PhillyChitChat’s 5th Anniversary the photo booth shots, Plus fun video of the event.

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 5th Anniversary of at Reserve Restaurant – Bar – Lounge (See the video at the bottom of the page that really summarizes the whole event.)

 I’ve always been a big fan of the restaurant and knew a few people who worked there.  I was sad to hear that while I was away it closed it’s doors (9/11). Thank you Harry & Reserve for honoring the commitment and hosting my anniversary party, that was tremendous. Hopefully good things will happen in all of their futures.

 CJ Honigman and Christie Honigman, Justin Wineburgh and Katie English

 I was so busy I didn’t even see Tina Lamsback, or Anne Nikolaus at the party. Thankfully Mike Hirata got them at the step and repeat. Now these photos are kinda the outtakes as the sun was killing it at the step and repeat. I save the good shots for submission to  PhillyStyle Mag and Philly Mag. Stacey Kracher, Zarwin Baum. Check out their charity event this thursday.

Jackie Baik, Madison Alpern, Monica Glass and Nicole Petrongolo

Thanks to all the sponsors: Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff, of Professional Tarot Presentations,

Christal Watson Key Account Manager North American Spirits & Wine of PA

A Division of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Cashman & Assocs. Nicole Cashman, Lauren Werkiser and Samantha Hodge, Cool Pix, City of Hope, Brown Forman, Gilda’s Club of SJ (For donations click here make sure you put Judy Wilkins in the “In Tribute”. Thank you, and to all the people who came out to support me, and for those I accidentally overlook.)

WDAS’ Patty Jackson
Nicole Rossi, guest and Alexa Darrow. Thanks to CTO Entertainment. You’ll get to see them in the video.

 my trainer at the Sporting Club – Steve Hoffman. Everyday he writes me “What did you eat!” Crazy dude. Next he’ll want photos of what I ate.

Former Director of Public Relations at Reserve – Ryann Niani, is looking for a job. She’s got a degree from Philadelphia University, she was Miss Philadelphia 2008 and she’s as sweet as can be. Check her out on FB and drop her a line.

Lisa Moreno-Dickenson and Danielle Triplett
Phil Andrews, Vice-President of The Cool Pix Photo Booth Company, and the sports reporter. Dan Gross reports that Phil returns to the airwaves with Don Tollefson and Dawn Stensland toWMCN 44 tentatively titled “A New View.”

Rachel and John
Tony Luke Jr and Jennifer Schloder

Madison Alpern and Adrienne Diaz both with Samuels Seafood
Shannon Caulfield and Allie Harcharek
Danielle Triplett, American Association for Cancer Research, Inc. AACR, Philadelphia
Lisa Gaudio and Joseph Kotarski
Senator Larry Farnese and Kelsey Gaynier  Associate Attorney at Chaiken and Associates
John Dorenbos, Ray Pennacchia, senior VP at NovaCare Rehabilitation, Jen Groover and Julie Dorenbos
John and Julie and Susie Celek.
Monique Crawford and Douglas James Martin
Mike and I
Kristyn Aldrich,  Kyree Terrell, Full service videography, cinematography, editing and photography studio, Owner of Focused Studios LLC



and Ronnie Howard

Check out the video of the party that Kyree Terrell created. WOW is all I can say. Thanks.