Often I’m not home when my Philly Mag columns go live, and I am often on the go, go, go and forget to post them or push them through my social media outlets. I thought I would post them here today for you to see what I wrote on Philly Mag this week in The Scene section. I really work hard on those columns, each one can take up to two hours to write. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend.

CHECK OUT my column in PHILLY MAG TODAY, About the Voice Foundation Gala last weekend

I had never heard of the Phila Arts & Council Awards. That was a fun event, and interesting to see all the movers and shakers come out from behind the desk. (sorry about Martha Graham Crackers eyes, I tried to correct the red in photo shop, and now she just looks demonish.) HERE

Ball on the Square Patron Party. I heard someone was mad I tweeted that it was held at someone’s former house and she was on the guest list. Hey it’s the truth, it was her former house and she was on the guest list. If it were my former house it would feel weird seeing it with other peoples furniture and taste, but I’d want to visit it again. I’ve always dreamed of knocking on the door of the peeps who live in my childhood home to see if I could tour it again.  Rittenhouse Square Patron Party.

Dallas rides into town again: 


The Philadelphia Award:  So much fun, and super personalities attended. I just got my new camera and am learning on the job, that’s why there’s a little in consistency in the photos. I probably should have used one of my older models on such an important event. What do you think? Did they come out OK?  I loved, loved, loved meeting Aileen Roberts sisters. Fun Irish gals with lots of spunk.

Beyonce at Revel

I didn’t appear on Fox 29’s Good Day this week. I was just slammed with work and wanted to get it all done so I could go to the beach today and visit my mom and sister. Did you see she’s renting her house out. Check it Here

BTW Rachel Ray ate at Rouge yesterday and didn’t tip. WTF. I’m sure she thought it was taken care of.

Also Colin Farrell was
seen taking one last stroll through the neighborhood yesterday. His
time here is nearly at the end. Such a super guy. Thanks for donating
your signature to the Career Wardrobe’s purse auction. I totally hooked
that up and was glad to do it.

Rumor smummer, I wrote about Harrison Ford
coming to Philly to film Paranoia at least 2 weeks before you “heard a
rumor.” Then I tweeted it constantly. Gees some people, I just don’t
understand them. I usually ignore most of your dribble about your exclusives that I actually wrote about already, but I thought we had mended those fences. Let’s see I haven’t talked about a big film coming in August yet, could you pull that rumor out of your…

Congratulations to John and Lauren Colabelli on their nuptials last week. (PS I will never spell Lauren’s last name incorrectly again.)

There’s another big wedding happening in our area, but it’s not Anne Hathaway’s like the rumor mill says on Twitter. Thank you so very much to my tipster for thinking of me though. Can’t wait to hear who got married under the big tent in Cape May.

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