Brian DeVuono, Sorry I Screwed Up – I shot David Beckham at Square 1682

This is Brian DeVuono with Carol Drumstas. He’s what I called a trifecta PhillyChitChat follower, he reads my blog, follows me on Twitter, reads my Philly Mag column and watches me on Fox 29.  I screwed up his name in my Philly Mag column yesterday. I know exactly what happened, I put his name in google to see what he did for a living ie Linkin, and Google changed it to a “S” and then I copied & pasted it into my column. Guess what it was all wrong. I guess I should have looked at the biz card he gave me, but I was in a hurry to get the column out the very next morning. Sometimes I make mistakes, I hate when that happens, but even more so when I do it to a faithful reader. Sorry about that. Now how’s that other guys name spelled. Someone told me on Twitter, but Twitter is down and I can’t find out Axl’s real name. I don’t know him so I’m not as broken up about it. Thanks for this great week I had. I’m on vacation til Tuesday, but will still be doing entries through out the time cause I have lots of content. BTW what’s Brian do? 
Check out this shot I got of David Beckham leaving the Palomar’s restaurant 1682. Did you know his kids were with him. He flew in by private plane at 11AM, did a practice, had dinner with his team mates then…