Beyoncé #BeyHive Fashion #Beyutiful Shoes a plenty

As you know I spent the whole weekend at my new favorite place Revel in Atlantic City, NJ This weekend was The Premiere and they kicked off their universe with a Beyoncé  “Back to Business” concert, or 4 as it were.  The last night was the best night, and even the Queen B said so, because we were the group/fans that almost didn’t get to see her as the final night was an add on and we were grateful and excited. The following are photos from every night, but Friday of the fashion. The BEY’s turned it out with fabulous style and SHOES. I wish I could have asked them all where did they get those shoes?

Moise. She was the winner of a Good Morning America Beyhive Costume
Party in Times Square, which gave two “Beyhive” tickets to the show
(right in front of the stage), an overnight stay at Revel, spa therapy
at Bask, dinner at one of Revel’s restaurants and a dress from House of
Deréon International Collection, a kick-off the summer beach towel  and a
beach bag from the House of Deréon Collection to the winner. There were
also three runners up who won just tickets. More than 300 people
competed for the grand prize.

A few fans heading into the #BeeHive VIP Party. The folks who attended the party were all staying in the hotel, and paid a special premium price to attend the party, and concerts. Beyoncé left them each a present of her lotion, perfume and a handwritten note thanking them for coming to her #BEYWeekend and being part of the #BeyHive.
Sasha Fierce would be proud!!
Orange is in

Are they fierce?

Looking hot mama, and on vacation this week: Christine Maddela – NBC10’s evening traffic reporter, now moving on up to reporter. Christine was a reporter from the last station she came from, but there were no openings when she came aboard, now a few people having left and I see she’s movin on up.

Near the #BeyHive

 AmberJoi Watkins and Tommy Domalski

I came across this couple just after he had popped the question to her; She said YES!!Congratulations Maureen Bekheet and Robert Girgis over Outerbridge, NJ

Margaritaville ie Jose Garces – Distrito Cantina

I know I worked for them this past week (for one night), but I have to say I do love the place. Lots of eateries, seating, sights sounds, can’t wait for the club to open in August and I really can’t wait to stay there. So many amenities when you are a hotel guest. You get the 10,000 gallon pool, the 2 acres of by the beach sitting among the NJ wild greenery, pool, air hockey and a vacation inside a vacation. The casino is nice too – NO SMOKING, lots of games, great energy. If I’m going to be in Atlantic City, my choice is always going to be Revel
Saturday night it was like Mardi Gras at Revel. Lots of craziness going on.
Revel PR team which also includes partner agencies Weber Shandwick, Lisa Johnson Communications and Outthink
So wonder to see my sister (orange top) last weekend. She and her friends, their husbands had dinner at Amada. They raved. Later in the evening their was a Flamingo dancer which was quite enjoyable.


Angela Ferguson, GPTMC and Robert Williams

Brother Beys
What the hell, the poor zebra’d abominable snowman wants his boots back.

Simple, elegant, green
Nice, Kristen Insalaco is currently reading “Freedom”

Super bass
John and Amy Dunfee,
This guy was funny. He is hawking Oui black stretch pants with Beyonce on the cover of the box. I said has she sued you yet. He said “I’m hoping she would, I could use the publicity.” And there you have it.  Maybe he could looking into “Shark Tank.”

Oh why couldn’t I shoot her direct n her face with that aqua blue green lip stick. “Born this Way” baby.

Spikes on those shoes.
SASHA DAMN FIERCE!! – but who’d want to undo all those buckles if you were a little tipsy or tired.

Thank you Revel, The Revel PR team which also includes partner agencies Weber Shandwick, Lisa Johnson Communications and Outthink and everyone I met this weekend. What a great place to work or play.