Colin Farrell and his bodyguard getting into his car on Market Street.

 I completely forgot to mention on Fox 29 that last weekend Colin traveled to Virginia to attend his sisters wedding, then after that he headed to Mexico to promote his summer blockbuster, the remake of “Total Recall”, guess Arnold won’t be back. This week he’s lying low as the movie Dead Man Down has started filming. On air I discussed that the photos we take help promote Philadelphia internationally, as the movie is set in NYC and only if you’re from Philly will you see parts of the city, for the rest of the world they’ll see NYC.  This is what I meant by that UK Daily Mail   I can sometimes say things that don’t make sense as my head is full of lots of tidbits but I never know which way the conversation is going to go.


This week filming will be on the SS United States, then will move to Walnut Street. (PicturePhilly)

DMD Productions, LLC is scheduled to film scenes for the upcoming feature film “Dead Man Down” on Walnut Street, between 16th Street and 17th Street, on the following days:
–          Monday April 30, 2012

–          Monday May 7, 2012

–          Tuesday May 8, 2012

–          Wednesday May 9, 2012

–          Monday May 21, 2012
“Dead Man Down” is an action film that will be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).  It
will star Colin Farrell (“Miami Vice”, “Crazy Heart”, “Alexander”),
Terrence Howard (“Hustle and Flow”, “Iron Man”), and Noomi Rapace (“The
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”).  

 Saturday I was judging the Oyster Shucking Contest at the Oyster House on Sansom Street. OMG I had no idea the degree of difficulty judging a contest like that, and on top of it getting Sigourney Weaver sightings all over town. It was a beautiful day with lots going on like, Comcast Cares Day at the Comcast Shopping & Food Court on the basement level of the Comcast Building. I had just photographed that event before arriving for my judging duties.  (Above my other judges, Kristina Jenkins, Where Magazine and Allison Stadd, uwishunu)

 The overall winner was Tiny from Capital Grille restaurant. He’s biting into his golden oyster.

 The winner of the amateur contest with Oyster House owner, Sam Mink. Sorry I don’t have his name, I tried to track it down but to no avail. He won last year too. What’s he do for a living I wonder?
On Saturday, during my judging of the shuckers, Sigourney Weaver, here in town to film an USA Channel mini series called “Political Animals”, was spotted having brunch at the Continental Midtown on Saturday. She then headed for a bit to the Parkway for the Phila Science Festival, then walked to the Rittenhouse Square area with 3 friends and did a bit of shopping at the Farmers Market. She bought a bouquet of flowers before heading back to her rented home in the Rittenhouse area. Last week it was reported that she and Carla Gugino dined together at Le Castagne (1920 Chestnut); what wasn’t reported was the entire cast from the upcoming cable show was at the dinner. They were running over the production schedule.

Monday night I was honored to be included on the very small invite list of Chef Jennifer Carroll’s pop up restaurant at Meme. Jen is preparing for her new restaurant Concrete Blond, and was trying out some of the recipes.
Who’s in the room, friend, family a a smattering of media people like Dan Gross, moi and Michael Klein. Jen’s family, mom dad and sisters, cousins, uncle aunt and I was so happy to see them all. I need to go to their next BBQ, I love their company. Oh and Jon Gosselin was there.

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Liz J. Cute couple. Jen and Jon share an attorney Chris Cabott  (Christopher J. Cabott, Esq. is an
entertainment, sports and media attorney, and National Football League
player agent with the Law Office of Lloyd Z. Remick) Yesterday Jen’s phone was blowing up as people thought I said on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly that Jon was dating Jen, or they thought the photo was of Jen. Not so peeps.

 Next Up for Jen, The Burger Brawl on May 6th

Beanie Sigel/State property shot a music video at Philadelphia Soundstages on Tuesday for a new label deal with Chris Schwartz and EMI.

 Eating Out: Gavin Rossdale of Bush, had dinner at Talula’s Garden on Monday night.  I hear he enjoyed a multi-course chef tasting menu created specially by Executive Chef Sean McPaul of Talula’s Garden. The next day he had lunch at Dandelion
Check out my Fox 29 Good Day Philly  

segment on Tuesday. Full audio as the one on the site had a slight problem. You can hear what I think of Jen Carroll’s bass.