Photos: The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s (DVLF) HEROES Brunch

The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s (DVLF) HEROES Brunch took place at the Sofitel on Sunday.
  The Delaware Valley
Legacy Fund (DVLF) strives to increase philanthropy and grantmaking to
support the community needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,
intersex (LGBTI) and straight-allied communities. DVLF advances
philanthropy for the LGBTI community through endowment building,
fundraising, community outreach and education. Amber Hikes, John Moeller, Executive Director of DVLF and Morgan Levine. Amber and Mogan are co-producers of The Stimulus Party, a diverse and popular monthly women’s party in Philadelphia.  2012 Business/Corporation HERO Award:Stimulus Productions

Robert Szwajkos,  Brad Bolino, Samantha Giusti, Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at WOMEN’S WAY, and Rudy Flesher,

Songstress Jen Creed entertained the crowd making the crowd smile with her Judy Garland, and Liza Minnelli songs. The event was held on the 2nd floor ball room of the Sofitel. I haven’t really covered too many events there and it was very spacious, lit well and had a nice cocktail area right outside the larger room. I’d like to see more events in this space.
Carlos Aviles, Program Manager at Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education (GALAEI)


The board president of the GALAEI and named one of 40 people named Delaware Valley’s Most Influential Latinos by the
Philadelphia Multicultural Congress and Impacto Latino Magazine, and Adriana Rivera, Raices Latina Pride Philadelphia

Robert Metzger, Kevin Barry, Mark Segal, founder & publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News (when I was a kid that’s how my mom found out I was gay, she found a bunch of them in my desk drawer while I was away at college, opps, [hm why was she looking in my desk drawer in the first place?) Jason Villemez and Dan Calhoun. Dan just participated in Weigh It Forward, a charity weight loss. He looks great. Here’s an article on it in the PGN

 Samantha Giusti, Gloria Casarez, Casey Cook, Ray Murphy, Olinshar Ngiyen and Tricia Dressel
National Nonprofit Organization HERO Award: 
Trevor Project
Adriana “Andi” Rivera

Having recognized the need to have
increased visibility for Latino LGBT communities, Andi took the
initiative to organize what has since become Raices Latino Pride Philly.
Raices is comprised of 12 Latino LGBT
community leaders and has a mission to promote, educate, enrich,
empower, unite, represent, and celebrate the LGBT Latino heritage. 

Individual HERO Award:Adriana “Andi” Rivera
David Lee Preston, Assistant City Editor, Philadelphia Daily News and Ronda B. Goldfein, Esq., executive
director of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, is a nationally
recognized advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Craig Beyerle, Mark Beyerle, Specialty USA, Steven Maisel, Gigi Nilpour and Linda Berger

Bobby Saritsolou and Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou

Ed Bomba, Heshie Zinman, Chris, Mike, Mark Seaman and Janathan Vu
Ed Bomba, Heshie Zinman, Community Activist, LGBT Elder Activist, Social and Economic Justice Advocate, Radical Faerie, Chris Bartlett, Executive Director for the William Way LGBT Community Center, Michael Marsico, James Duggan, Mark Seaman and Janathan Vu
D. Mark Mitchell President of DVLF, with PR princess Christie Honigman, The Honigman Group, and John Moeller, Executive
Director of DVLF (actually he resigned the day after as he is going to
work with Planned Parenthood. Looking for an executive director for DVLF
now. So jealous of that cute outfit.). Good luck to him.