Photos: Liberty Resources Gala honors Freedom Taxi

Liberty Resources is a great non-profit that helps disabled persons
live at home. They held their awards dinner at the Sheraton Society
last Wednesday night. They honored PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama
who is a strong advocate for persons with disabilities.  And Freedom Taxi for finally bringing Wheelchair enabled Taxis into the Philadelphia
market which has been long overdue.

 Tim Martin and Karin Harris Director of Development Vision for Equality
 PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama

 I took sign language for about 3 years. It’s a beautiful, but difficult language to master.  You have to exercise your hands to keep them flexible to do the signs, or they can become fatigued. It was great to have her there.
 Tom Earle CEO of Liberty Resources, Everett Abitbol President of Freedom Taxi, PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama.
Tina Johnson and Joe DeCandido Strategic Marketing Director of Advent
Janet Fiore, PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama, and Amy Sloan.
 Liberty Resources employee Chico Ross with Connie Reagin
 Tracey Kilcullen and Karen Boyle
 Ray Crawford and Phyllis Azur
Marsha E. Thrower Chairwoman of Liberty Resources and Jennel Blanks. Marsha’s bumper sticker lets people know she would rather go to jail than die in a nursing home