I just wanted everyone to know how I conduct business:

My core business is being hired to shoot and document social and mostly charity events in Philadelphia on  People hire me because of my skill of shooting the right people at these parties and writing a compelling story. The client gets to keep the photos I take, and I give them the license outright to distribute as they please**, that’s why you might see them in the various outlets in the City, Facebook or in their newsletters. 

In order to write a story about the event I use the press release distributed by PR; as well as what I observe, including chit chatting with guests.  I choose the photos to run in PhillyChitChat, and I write the story using my own words (I think my readers know this as I sometimes get complaints on my spelling and sentence structure.)

I have a contributing contract with Philly Magazine for one column a week, and they assign those events to me, and two random shots, usually a celebrity or notable person. (Thank God I have an editor there.)

For all other events:

Philadelphia Magazine and Fox 29 are
outlets for publication. (Similarly to when they are pitched by companies, Publicists, and PR agencies to cover their events, products, or clients.) Hiring me to shoot your event doesn’t guarantee
placement in any of my affiliates
and that is clearly spelled out in contracts with the parties that hire me.  Ultimately, I submit/pitch my work to the editors
at the respective media outlets and they select stories for coverage.  In
fact, those editors don’t even know which events were paid and which
were not. Any allegations claiming otherwise are simply false.
(& I don’t receive any additional compensation ie double dipping for you in the know.)

P.S. You don’t have to hire me to come out and photograph your event.  Most of my events are not client driven, and so I want you to continue to pitch me.  

** If Philly Mag accepts a pitch for photos from an event I shot, I give them 10 exclusive shots. After 90 days I will send them to the client.

Thanks so much for stopping by. HughE