Jay Z hits the stage

The United Way was the beneficiary of the proceeds from Made in America

I covered the event on Fox 29 & in my Philly Mag column today. ON PCC I’m gonna feature fashion and people. Flags were big in fashion this labor day weekend at the Budweiser Made in America festival

Outside the DJ Tent, which was packed all day long. How clever to include this addition to the festival

All walks of life came together to enjoy this magnificent weekend. The
space was enormous and the producers really thought outside of the box
when doing the logistics.

 Paula came from NYC to enjoy the day.

 JAY-Z had his own security in place, and many of them were hired from Philadelphia. Mike, Mark Corbin, Melanie Burgos and James. James recognized me from Good Day Philly and told me he watches it every chance he gets. Hi Mike Jerrick.

People were there to have a good time
and a good time was had
Jill Scott

Can we keep these lights?
DJ Tent
These were helpful
 Sunday it rained and these gals came prepared
 Front row for Pearl Jam. These guys got there at 6AM


48 YEARS OLD DMC FROM RUN DMC been hitting the gym and he wanted us all to know.

Rev Run grabbed his crouch

Run DMC gave the finger. Does the Rev have to go to confession now?

Red White and Blue was the fashion statement of the day
Many people traveled from other states to see the festival. I chatted with a gal who came from Montreal.

The VIP seating was on the side of the stage about a block away. But it gave a great overview of all the happenings.

Dope signage
 Made in the UK, but love the USA (They flew over from for the festival.)

Amy Hollaman and Ruby Muro. Amy who works at Eastern State Penitentiary, tells me they are gearing up for Halloween now. Check out info

Jen Maher and Tim Dolan

 Jackiem Wright and Reggie Berry

Check out her shorts on the left. If you have the cheeks, & the confidence, more power to you.

D’Angelo hanging by his trailer.

Kanye West

Check out Big Rube’s Street Gazing sight for dope photos of the event, and in the Philly Daily News Thursday for a 2 page spread. Big Rube was back stage with the Carters too.

Check out my Fox 29 coverage here and more fun gossipy tales at Philly Mag. (Hope you caught my 24/7 Tweet madness on the Festival. In a nutshell, I thought it was great. It was one of the most successful events I’ve ever attended meaning organized, good flow, people were chill and friendly, music was good, and diverse, even though I’m not too familiar with it. [I must have spent too much time listening to Madonna growing up.])