Philadelphia Union El Jimador Party VIP Meet & Greet Party at Chickie & Pete’s

Last night the Philadelphia Union El Jimador Party VIP Meet & Greet Party at Chickie & Pete’s
The party started at 6:30PM, and the line was already a half a block long. Originally the plan was to have season ticket holders for the first hour, then open it up to the general public for the 2nd hour. But after 850 season ticket holders RSVP’d for the event they had to loop off the public part. It pays to be a season holder.I found the fans to be hugely supportive and very appreciative to have an opportunity like this to get up and close with their favorite players. The Philadelphia Union have been hugely popular since their arrival in 2010. (Above: Sarah, Raymond & Theresa)
El Jimador is an official sponsor of the Philadelphia Union and Crab Fries are the signature dish at Chickie & Pete’sThe Union has sold out the majority of games at the Chester PPL Park, which opened in June of 2010. The Union averaged more than 19,000 fans per game in 2010, their inaugural MLS season. Last year PPL Park attendance averaged 99% of capacity for Union regular season games.Holly Kinser, Carmela Yeatman and Sheri Dannaker
Pollyanna and mohawk’d Billy Myers get signatures from Chase Harrison and Greg Jordan Jack McInerney
Franco Fusaro and Frank Schwartz are looking forward to the opening home game on Sunday.
Carol Drumstas, Brown-Forman and Aimee Cicero, Manager of Communications
Carlos Enrique Valdés Parra and Josué Martinez
wait to meet the fans. Chickie & Pete’s Play 1 is a great place for this kinda meet and greet as the playzone cubes are separated by a wall from the main room. It’s easy to get fans in and out in an orderly fashion. There’s also two floors. You might remember when I covered the Philadelphia Soul Cheerleader tryouts, afterwards Jon & Julie Dorenbos, as well as Joselio Hanson & his GF played the dancing video in one of the cubes.
El Jimador Shot gals: Amber & Kay. Look for them at the game. I think you’ll like their uniforms.
Brian Samartino and Nikki Varoutsos are fans, but just came to enjoy the atmosphere. They’re not into collecting autographs, but they like to go to every game.
These two Irishmen who are looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day: Kevin Murtaugh and Shawn Coakley. Kevin’s heading to Boston to enjoy the weekend. Says they have one of the best parades in the country. He’s trying to see them all. Next year he’s going to Savannah, Ga. Both guys say the best party can be found at Finnegan’s Wake, but don’t count out Moriarty’s, Slaine or McGillin’s, those places rock the more traditional shing digs.
I saw a few guys wearing mohawks in honor of the captain of the Union
Jerry Graff is excited to add a new wall hanging to his office. Says he always enjoyed soccer, but it wasn’t until the Union came to town that he really got into the game. Now he tries to go to every game. Last year he had the Union flags signed, which now hang in his office.
Philadelphia Union defender Danny Califf greets a few of the fans.