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This was a large Southern storm where the main body was hitting Delaware down to Washington DC, plus over South Jersey. So I ran over to my mother-in-laws condo as it faces South.

The cars jockey for position at the top of the Art Museum Steps to watch the “show.”

The bright lights near the grass is the stage being built for the Fourth of July concert.

This is the view from my balcony

The little dot nearly in the center is a plane approaching the airport. Can you imagine being on that plane?

This video captures a couple lightning strikes. It really shows how difficult is is to photograph them as they are unpredictable when they strike. This was a nice long storm so i was able to get a few great shots, and a few ok shots.  Just watching the lightning gets my weather geek going.



I popped into Opa restaurant (1311 Sansom St., 215-545-0170) to steal co-owner Vasiliki Tsiouris away to the Washington Street Night Market (Snapshots from last nights #NightMkt here). I didn’t see her but I saw the back door open to the restaurant…   

I had heard inglings that a beer garden was going to pop up behind Opa restaurant on Samson St. but I had no idea it was so far along.

I found a party going on, well the end of a party with a few of the City
Council member staff. Nancy, Linda Norma, Irma, Cobra and Shunperb were
just winding their night down. From what I can see the place has a
gorgeous floor, a ping pong table, old skool boom box (holla) and is very spacious.
don’t want to spoil the surprise as you need to check out the soft
opening this weekend; the place kicks off officially on Monday and
will no doubt be a huge hit throughout the summer. Watch out SIPS
people, this is going to be the hot hangout. And yes food will be
served. It’s going to be a little different than the delicious Greek
food at Opa. Co-owner George Tsiouris tells
me it’s going to be world, street inspired. FUN CHILL FOOD (he’s so fun
chill, I can’t wait to see what he means.) PS maybe a gyro or other
special Greek food once in a while. Please, please include the hummus
and pita bread.
Random people sighting at Drury Beer Garden, photog Al B For and his gal friend Elise Kirsch. I love
love love love love this place for the 5 minutes I saw of it. Great
Much bigger and spacious than I every envisioned when he
mentioned it in passing a year ago, and then started to plan it



Night markets or night bazaars are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets.

Night Market Washington Avenue – Benefits The Food Trust

9th Street and Washington Avenue
Thursday, June 28th, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Free admission

Kristen Garcia, Marketing Phila Art Museum and Meg Wise, Smith Playground
Mike Chobert and Barbara KatzChobert

John Weidman 
and Yael Lehman

Bill Gerhman and Chris Mullins

Megan Stecher and Mac Francis

Jill Schoenfeld and Brian Duffy
A pop-up of Questlove’s new culinary and music venture, ?uest Loves Food, made it’s Philly debut last night at Night Market. Currently they have gigs in NYC and LA I was told, especially during the upcoming awards season, but they could infiltrate the market here in Philly – AND YOU WANT THEM TOO. Delicious!!!
Caroline and Nana Wilmont (She has her own catering company too called – Georgina’s)

Britney and Latiaynna (OMG we loved Questlove’s chicken. They soak it in [oh that might be the secret so I can’t tell you] and it’s incredibly moist.)

Hmm Questlove Carrot Cake with a Fortune Cookie – Tracy McGinnis, Quest Loves Food Pastry Chef

Cara and Chuck Bongiorno with Alexis Rosenzweig, Entertainment Brand Manager / Managing Partner at ?uest Loves Food
Alan Spooner, Molly Kincaid and Jennifer Cohan (Wants us to remember to head to the Second Annual Vendy Awards  on Saturday, July 28th. At The Lot at 39th and Market.)

Hello Ms Style. Rakia Reynolds, Skai Blue Media, and Bram Reynolds, Global Spectrum. She’s being honored September 20 by Philadelphia Fashion Week as Style Icon. (That’s a no brainer.)

Helena Tubis, food lover//new yorker//managing director of the and Jamie Shanker, Philadelphia Editor
Midtown Lunch
Thomas Price, Natashya DiBona and Megan Haney – From global phenomenon to most sought after
‘secret,’ Dîner en Blanc takes hold in a Philadelphia public space for
the first time this summer.   This très chic picnic, imported from
Paris, is part mystery tour, part pop-up feast and part je ne sais
quoi.  On Thursday, August 23, 2012, culinary and culture enthusiasts
dressed in white will converge upon a secret locale for an
unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty and magic. The waiting list for the Philadelphia edition of this world-wide viral
event is now open at

Doug Keith and Meghan Ross

Slice Pizza will be at the Phila Style Mag party July 19

The next Night Market is August 16 in Mount Airy (Madonna’s Bday, plus the day Elvis died, just sayin’)

Mt. Airy restaurants who you might see
are: Avenida, GeeChee Girl Rice Cafe, Wine Thief, Earth Bread + Brewery,
Trolley Car Diner, McMenamin’s Tavern, Little Jimmie’s Bakery Cafe,
Food for All and Trio Delight (WHYY).


ONE SHOTS, NEW BUSINESS- IT’S BACK ON – WALNUT STREET, David Grohl, All the Clinton’s on the Boardwalk

Ohhh how time has run away from me and the stories I wanted to tell. For the past month or so I’ve been blogging mostly about events with very little time to do the PhillyChitChatter. But don’t worry I’ve saved them up and even if they’re out of date let’s see what I have.

Last week fame-addicted Michael Lohan and Octomom Nadya Suleman ( & promoter Damon Feldman) were
photographed together  heading into the studios of Fox 29
in Philadelphia where she was scheduled to appear on Good Day Philadelphia to promote her participation in the Summer Rumble 2012 celebrity pillow fighting match against Shila Nathan from Wired 95.7 as well as her new softcore porn video, Octomom: Home Alone.
Oh, and she also announced she has been in the recording studio
recording a single called “Get On The Dance Floor” and is offering
“Octoloans” to people as she’s done so great with her business plan.  Next up for Feldman he’s wants to see Chris Brown and Drake put on boxing gloves and fight each other in the ring … and he’s offering them $1 million each to do it!

Should Drake and Chris Brown take the offer (and there’s a 100%
chance that they won’t), the fight would be a pay-per-view event that
will go down this August in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles.  Plus there will be a donation of a million dollars to a women’s battered shelter. Now that is epic.
 You might have read about David Grohl being in town & leaving an awesome tip in Dan Gross’ column. Someone sent me a shot of him sitting in with EBE at the wedding he was attending that weekend.

The progress on the old AAA building. For years this was where folks went to join the club for discounts and auto service members. Then 2 years ago it was the film set for the Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless. Now it’s being converted into apartments, and they’re adding 6 additional floors. Let’s hope rentals do much better in kinda DOA area than the condos, the Murano is across the street. Maybe you’ll get to see Hunter Pence as I hear he has a condo there. The delicious Rogues Gallery is located behind the building on 21st Street. (Naked Philly has some history on the project)

 President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped their longtime friend Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky celebrate her 70th birthday Saturday night in Ventnor, NJ.Above with Chelsea, and her hubby Marc Mezvinsky.  (My neighbor took this shot from his balcony.)
Read more:

Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

Condolences to my friend Caral Parris‘ family. She recently passed away. It was Caral who came up with this idea of the 24hr Emergency Dentist. It lives on even though she’s left us.

At Jakes Sandwich Board President Obama is leading the election via votes by Jellybeans. Stop in vote, take a jelly bean for you and give one to your favorite candidate.

It was on, then it was off, now I hear it’s back on – Ulta, the US beauty superstore chain to located in the 1600 block of Walnut – where Brassier Perrier used to be. (Again over to Naked Philly for info on the store when it was first chatted about in 2011.)

I caught the POTUS on 95 when he arrived in Philly 2 weeks ago. Honestly why does he come during rush hour?

I was there the night of Lindsay Furman’s “Love in the Wild” debut. I knew about it for months. I totally snoozed in writing about it and missed the boat. Here’s a photo from that night I took between the Great Chef’s event and the after party at Amis. I even made that effort to get there, ugh, but I was so busy posting events. So sweet she invited me.  Kate Carmack, Dustin Kaplan, Lauren Sembello, Mark Marek, Terry Jue, Lindsay Furman, Sabrina Strickland and Anthony Sembello co-owner of Rogues Gallery Bar. Dan Gross did an great story on it HERE

So sad to hear of the passing of my friend: Lisa
Maxine Reisman Halterman
, 57. The NY Times says she was an owner of a gallery in Rittenhouse Square and patron of the
arts in Philadelphia for nearly four decades, [she] died Wednesday, June 6,
following a ten-year battle with cancer. She passed away at home
surrounded by her family and friends. – She was very, very nice and a joy to know. (With my friend Greta Greenberger)


Center City SIPS – The Great Outdoors Sh*t Show

Center City SIPS kicked off a few weeks ago and every Thursday I read tweets & FB status’ that the night before was a great time, especially the two outdoor spots – Marathon Grill and Table 31. I thought I would check it out myself and see what the excitement was all about.

So glad Marathon Grill seems to be doing well, especially at 1818 Market Street which has a nice size patio area. They always seem to do a brisk business any day, but on SIPS Wednesday there’s a buzz in the air like it’s a Friday before a holiday Monday. Nearly all the tables were filled, and there are a lot of them as it’s a popular lunch spot as well. 
People also found a seat with a view along the wall, which proved adequate seating for sipping. The line to the 2 bars had a 10 minute wait, but there was table service with about 4 busy  servers, where peeps could take advantage of the drink specials and the full Marathon menu. Matt H, Robert T, Melissa A, Roberta T and Harold T (Hmm I wonder if 3 of them are related? I do know that they are all co-workers.)

Katie Everling, Erika Schmitt and Caitlin Joyce. CJ is heading for the Cape for Fourth of July. So jealous. Should be beautiful.
Brian Hill, Briana Murtha (recently re-located to Philly from Chicago and was out celebrating her bday with beau and friends. Happy Birthday!!), Julia Lamborn and Danielle Nubani

 Marathon Grill was fairly crowded by 6PM crowd was the crowd was as clean cut as Ferris. The only tattoos I saw were on the servers. Many of the people I chatted with were co-workers, on the  young side ie probably all carded, rarely a suit in the crowd and no one looking for love unless she/he walked up to their table or they had a secret crush on the guy who’s cubicle was down the hall. Everyone I talked to said they were there because it was an outdoor venue, people which put people in a good mood.  


The highlight of the evening was no doubt the live music and especially because DJ Royale was spinning it, which he does at every SIPS event. Here he’s with Monica Montalvo (who says go see the movie TED!!) – DJ Royale was playing Black Magic Women when I chatted with him. He said about 2 hours into the night the tables are moved back a bit and swaying turns to dancing.

Miya Hitchison and Carrie Wagner tell me that they were at Table 31, but it was too crowded.

and they were right. OMG the place was a mad house.
Raisa Griffith, Ricardo Hunter, Chris Coleman, Imani Johnson and Ini Ikpe. Although Raisa and Imani work across the street, they had never heard of SIPS. They have done happy hour at Table 31 and enjoy lunch there too.

There was a 20 minute wait for drinks, and when that happens I say go two fisted which is exactly what Greg Moyer did. Another Birthday, Happy to Kelly Pitcher who was out celebrating with Greg and Jack Femzil. Jack recommends Smokin Betty’s as a great hang for SIPS too.
Carly Cooper, Randi Edelman and Sarah Raiker. Arrived at 4:30PM to get a table. Only goes to Table 31 for SIPS as they like BYOB’s, but they do go to Marathon for SIPS too. They like the live music.
Samantha Borghese, Randi Metter and Pam Cousounis. They are not there to mingle, just to hang with their friends.

Julie, Dawn, Kim, Sharon, Jessie, Gowri, and Rilie and the co workers on my side, love to get together once and awhile to hit happy hour, but when it’s SIPS season they tend to go out every Wednesday. They usually go to Table 31 as it’s close to the train station and most of them live in the ‘burbs. I found that to be the case with many of the people who were at SIPS. The crowd was a little older than Marathon, I’d say over 25 with many peeps headed towards 30. There were more people with their friends, then with only co-workers, and the crowd dress went from casual ie shorts, to what you wore to work to dressy. The Plaza officially opens at 4:30PM, and you’ll need most of your party there to get the table size you desired. They aren’t going to sit two people at a six top. Jessie hits up Table 31 for lunch, and wished the SIPS menu had more items on it.

Hey there Georgy girl. I see headbands are making a comeback. Good for her and her bold statement. Many of the folks who were at Table 31, told me they’d be back for lunch, or a future happy hour.

Check out the SH*T SHOW, wow. It was very organized even with such a large crowd. The bartenders will card you and then issue you a wristband for you to wear to show you are over 21.

Bon voyage Brad (2nd from left), here with Brian, Chris, Leah, Raine and Vince. (The sips crowd do not appear in photos except on their FB pages. It’s like shooting strippers, no one wants to give me their last names.)

Samantha Brookman and Allison E. Drove in from the burbs to meet their friends. They went home and changed first. Did purses get big or what? After Table 31 they were headed over to Ladder 15, their favorite hang out. Last week they enjoyed SIPS at Noche.

Jeremy Sanchez (The Jawn) and Yvette Pabon. They spent their SIPS day at Top of The Tower. I didn’t even know Top of The Tower had a bar, but I did know it was an event space and boy oh boy what a great view. I didn’t have time to check it out this week but will next week. I headed over to R2L to check out my bud

Philadelphia Eagles Darryl Tapp who was the first celebrity bartender for R2L as it celebrates summer with the launch of its
Celebrity Bartending Series, running through mid-September. 

$1 from each drink will be donated to the celebrity’s
charity of choice (Tapp’s was Philabundence), and guests will be entered to win a celebrity prize


Eventually he got the hang of it, by the end of the night Chef Daniel Stern offered him a job.

Also on hand was his lovely wife Tiffany (r) and her friend, neighbor and client Holly. Tiffany is a exercise trainer. She got our friend Julie Dorenbos into bikini shape for the WMMR Calendar this year. We hung out for a couple hours, chatted and ate some delicious food as we watched the sunset. R2L is definitely the place to be for good food and awesome views.
Plus the friendliest of people too. I met a few new friends at the bar. Angela Rivers, Sabrina Golphin, Tiffany, Ariane Datil (the current Miss New Jersey – come out to Revolution House on Friday for the Fresh Artist charity event and meet Ariane.) and Nicole Allen.  Check out Philly Mag today  to see what project Darryl and Tiffany Tapp’s are up to? next week SIPS falls on July 4th, but don’t fret there’s a list of bars still participating in SIPS. So you can pre game before the concert and fireworks on the Parkway.

July Fourth Street Closures/Closings 2012 – Penns Landing, Chestnut Street & Art Museum Area

Office of the
City Representative                                                     Melanie
City Representative/Executive Director,
Wawa Welcome America!
For Immediate Release                                              Press Contacts Only:
Heather Murphy,
City announces streets closures, in effect today
through July 4, for the Wawa Welcome America! Festival
Motorists advised to steer clear, or proceed
with caution, in areas impacted by festivities.
27, 2012
– City officials today announced information
regarding street closures – Wednesday,
June 27 through Wednesday, July 4, 2012
– before and during
activities in the vicinity of the ongoing 10-day Wawa Welcome America! festival.
Delays can be expected and motorists are advised to avoid, or
proceed with extreme caution, in the areas near these festivities before and
during Independence Day.
The following includes information about street closures for the 2012
Wawa Welcome America!
Festival, which includes 20 events citywide:
Beginning at 9:30 A.M. Friday, June 29 until 9 P.M. Sunday, July 1,
Chestnut Street
will be closed at Front Street.
As a result, SEPTA buses will be detoured onto Front Street. SEPTA will not have any
buses lay over on the viaduct.
Beginning at 9:30 A.M. Tuesday,
July 3 through Thursday, July 5
, the eastbound inner drive of the
Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed for set-up for the Philly 4th
of July Jam/Grand Finale Fireworks. The westbound inner drive will be closed
after the evening rush hour at about 6:30
/ Streets Closures Wawa Welcome America! Festival
On Monday, July 2, in
preparation for July 4th events in the historic district, the 500 block of Chestnut Street
will be closed, after the morning rush hour, at 9:30 A.M., for the event set-up of staging and related
equipment. The street will reopen at 3 P.M.
for the evening rush hour, and then will close again after 6:30 P.M. to allow for the completion of
event equipment set-up. The street will remain closed Tuesday, July 3
to allow for more set-up in
preparation for continuing festivities in the area.
No street closures are planned during the
concert and fireworks at Penn’s Landing at the Great Plaza
on Saturday, June 30th; however, Columbus Boulevard may be heavily congested
during the fireworks later in the evening, so motorists are advised to avoid
that vicinity, or proceed cautiously.

Wednesday, June 27

4th & Learn (10 A.M. – 12 P.M.)
at Smith Memorial Playground in East
Fairmount Park.
No street
closures are planned for this event.

Day @ Independence Mall (12 P.M. -2 P.M.)
Held at Independence
Mall. No street
closures are planned for this event.

Philly @ the Movies (9 P.M.)                                  Philadelphia Museum of Art. No street closures are planned for this
event; however, traffic around Eakins Oval could be heavy at times.

Friday, June 29

of Philly (5 P.M. – 9 P.M.)                               Chestnut Street
viaduct closed at 9:30 A.M.
Landing at the Great Plaza                

Saturday, June 30

Taste of Philly followed by evening
concert and fireworks.)

of Philly (11 A.M. – 10 P.M.)                          Chestnut Street
viaduct closed however,
Concert & Fireworks on Penn’s Landing           Columbus Boulevard may
at 10 P.M.)                                                gridlocked during
the time of the fireworks show in the evening.
Add 2/ Streets Closures
Wawa Welcome America!

Sunday, July 1

of Philly (11 A.M. – 7 P.M.)                            Chestnut Street
viaduct closed until 9PM

Monday, July 2

Philly @ the Movies (9 P.M.)                                  The
Dell Music Center.
North 33rd Street.
No Street
closures are planned for this event.

Tuesday, July 3

Arts Paints Day (2 P.M. – 5 P.M.)
Mall at Independence
National Park. 520-525 Market St. No street closures
are planned for this event.

on Independence
(8 P.M.)
                             Independence Hall. 500 block
of Chestnut St.
will remain closed.       

Wednesday, July 4 (Independence

July 4th Set-Up                                                           500
block of Chestnut Street
will remain closed for the final set-up.
The perimeter of the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway will be closed, beginning at 6 A.M., and will stay closed
until the end of the Parkway concert and fireworks — between 20th and
25th Street, and between Race Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.
Add 3/ Streets Closures
Wawa Welcome America!
Celebration of Freedom Ceremony/ Independence Day Parade
                                                                      5th Street,
from Walnut to Arch streets (6 A.M.)
Independence Mall vicinity                                     6th Street,
from Walnut to Arch streets (6 A.M.); 9th
Street, from Walnut to Market streets; Chestnut,
from Front (including viaduct) to 7th
Street (7 A.M.);
Street, 7th to 10th streets (9:30 A.M.            
Market, Front (including viaduct) to 11th  
Streets(9:30A.M.);                                                                                                 Front,
from Dock to Arch streets (9:30 
Sons of the Revolution Parade,                               Walnut,
from Front to 6th streets,
Mall area                                             2nd Street, from Chestnut to
Dock streets,
Parallel, from Spruce to Dock streets
Let Freedom Ring Ceremony at                              500
block of Chestnut Street
remains closed.
Independence Square
Party on the Parkway (12 P.M. – 7 P.M.)              Eakins
Oval and all drives on the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway will be closed at 6 A.M.  Only authorized
vehicles will be allowed into the area, between 20th & 25th
streets, and Pennsylvania Avenue
to Race Street.

Philly 4th of July Jam/
Grand Finale Fireworks

(Concert & Fireworks, 7 P.M. – 10 P.M.)              There
will be a perimeter established at 4 P.M. for vehicular traffic that will be at
18th Street
and Fairmount Avenue,
and from John F. Kennedy Boulevard
to Spring Garden Street.
Area residents and persons with authorized parking will be allowed within the
perimeter; others are advised to use public transportation, or parking outside
of the area. 



Over at Philly Mag on Tuesday we covered mostly the chefs (& by we I mean me, Bob Dole.)  P.S. Even if your photo appears on PCC, it could still make it in the magazine.

I don’t like Pink Floyd – Dogs, but I do like “Wish You Were Here”

Pet lover and founder/president of PAWS Dana Spain was front
and center welcoming her guests and then guiding them through the
evening from cocktail party, to dining tables, and then upstairs to
complete the night at the dessert bar under the watchful eye of
presidents Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and the George W. Bush—all
of their portraits hang at the Union League.
The Wineburgh’s and Evan & Lynsie Solomon.
On the social scale this
event is a 10, and no matter your political persuasion or your past
indiscretions, the crème de le crème show up for this event to support
PAWS’s animal-rescue initiatives,

which include adoption and foster
care programs, spay-and-neuter surgeries, low-cost vaccinations, and,
of course, to be seen in their party best.

 Michael Howard, Renee Freeman, Don Freeman and Ira Schwartz (Hope you caught up with him cause I hear this is his once a year outing.)
 Mariska “disappearing in front of us” Bogle and bestie Kecia Jordan
 Andrea and Brad Heffler

 Thank you Dana Farrell for forgiving me each and every-time I can’t remember your name. She is most gracious and just offers it to me cause she knows my brain is like swiss cheese.  And because she’s so awesome I’m gonna give her a live link to her business. Dana is partner at Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

The Joans: Joan Pileggi and Joan Spain. What an honor that Joan Pileggi reads my blog, and told me she loves my photos. I’m keeping Philly Classy. (ie do not read my coverage of the scantily clad peeps at North Beach.) and Joan Spain. Before there was Carrie Bradshaw, there was Claire Rose.

I’m always amazed by the generous donation various charities get for their silent auction.

 Hayley Curry, Norman Jung and Amanda Murphy
 Judy and Buzz Miller
 Robin van Laer and Kim Curley on their sophomoric year at Paws
 Ronnie and Dana Donnutucci (They ate dinner next to Alycia Keys on Saturday night down at Revel)
Frank Ciprioti and Dave DiBello

Justin Wineburg, Greek-American brothersister team Vasiliki Tsiouris, Opa Restaurnt (2nd from left) and George Tsiouris with Mrs Wineburgh and Maria Papadakis.

Marilyn Keller and Sonya Bright
The Team from XIX: Wilmer Ranirez, Andrew Petruzzelli, Kristel Bryant, Richard Hebben and Adam Judeh

 Miss Philadelphia 2009, Ryann Richardson, now doing marketing at Reserve Steakhouse. The only venue with a cigar bar.
It’s Official: Nicole Cashman Richards and Nigel Richards



Hickory Lane – Decorations by DAS Designs

Kirby Mallon and Evan Solomon. It’s like they knew the colors of the table? That could be possible.

Dana Donatucci and Lynsie Solomon

Hickory Lane
Luca Cena – Revolution House, 200 Market Street
will feature a 15% discount on select “All American” staples on their
menu, as well as American Local Beers from Friday, June 30th through Saturday, July 7th. Guests can watch The Fourth of July fireworks at Penn’s Landing on Saturday, June 31st from the restaurant’s rooftop deck.
Chef Jasper Alivia of Cuba Libre  and Matt Levin, Square Peg

Table 31, decorated by Chef Chris Scarduzio’s cousin

Decorators and florists volunteered their service on the beautifying of the Pods.

Ela decorated by guy who did the interior of the restaurant – Richard Stokes

This says Kemp florist all over it, and that’s exactly who did the Union Trust table.

Carol Tamburino is always in the best photos with some of the best lighting, which is a problem since I just had her in my Philly Mag column last week. I really like to rotate me peeps, but dang she is photogenic. With Brûlée Catering (formerly known as Max & Me) peeps Thomas McMullen and Larry Cohen (sorry, I do know it’s Larry.)

Professional Poker Player, shoe connaisseur who has nothing to hide, Beth Shak tells me that everything is A-OK and her shoes are intact, as she hangs out with Maria Papadakis.

Sharon Coia, Guest, Guest, Carol Tamburino and Maria Papadakis

Frank and Molly Napolitano, Donna Bright, Lea Knapik, Ellen Babb and Mark Kane
The Sexiest Chefs in Philly. 
Jen Carroll she’s off for a little Fly Fishing vacation next week. Sounds hot.

SUMMER LOVIN HAPPEN SO FAST – Pop-Up Movie Palaces This Summer

I love movies, I love classic movies, I love special screenings of movies, and here’s a list of a few playing this summer around town.

“Philly At The Movies” Series
When: June 25, June 26, June 27, July 2, July 3
Where: Throughout the city
Cost: Free
More info:
 Tonight ROCKY is playing at the Art Museum Steps 9PM

 The Philadelphia Theater Company presents their Summer Film Series. Hello Funny Girl my favorite movie, who doesn’t want to sing a long to Grease. (I’m looking at you Kristyn Aldrich. I just discovered my friend has never seen either movie, nor “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Who are you girl, said Lola!! Check out the schedule, I’m gonna try and make every movie. I love the Suzanne Roberts Theater, the seats are beyond comfortable. The movie nights, candy for the kids, and spirits for mom, dad and all my gal friends. (Look for some peeps to talk back to the screen warning Babs not to fall for Omar Sharif) Wednesday Movie Nite Info Here

 55 features from 26 different countries some of the best in international LGBT films for 2012. 
Did I mention parties, there are lots of them and if the legendary promoter Dan Contarino is involved in planning them then you’re not going to want to miss them.

Guys, Towels, Gay Movie = don’t bring grammie

Gay filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald’s bright, breezy and tender road
movie stars
Olympia Dukakis (1 degree from Cher) and Brenda Fricker as a pair of geriatric
lesbians who hit the highway, picking up a hunky young hitchhiker along
the way. (Sounds like Thelma & Louise didn’t die after all.)
The Trocadero Movie Monday’s


  • Saturday, June 30 @ The Trestle Inn: Saturday’s Child dance party with Jay Schwartz & D.J. Silvia (no films)
  • Date/Venue to be announced – Films from the Orgone Archive (someday, honest!)

  • Friday, July 13 @ Laurel Hill Cemetery: TBA!
  • Sunday, July 22 @ The Colonial Theater, Phoenixville: The Secret Secret Cinema
  • Friday, July 27 @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC: TWO Secret Cinema programs!
  • Friday, August 17 @ William Way Center: AIDS Law Project Summer Movie Party benefit
  • Friday, August 24 @ International House: 2 rare documentaries about New York
  • Friday, September 7 @ Eastern State Penitentiary: TBA
  • Sunday, October 14 @ The Colonial Theater, Phoenixville: TBA
  • Thursday, September 27 @ American Philosophical Society: “Time” film series, pt. 1
  • Wednesday, December 5 @ American Philosophical Society: “Time” film series, pt. 2
  • Philadelphia


    This year the July 4th festivities will
    feature very popular musicians and performers. The City expects a larger than
    normal attendance at the Parkway events and is putting some additional
    temporary street closures and parking restrictions in place for traffic control
    and emergency vehicle access.
    Parking restriction signs will be posted on the
    evening of July 3rd and possibly as late as the morning of July 4th
    in some places.
    All parking regulations will be strictly enforced i.e.:
    Blocking driveways and Fire hydrants, distances from stop signs and corners.
    Since the City is having an added Police presence there will be a larger
    contingency of officers around who will interpret signs and striping more
    literally than our regulars do.
    If you are venturing out to watch or participate in
    the festivities, the Philadelphia
    Police Dept. recommend you be vigilant for pickpockets and purse snatchers.
    The Police have stated that residents would be allowed
    on closed streets as long as they could show a driver’s license proving
    they lived at the Philadelphian. In addition we will make up id sheets marked:
    The Philadelphian
    Pennsylvania Avenue
    Copies will be left at the front desk for residents
    with out of state plates, their guests and our employees.
    A preliminary list of restrictions is listed below.
    Remember these are subject to change.
    At 4 pm July 4th Traffic Unit will close
    the following streets:
    Fairmount closes to westbound traffic at Corinthian,
    diverted northbound onto Corinthian.
    15th, 17th, 19th,
    & 21st Streets will be closed to southbound traffic at Spring Garden
    & diverted eastbound onto Spring
    Garden toward Broad St.
    Spring Garden
    will be closed to
    westbound traffic Broad St.
    Callowhill St. will be closed to westbound traffic
    at Broad St.
    Hamilton St.
    will be closed to westbound traffic at 17th Street.
    southbound shut down at Poplar St. and
    diverted onto Poplar eastbound or westbound.
    Hamilton St.
    1900 – 2100
    Callowhill to Spring Garden
    Pennsylvania Ave. to Spring Garden
    Spring Garden
    Broad St.
    to 2300
    Fairmount Ave.
    2400 & 2300 blocks
    22nd street to 29th street
    on the park side