Yesterday was 2012 LGBT PrideDay Parade and Festival was held yesterday, Sunday, June 10, 2012. 
The parade route ran from the Gayborhood to Penns Landing via Market Street

I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but I was late and missed half the parade. I had a good reason though as I had volunteered to shoot the Strides for Stroke walk/run in the morning.
I did catch a few of the “floats”

and the best part ran into some friends
But also saw a lot of fun peeps that I’m sharing on PCC today. Who’s this on the fan?
How does PAWs feel about dying your poodles colors to the Rainbow Flag? If their names were Hitler they’d be taken away from their owners.

Isis – Miss Philly Gay Pride 2012 – Rated R for langauge


It was 94F out. Sadly I saw at least a half dozen peeps pass out.

Can we talk? Which reminds me…

Party Planner/Field House guy, out there gay time, Tim Adams ran into the real one at a hotel near the QVC studios on Saturday.

Lex with his gal friends Emma, Kate and Krystn. Lex and Kate attended the prom together. It didn’t work out and now Kate is with Krystn and Lex is with Thomas.

Fashion Foot Forward Award of the day

Fashion Stunner of the Day: Henri David with his 3 foot high hat. Tomorrow I’m going to chat about the Weigh It Forward folks, and info on my participation in the event. Check out more pixs from yesterday at G Philly.