Longport, NJ Cottage for rent w/attached Mother-in-law Suite 2012

As you know my sister and her family just bought a cute house in Longport, NJ. I stayed there over the Memorial Day Weekend. It was wonderful, and great to see them. So they’re here until Mid-July but then need to rent it out for the rest of the summer. Here are a few pictures she took, of course if I photographed it it would be a little be more in-depth, but hey she was probably running around after the 3 kids, 2 of them are boys. So please please please rent it out for the summer cause I don’t want her to have a year long tenant cause I want her to come down every June so I can see her kids.

Charming Longport cottage for rent. 3 bedrooms main house, living area,
kitchen and 2 full baths. Front deck with awning. 

I guess the boys were sleeping or didn’t clean up their room cause this is the baby’s room

Master Bedroom – Do you think a seashore picture would be nice here. I was thinking of buying her a cute picture from Absolute Abstract of the LOVE Statue? Thoughts?

Attached apartment has
1 full bath, living area and loft. $2400 week. All furnishings brand
new.Available 8/1 through Fall.

103 N. 31st Ave. Longport, NJ

I’ll be down there on Friday and get a few more cute pictures. Any questions? Crista Dillon Bateman crista08us@yahoo(dot) com