I’m chillin this week with lots of fun photo essays.
I hit the beach on Sunday to spend it with the entire family, oh except Janine. She’s in Charlotte.
Mimi is so adorable
Look people who get mad at me for not remembering their names. I can’t remember if this is Bo or Michael? Kids they all look alike. I can only tell if they’re standing next to each other. The five year old is taller.

A few peeps were practicing for the July 4th sand competition (not pictured here)

Yes the next wave caught them by surprise. I wonder if I should have warned them?  What’s my obligation?
My brother hard at work
My sister Crista and her family.
Fudgey wudgy guy

Happy Birthday Mom! Check back tomorrow for my holiday flag entry. You know I have an obsession with flags. If not have a safe holiday. I’ll be back on Thursday with highlights of Fourth of July.