibenbach (did they call each other and say “Let’s be twins and wear purple tonight?”) Spotted with his whole family Luca Sena, Penn’s View Hotel and Ristorante Panorama owner, writer Sandy Smith and photographer Patrick Hagarty, Mark Beyerle, Drink Philly’s editor Danya Henninger (who was trying to name all the vintage pixs on the wall and engaged the couples around her to figure out Vic Damone’s shot,) and a few news beauties which I posted in my “One Shot” column on Philly Mag at the Philly Post here:


1st Annual Cancer is Ugly! Ugly Sweater Party – Not Ugly Hop Sing Laundromat

I heard the news today, oh boy
that Hop Sing Laundromat will open by New Year’s Eve. I have no idea of the time frame, it’s a mystery.
Butt you can bet that your gonna love the place. It’s eclectic, and while you nurse your favorite drink there’s plenty to see on the wall, on the bar, in the chairs around you.
Speaking of chairs, Lee knew I’d be perfect for checking out the constitution of the chairs.
This was my favorite one. There’s a couple of couches too. Follow the progress on twitter at @HopSingLaundry or at the website (The site will probably solve the mystery of when the much anticipated bar opens to the public. No doubt both will go live the same day.) Check out Michael Klein’s column to see how you can snag a first entrant ticket to enter.

Now check out the Ugly Sweater Party which benefited The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, plus they’re a hoot!


1st Annual Cancer is Ugly! Sweater Party with Project RunwayWinner Jay McCarroll
2 weeks ago a whole bunch of peeps drug out their ugliest holiday sweater for the 1st Annual Cancer is Ugly! Sweater Party at City Tap House in University City (3925 Walnut Street). Proceeds from the evening will benefited The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Anne Gwal, Jodi Friedman, Matt Mellott, Jay McCarroll, Winner of Project Runway Season 1 and Winner of Celebrity Fit Challenge Season 7 and Heidi Kelly
Kristen Haneman, Jordan Youngblood, Maxine Pratt, Adam Spivack, and Justin BosleyMarcello Luzi, Weixler, Peterson & Luzi, Interior Designers, Jodi Friedman and Gregory Seitter, Marketing manager of the Eastern Pennsylvania’s Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Adorable, and the sweaters are cute too.
Marc Bortz, Allison Law, Siobhan Mulvey
Alan Hasanbegouio, Bradly Rink and Mike Viscuse
Bill Melleby, Brandon Mahon, and Joe McVey
Kate Bertolet and Monica Tucker
James DiMesi, Winner of the Ugliest Sweater, and Jay McCarroll. I thought the sweater was kinda cute. Founded in 1949 and headquartered in White Plains, NY, LLS has chapters throughout the United States and Canada including the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter. To learn more, visit or contact the Information Resource Center at (800) 955-4572, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. (Pixs courtesy of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS))


YOU’RE GONNA WANT A COOKIE AFTER THIS – GN Kang’s Gingerbread House Party

A Sweet Entry…first congratulations to Nicole Cashman and Nigel Richards on their engagement over the weekend.Now on to today’s post.

It was a couple nights before Christmas and all through the house were amateur architectsvying for the best Gingerbread House The party was hosted by G-N Kang and her boyfriend Ian, who would go on to judge the finished houses to see who would win the Apple TV. Second prize was Gift Card to Paddywhacks. Everyone else got a bottle of Tequila or pick of DVD

The house that inspired it all. GN loves Hello Kitty. After she and Ian constructed their house the week before, they thought hmm wouldn’t it be fun…
Fish eye setting on my camera
Nicole and Maria working on their Phillies house. Guess they were appealing to one of the judges.The Hamels Foundation’s assistant, Kristen and her bf building the TV show “House” Gingerbread House, I guess appealing to the other judge.Durrell bottoms, Wanda Mora and Eric SerranoMarina Kogan, co-owners of Rumor night club (With Mark Marek) Ksenia and Gary Shusman (not pictured)
Nearly a dozen couples participated in the fun but sticky contest. They had 30 minutes to construct their sweet house.A few of the judges check out the houses (Look there’s Mike)Let the judging begin, as each contestant explained the theme of their house.
New Year’s Eve inspired
Ho Ho Ho Whorehouse
The TV Show House complete with Dr Ian and Nurse GN Kang

The winner, crackhouse glory with jacked up electrical lights and Three Kings on the roof top. (That’s not my description, but the girl who won said it was based on a house down the street from her.)
Hello, Kitty!!

(Happy birthday to my birth mother Marie Russell Dillon who would have been 74 years old today. 12/27/37 – 9/25/95)


Kimmel Center’s 2012 New Year’s Day Celebration 1/1/12 – It’s Along The Mummers Parade Route

The Kimmel Center Rings in the New Year

with 2012 New Year’s Day Celebration!

DECEMBER 16, 2011 Warm up Indoors with Free at the Kimmel Entertainment and View of the Parade
Celebrate 10 Years with the Kimmel Center!

The Kimmel Center rings in the New Year with a free indoor 2012 New Year’s Day Celebration on Sunday, January 1, 2012 from 10am to 6pm. Parade-enthusiasts can warm up indoors while enjoying Philadelphia’s historical Mummers Parade on Broad Street. The Free at the Kimmel 10th Anniversary Celebration continues with a series of family-friendly performances on the Commonwealth Plaza level, with festive treats and drinks available for purchase from Wolfgang Puck. To celebrate the Kimmel Center’s 10th Anniversary and the arrival of 2012, Kimmel Center Presents will be providing ticket giveaways at the end of each free performance in the Plaza, and on Facebook and Twitter, with opportunities to win tickets to: Philadanco’s spring performance of The Philadelphia Connection; Elegy for Young Lovers, a co-presentation of Curtis Opera Theatre, Opera Company of Philadelphia and Kimmel Center Presents; and select Broadway and Kimmel Center Presents performances. Visit for more info. Free at the Kimmel Series 2012 New Year’s Day festivities include: 10am – 6pm: Resolution Wall: post this year’s resolutions for all to see 10:30am – 3:30pm: Kid’s Festivities: face painting, crafts and balloon animals plus the Philly Pholders with origami designs for all ages! 10:30am – 2:30pm: Stilt walkers on display
11:00am: Vanessa Trien (PNC Grow Up Great Concert) 12:30pm: Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans (PNC Grow Up Great Concert) 2:00pm: Broadway Dreams Foundation: Celebrating Broadway! 3:30pm: Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble Wolfgang Puck will take part in the Kimmel Center’s 10th Anniversary festivities by offering festive treats for purchase during all free Plaza performances. For the adults they will concoct colorful Peppermint Martinis as well as Snowflake Martinis. For younger guests, they will offer Pigs in a Blanket (miniature hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry) and Candy Cane Cocoa (hot chocolate with whipped cream and bits of real peppermint candy.) Stop by the PECO Café to sample these exciting holiday treats!


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Wishes Fun Pixs of the Season – Plus Jersey Shore’s Situation at Shampoo

Al Besse & Scott Evers, Melissa Santanello and Joseph Matthews present the
RED CARPET New Years Eve Philanthropic Extravaganza!

Beth D’Addono, Travel Editor, Local Living Magazine

SATW, Les Dames d’Escoffier, ASJA

and Peter Dobezynski were the hostest with the mostest at their soiree last Saturday night. Thanks.

I ran into a few people I don’t see enough: Jennie Hatton, Cara Schneider and Kristina Jenkins. Cara hosted me and a few other media folks at the GPTMC Holiday Party a few days later. Lots of exciting things coming up for Philly in the new year. Can’t wait to share with you.

Karen Toole-Ebbert, Jacqui Ebbert and Erin Condiff. Jacqui Ebbert is a trained violinist, look for good things in the future from her.

Band branding. I had no idea who this noodle company was. If I paid $25000 towards the sponsorship of the Christmas Village, I would have put Kraft on the sign. Ridiculous.

You know I love this Wish Board at the Christmas Village
Hope that’s not Liza Minnelli
Just married at City Hall, Albert and Heather Poblana

Mikethe situation‘ Sorrentino promotes Devotion Vodka at shampoo nightclub in Philly last night.

My nephew
Alison Frick with Dave Warren and Mr and Mrs. Pusey at the Frick Team Holiday Client Party at the The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia.
Christina Tomassetti Forrest, Alexis McCann and Teri Andreozzi at The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia.
The kid is sitting on his dad’s shoulders
Notice the Cherry tree is blossoming?
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Wishes


The March of Dimes 15th Annual Signature Chefs Auction

The March of Dimes 15th Annual Signature Chefs Auction at The Please Touch Museum. It was a delicious opportunity to meet local chefs, savor their best dishes, bid on auction packages and enjoy a meal with others who are helping ensure all babies are born healthy. Honorary Chef Chair: Rosario Romano, Ristorante Panorama with Fox 29’s Jen Frederick as the celebrity chef, Carlo Sena and April Martin
Square 1682, Kimpton’s first Philadelphia restaurant and bar. Nationally celebrated Chef Guillermo Tellez waves hi.
Anthony Masapollo, Le Castagne (r) 1920 Chestnut St
The Penn’s View Hotel and Ristorante Panorama are owned and operated by Luca Sena with George Perrier, Le Bec Fin and Georges
Pastry Monica Glass at her last event before she left 10 Arts (to go to the newly relocated Fish ) with Greg Comishock as NBC10’s John Clark is their celebrity chef.Jen Frederick, and WMMR’s Marissa Magnatta as Chef Peter McAndrews, Monsù, Paesano’s and Modo Mio looks on
Verdad Restaurant & Tequila Bar, Bryn Mawr – Nick Farina. His favorite TV star, Julia Child – Seafood paella – YUMMY!!
MC Mark Summers (Host of the Food Network’s “Unwrapped”) at the podium
Mayor Michael Nutter on stage. I like the set up that the March of Dimes did at the Please Touch Museum.
The stage is on the opposite side where it sometimes is, and the tables are not as packed in as they can be. Nothing is more irritating then navigating through the sea of chairs bumping into them, guests complain to me.



Christmas Village in Philadelphia is an outdoor Holiday market event at Love Park across from City Hall from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve.
There’s a board there where you can make holiday wishes. The $3 bucks goes to the rent of Christmas Village, who wish to return next year.
That would be my wish too. It’s a great place to shop for unique items
Santa is going to have wheels on his sleigh this year cause there’s no snow on the ground
For something more appetizing, stop by Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse right down the street for a delicious treat.
I love the secret Santa’s that are paying off folks lay-a-ways at the local department stores
Drop a dollar or two in the Salvation Army red bucket
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

Two-time Olympian Johnny Weir is coming to Philadelphia Dec. 23 to perform in “Holiday Dreams on Ice,” an Olympic ice show featuring Weir and fellow skating stars Ashley Wagner, Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Samantha Cesario, Brandon Mroz and Tamar Katz. Also stopping by the Phila Gay Men’s Chorus singing a medley of Village People songs that Johnny will skate too.
Congrats on your marriage!!
Check out my Philly Mag Column today: I cover the Pavarotti Room Dedication at the Rittenhouse, but look who’s pix I got. Sure looks like the sale of the hotel is going through.
Thanks to our soldiers. Send them notes all year long here.