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Budweiser Clydesdale Horses visit Fairmount for Made in America

Budweiser Clydesdale Horses visit Fairmount for Made in America

Three big trailers pulled up in front of the Eastern State Penitentiary and the workers began to assemble the horses.

There was a nice crowd assembled, considering there was no schedule printed, just signs posted all around Fairmount with the same message “Budweiser Clydesdale Horses” here 6PM – 9PM. Most signs were posted in front of bars & restaurants, but no specific times and no idea that they would have a parade of sorts. Kinda odd and confusing.

Thankfully Fairmounters are curious and they just showed up on the street at 6PM and found them.

 so adorable

First stop was Urban Saloon. Then they continue their trek down Fairmount and I hear they went to the Rose Tattoo and Kite and Key, returning to the neighborhood an hour later. I wish I had followed them. I thought they were just going to the end of the street and turning around.

Love seeing Terry McNally from London Grill, 23rd & Fairmount. At each stop the bar owners would get a case of Bud.

Sometimes they would hop on the carriage, like Jeff Keel the owner of Bishop’s Collar at 24th and Fairmount.  And look who I got across the street at 2401 Fairmount. I bet you didn’t know this guy really existed: Check out my Philly Mag column today.

Follow me on twitter this weekend to hear all the fun stuff going on at Made In America:


Super Dooper Bradley Cooper, Andrew Bynum, Drivers Ed, Style Me Hired, Plushie

I think I’m the only person who didn’t get a shot of Bradley Cooper when he was in town the other day to promote his new movieThe Wordsco-writer/co-directors Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman (Jack’s nephew). I couldn’t miss The Hamels Foundation Diamond and Denim event which was at the same exact time. One of my readers Jess got a photo  – Thank you for the advice to stand across the street! It totally
There’s also a video on my facebook page of him taking the pic if you
want that- not sure how to get it off of facebook though
. – Hey I was once a fan and glad I could help out. (Is this photo not priceless?)

I heard that Cooper told the crowd that he’ll be back in November to promote & have a screening for Silver Linings Playbook which was filmed right here in Philly. Then he’s coming back in February (brrr) with David O Russell and bringing Amy Adams with him to shoot a film on Abscam bribery scandal tentatively titled “American Bullsh*t” someone close to the production told me. Yeah when they said the name I had to repeat it I was kinda surprised.  Cooper was super dooper Monday night at the Prince, signing for fans, posing for photos. After the screening and the Q&A he went upstairs for a private party. He emerged from the theater to waiting fans and posed some more. At one point he got into his limo, saw a few more pleading fans, got out and signed and posed some more. Now that is super dooper bradley cooper. (The next day I missed cooper at Fox 29 by mere minutes, then I couldn’t go to the press conference at the Four Season’s cause I had my appointment with my personal trainer at the same time. Oh well in November then.)

Which reminds me, I ran into Brea Bee a few weeks ago on the set of Paranoia. She was in town to visit her beau Bill Eccleston, Sommelier At Ristorante Panorama. She plays Bradley Cooper’s wife in the “Silver Linings Playbook.” She’s excited for the film to premiere this fall, after it’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival Sept 6 to the 16th. Brea moved to LA last year, where there are more opportunities for roles. She got to work right away and shot a Co-star role on the FOX Television series “Breaking In.” She also stars in another Philadelphia movie, “Backwards”, which opens on September 21.

Last week I saw this accident on Delaware Ave right in front of the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services

Style Me Hired gives free makeovers to unemployed women who are seeking
employment. Over the past two years Style Me Hired and its partners have
given hundreds of free makeovers to the unemployed to give them hope
and restore their confidence as they seek employment.  The big event is coming up on September 24 at the Omni Hotel in Center City.  Are you a salon owner who would like to participate? Fill out this form.

i never had a chance to show you this pix of Andrew Bynum at his press conference earlier this month. i love the Sixers fans who came out in droves. I did have a pix on PhillyMag, but I love this shot too.

Crazy guy dressed as a purple cow just walking down the street the other day. I think my phone was dead, otherwise I would have tweeted a pix like this.


GREAT ADVENTURE SAFARI PARK IS CLOSING (**to become something more adventurous ..), so Mike and I headed over there last Friday for one last look. It’s kinda funny as I had been trying to get him there for the longest time and he resisted. He thought the animals would scratch his baby, I mean his car. But we spent 2 hours in the park and not one animal even came close. They were too busy sunning and minding their own business. They’ve seen cars before, probably doesn’t think they’re delicious.

I really wanted that dragon fly to land on the bears nose.

Oh wait the giraffes did think this truck was delicious and kept licking it. Mike and I think they coated it with something cause they didn’t lick anyone elses vehicle. Today it should come out what the heck is going to happen to the reserve. Just know you only have another 30 days to enjoy it in your own car.
**to become something more adventurous like maybe 
Guess I was right, Philly dot com just posted this article



It’s here Made in America music festival is this weekend. Sure I’m disappointed that I wasn’t credentialed to cover the event, but I’m not surprised. Remember I covered the opening of Beyonce’s concert at the opening of Revel Resorts and there were stringent rules and regulations imposed by Beyonce and Jay Z’s and I hear they have their own crew covering the event, like the great Kevin Mazur from Getty Images. I worked with him when Beyonce opened Revel Resorts. For that weekend Jay Z only let two photographers cover the event, and Revel was able to get me in there too for a total of 3.Anyway I plan to go as a ticket holder, and as well as cover the event from any angle I can get.  Here’s a few photos of the set up. (PS I kinda wrote this fast so pardon my mistakes.)

The entrance to the Made in America venue is on 22nd between the Parkway and Pennsylvania Ave.

I walked around the entire complex and this was the only entrance I noticed. It’s nearly an entire block long. 
This is the upper portion of the Made in America Festival Grounds. The Main Stage is on the right at the base of the Art Museum Stairs. The trailers in the foreground are were the talent will be cooling their heels while waiting to go on, unless they want to hang out in the VIP tents on the other side of the street.
Here, which is near the Washington Statue. Check out the cozy chairs.

This is the 2nd stage, it faces the Art Museum, it’s between 23rd and 24th Streets along the Parkway. All the entertainment is on the northern end of the Parkway. So if you live at Park town Apts have a party and a long telescope.

This is the 3nd stage inside this tent at the corner of 23rd and
Pennsylvania Ave. If you notice the fence goes right up to the street.
Tuesday in a press conference Mayor Nutter said there will be no
loitering outside the fence (see the double fence), or gate crashing. Buy a ticket, it’s for
charity, The United Way.

During Live 8, a lot of the major talent’s dressing rooms were at the top of the stairs. I believe this will be the case too. There is also a VIP area up there. During that concert I was able to get a few good shots off of celebs mingling about, and that was before I bought a professional camera. Can’t wait to see what I see and shoot now.

I am definitely going to go to the concert, not only for the great talent but also to experience the day. It’s going to be one of those defining moments in Philadelphia music history, and our history.  I wish we could keep these lights that are strung across the parkway. Can we do this during the holidays?

THE  CLYDESDALES are coming Thursday night: Their route will start at 6:00 at the Urban
Saloon, across from Eastern State Penitentiary, they’ll move from there to Rembrandt’s,
London, Jack’s, and Bishop’s Collar, dropping off free beer along
the way. They’re supposed to end up at 25th and Pennsylvania Ave around 8PM, come by and see them.

Jay Z loves blue right? This is the Main Stage. Now check up the Made In America Line Up with the times. 

Full Schedule As Of Thursday 8/29 :

Plus now they say the concert is going to be live streamed:

The only real complaint I am hearing is the no re-entry policy, but that’s what it is when you go to concerts. The good thing about this event, there’s a lot of wide open space to spend time in between the shows you want to see. Plus there’s food, beverages and the last days of summer 2012 to spend with friends. There are rules and regulations and you can find them here under FAQ




oPPS this published before I was ready, damn new blogger.

Oy the summer is almost over and the Social Season is upon us, a very busy season for I had an awesome summer, even though I could never find the time to go away which was bad for this seasoned traveler. There was so much to cover, uncover and what was Miley Cyrus up to? I did enjoy those Miley Cyrus fans. (BTW I will write the final Paranoia chapter on Friday. I have lot of fun stories some I couldn’t write about while they were here)  Today’s entries are a combination of two events that I want to get in before I get slammed in September. Have a great last week of Summer.

R2L is proud to partner with local
celebrities and their favorite charities.
($1 from each drink will be donated to the celebrity’s
charity of choice

6-8 pm Tuesdays +
Wednesdays throughout the summer.
Earlier this month Christie Honigman and Teresa Nino hosted a charity bartender night at R2L for PAWS. Nearly 100 of their friends came out to support their efforts and to enjoy the beautiful sunset 37 stories above the city streets.

guest, Morris Gocia, forensic accountant, Gold Gocial Gerstein LLC and Grace Flanagan who just had a birthday the other day. 

R2L owner Sue Mahoney, Theodore Simon, a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney who has some
high-profile clients you may have heard of which have included Michael Fay (Singapore caning), Ira
Einhorn (French extradition), Alain Robert, the “French Spiderman”
(climber of skyscrapers), Don King (fight promoter), Tranda Wecker
(“internet birth mom”), Robert Durst (wealthy heir to the New York real
estate fortune) and Amanda Knox, the American student accused of killing her room mate in Italy (WOW), and R2L Chef/Owner Daniel Stern.

R2L’s manager Thomas J Finnegan and interior designer Lex Wainwright. Tonight:
Wednesday, August 29, 6 – 8 pm    R2L, Two Liberty Place, 37th Floor (entrance on 15th Street north of Chestnut)

Celebrity Bartender Networking Event 
celebrity bartenders Philadelphia City Councilman-at-Large Jim Kenney
and Philadelphia Business Journal publisher Lyn Kremer for this special
networking event high above Center City.  Enjoy incredible views of the
city as we wind down summer and build business together.  A portion of
the bar proceeds from this event will be donated to the IBA/Sapphire
Fund Scholarship Program.
No admission charge; cash bar.

Last week my friend Erin Como flew in from Nashville, Tn, where she is the traffic reporter for Fox 17, to spend a day with her Philly friends before she went on a weeks long trip to Cape Cod. (so jealous.) A bunch of us met up for lunch at Parc including Vasiliki Tsiouris, Sheena Parveen, Alissa Ingram (congratulations on her engagement), Jillian Mele, Justin Pizzi and Erin Como. that evening we all headed over to Opa restaurant (1311 Sansom Street) for a bite to eat and lots of fun. Opa is a like a clubby bar after 10PM
Chris Pizzi, Justin Pizzi, and Keith Pizzi and friends

Stephen Ferguson, Prudential Real Estate and Allison Papson. So excited to meet Ali after hearing so much about her through Erin and Julie Dorenbos. (Julie & Ali were college roommates. Can you imagine the stories?)
Erin Como, Sheena Parveen NBC10, Jillian Mele, NBC10, Ali Papson, Alissa Ingram, NBC 10, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Opa restaurant (Sheena’s probably wondering when I’m going to spill the news I found out this day, but I’m gonna save it for another day.)

Erin Como, Sheena Parveen, Sheena’s neighbor who’s name I can’t remember, guest and Craig Robinson (he’s friends with all the boys.) Check out who Craig at the Hamels Foundation event on Monday night with his friends from 6ABC’s Bachelor show series.


Made in America press conference

Isn’t sure what the cost to the City will be. In the past the City has held big events and Philadelphia has benefited. Philly was chosen because we have proven that our city can hold an event of this magnitude. The mayor won’t comment on whether the organizers have put up a bond so the city isn’t left with debt. The mayor says you can’t put a cost on how this event will raise the City’s profile worldwide. A reporter presses the issue since the city’s budget is in dire straights. The mayor says if we didn’t think the concert had short medium and long term benefits, we wouldn’t put this event on.


Andre Iguodala’s Condo at The Ayer is For Sale

Last week there was a preview party with a “Luxurious Living” vibe for potential buyers and
residents of The Ayer to see the redesign of the original model unit where Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Iguodala lived while playing for the Sixers. 
The condo has been reintroduced to the market with a new look and new

Hostess for the evening was Kelly Straka, owner of Lux-Living (L) collaborated with Ilyssa Gross on the design and furnishing of the unit. Kelly’s with her parents.

Many reports state that homes that are designed or professionally furnished, sell much faster than homes that aren’t.

The exclusive marketing and sales agents for the Ayer unit. Lauren Lipowicz, Paul Lipowicz, and Emily Nussbaum of Keller-Williams Luxury Home.  

Soaring 11.5 Foot and 8′ Windows create a light airy feel and allow a lot of natural light into the 2193 square foot condo. Andre Iguodala slept here!!

Each home is professionally furnished individually to make the home stand out. The number 1 rule: De-clutter, clean, and/or organize all rooms in the house.

all of the items in this photos were professionally furnished by Lux-Living
Food thanks to Nana Wilmot of Georgina’s Catering

Lux-Living is a boutique company that caters to specific
interior design and real estate needs of their clients. They work with
everyone from first-time buyers to the top developers and high-profile
clients in Philadelphia.

  • All artwork is original and is available for sale with Bluestone Art Gallery in Old City
  • All area rugs are Marc Phillips and are available for sale in the Marketplace Design Center
Did I mention the view, looking over Independence Park, and the City Skyline, a stunning North/West exposures; significant upgrades of the finest exotic
materials; Sumatra Rosewood flooring; customized storage throughout as
well as Macassar Ebony built-ins; designer lighting, Bulthaup B3
kitchen; Miele/Sub-Zero, natural stone baths; Duravit/Dornbracht bath
fixtures; fully automated “smart” home with motorized shades and custom
audio; hotel-style concierge services; on-site valet parking;
chauffer-driven sedan; storage locker, pet-friendly building; fitness
center; and balance of tax abatement.

Like the Facebook Page Lux Living Homes and get a for a chance to win a free consultation. Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyStraka, and her business @LuxLivingHomes  

Call Paul Lipowicz at  215. 805.9451
about the unit which boasts three bedrooms, a den, three bath condominium at the Ayer,
a coveted a 13-story, 56 unit property prominently situated on
Washington Square, in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. The
list price for unit 6NW has been adjusted to $1,349,000.


Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth in confrontation with Philly Photographer – Not Me Though

Miley gets a new hair cut and it’s a race to see who gets the first shot. The Money Shot. (This is not me, but another professional photographer.) There are at least 4 of us in the city that shoot candid celebrity shots.

This was on Entertainment Tonight. Remember all those photos we saw of Miley with her new haircut but she’s covering her face, they were taken a few moments before this video was shot. Normally a photographer wouldn’t send in shots like this, and the shooter who took these photo agreed with me when I asked him, but since they were the “first” photos, he knew they would sell. And boy did they.  Is it his fault or is it the consuming public?  Should Liam be allowed to be aggressive and punch the photographer. Is a camera a weapon?

Does seeing the video change your mind on the shots, or are they two different things?  As for the photographer he does take some awesome shots, he does put in a lot of time for a market that demands and pays much more for these types of gotcha shots. He promotes Philly by getting his photographs published all over the world. There is a market for this. Should he be sued by celebrities for delivering photos that the public wants?

The kid in red is a fan boy from NYC, who traveled down to Philly 7 times to meet Miley, which he did 2xs. I was surprised & fascinated that even though Miley had tweeted out photos of herself with the new ‘do and posed for photos with fans, all of which were used in the magazines, that the shots from this night were scooped up by 100’s of blog sites, and magazines.


Philly Naked Bike Ride 2012 A Few Photos – NSFW

The Philly Naked Bike Ride, or PNBR, is part of the World Naked Bike
Ride series of events that take place all over the world. The PNBR is
dedicated to three simple ideas; fuel conscious consumption, positive
body image, and cycling advocacy.

 I did not publish any photos of people who were covering their heads with scarfs, gave me the signal not to shoot them, or had No Photos written on their bodies, even thought they were riding a unicycle

Rittenhouse Square
Obviously very shy


Guy on phone on the left – Hi grandma, you’ll never guess what I’m doing?

Then I hustled over to 18th and the Parkway

 I love how the girl in the center is texting

The girl on the right watches me on Fox 29’s Good Morning Philly, she told me. Thanks!! I’ll be on Tuesday at 930AM again.

I have a list of gals that would love to meet a guy with a smile like yours.

This gal wanted me to strip naked if I was going to take any more photos. Then it would be called a Horror Bike Ride.

 I like the lady with the moustache in purple
 (Same guy, still on phone) Mom you’ll never guess what I’m doing?

there was a huge wedding party and guests on this bus waiting for the bikes to pass by

If anyone would like their photo removed I will do it. If you would like your photo I ‘ll send it to you at the end of the week. email me buzz @

The End of the 2012 Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride


Diner en Blanc at Swann Fountain – Videos and Photos

And the trek to dinner begins. Doesn’t look like it was much trouble to tote the elements used in a picnic to the destination.

The participants turned it out

Dan Reinherz and Hadas Kuznits start the romantic evening with a kiss

The life of the party Tim Adams
Stormy Lundy, Special Events Reading Terminal Market, Chef Christina Wilson, on current season of Hell’s Kitchen, and standing is her girlfriend Sara Ann Kelly, PR (Update: Congratulations on Christina’s win on Hell’s Kitchen. I kinda thought so since she left her job. The gals are going to have a wonderful life, I wish them well in Las Vegas.)

Sara Ann Kelly, PR 

Sarah Doheny, YUBpr and John Soden

Sparklers and the start of dancing (still getting used to the camera, you might need Dramamine.)
Look who I caught dancing in this 5 minute clip

Then there was the final song